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Vegan Naan is crunchy from the outside, super soft from the inside and full of flavors and aroma from spices, herbs, and the toppings

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This whole wheat version is great, and can be paired with so many wonderful Indian dishes. Whole Wheat Naan Bread [Vegan] Ingredients Sponge: 1/2 Cup Warm water (105°F) 1/4 Cup Whole wheat or spelt flour 2 tablespoons Yeast fresh (or dry) 1/4 tablespoons brown sugar 1/4 Cup Non-Dairy Yogurt Naan Bread: 2 Cups Whole wheat or spelt flour 1/2 tablespoons Salt 1/2 tablespoons Baking powder 1/2 tablespoons Garam Masala (powder) 1/4 tablespoons Cumin (ground) 2 gloves Garlic fresh (minced) 3 tablespoons Flax seeds crushed (optional) 3 tablespoons Olive Oil (or sesame, rapeseed) Sesame roasted Fresh herbs (parsley, coriander) Preparation Prepare...

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