4 Patents on How to Start Dry Cleaning at Home and Reduce Your Dry Cleaning Bills

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Items of clothing that we can’t clean at home we give to a dry cleaner. As it turns out, in some cases we can have a dry cleaner in our own bathroom 😉 .


Washing Without Water

Looking through the labels sewn into the clothes, you may come across a circle symbol. It means that the garment should be dry cleaned. This applies to delicate materials (e.g. silk, leather, wool, fur) on which water does not have a good effect. Often a suit or coat made of synthetic fabrics that has not been cleaned properly can also become deformed. Dry cleaning in the laundry room takes place almost without water (dry cleaning). Instead, special solvents (e.g. hydrocarbons) and detergents are used. They have a very strong effect on fabrics and are able to neutralize even the most resistant stains, as well as remove unpleasant smells. In some cases, you can set up a dry cleaning at home 😉 .


#1 With Flour


Put potato or wheat flour (about 3.3 lbs) into a bowl. Dip light-colored clothes made of wool into it and rub for about 10 minutes. Then shake the clothes. Do not use water under any circumstances. You can also apply this treatment to real furs made of light-colored hair (in this case, talcum powder will also work well). Do not “wash” dark fabrics in flour, because they will quickly fade.

#2 Freezing

Freezing clothes will help remove odors, refresh the item and kill microorganisms. A wool sweater placed in the freezer will stop the itch.


#3 Brushing

You can try cleaning suits and coats yourself (as long as they don’t have stubborn stains). They should be aired regularly and brushed (with a natural bristle brush). However, if your coat or suit gets wet from the rain, it should be dried up first.

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#4 Steaming

All clothes that should not be washed often or are made of delicate fabrics can be refreshed with a steam cleaner. Steam irons out any creases, removes unpleasant odors (grease, cigarette smoke), refreshes the fibers, and kills germs.


Are you using these methods?

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