Japan’s Fake Black Stockings offer sheer looks and winter-cold protection

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3 Coins has something clever to get you through the next few months without feeling chilly or unfashionable.

Sheer stockings have their own fashion appeal, especially in Japan, where skirts are popular for both business and casual attire. However, they’re not exactly the warmest things to wear in the winter, since their semi-see-through design lets plenty of cold air past their material.

Japanese lifestyle brand 3 Coins, though, is offering the sheer stocking look with none of the winter chill.

Believe it or not, these stockings are as warm as can be. Why? Because despite how they look, the black fabric isn’t the tights in their entirety, just their outermost shell.

The rest of the garment is made of cozy brushed fabric that only looks like bare skin.

The result is solid tights that look sheer, and 3 Coins is fittingly calling them the Fake Black Stocking Tights, for the version with attached feet, and Fake Black Stocking Leggings, for the one that stops at the ankle.

▼ Here’s what they look like inside-out.

While 3 Coins is primarily known as a 300 yen shop (sort of an upscale 100 yen shop), the Fake Black Stockings are part of their premium line, with the tights and leggings costing 1,100 yen (US$9.70) for their standard versions and 1,650 yen for their even-warmer extra-thick variants. Those are still pretty affordable prices for tights in Japan, though, and there’s even a regular-thickness maternity wear version for moms-to-be who want to keep their legs toasty while they’ve got a bun in the oven.

The whole lineup is available here through the 3 Coins online shop, just in case you don’t want to venture out to a physical store in the cold weather without already having a pair of these tights to wear.

Source, images: 3 Coins
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