Knowing different options for clothes storage makes organization in small spaces possible and functional

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An organized small space is one that works for you and your lifestyle. Don’t settle for less just because you have a small bedroom or limited storage space.

Small bedroom organization can be challenging, whether it’s in a small apartment, an older home or a college dorm. Clothes storage doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you know tricks and hacks that will help you make the most of that small space.
Clothes Storage Ideas Edit Folding vs. Hanging Store in Creative Ways Use a Clothes Rack Store Out-of-Season Clothes Somewhere Else Edit
Editing and decluttering clothing is always important when clothes storage is limited. You want to make sure that you are only storing clothes that you love, fit you and fit your lifestyle. When your storage space is limited, you don’t have the luxury of holding onto clothes that you don’t wear.
Grab the Purging Clutter Checklist to help you get started in editing out the clutter in your wardrobe. You can tackle the decluttering process all at once in one day. If that seems overwhelming to you, you can use my 10-minute purging tips and work on editing different categories of clothing items each day. Do what works best for you and your schedule. Purging Tips for Jeans Purging Tips for Socks Purging Tips for Scarves, Belts and Accessories Purging Tips for Shoes Purging Tips for Sweaters and Sweatshirts These tips on How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe will help create a wardrobe that meets your needs and truly works for you. Folding Clothes versus Hanging Clothes
Some clothes definitely have to be hung up, but many don’t have to be. Some clothes really should be folded, but others don’t have to be. When you have a small space it may make more sense to store your clothing in different ways than you have before.
Clothes That Should Only Be Hung Up Suits Dress shirts Dress Pants Casual Pants Dresses Skirts Jackets Anything that wrinkles easily Clothes that Should Only be Folded T-shirts Pajamas Underwear Socks Stockings Anything very heavy that will stretch the fabric.
Tips on how to fold clothes and more shows you how to fold 12 different items with step-by-step instructions.
Clothes that Can Be Hung Up or Folded
The secret is to know how to hang or fold clothes to protect them and minimize wrinkling or stretching.
Sweaters – But you need to know how to hang sweaters so they don’t stretch. Sweatshirts – It makes more sense to fold sweatshirts, but they can be hung if you use the trick used to hang sweaters above. Jeans – How to fold jeans Scarves Ties Belts Creative Clothes Storage
There are many clever clothes storage ideas to maximize storage space and take advantage of awkward spaces.
Store clothes in bins designed for under the bed. Purchase a bed with built-in storage drawers. Display hats or scarves on hooks. Use this free repurposed organizing idea for scarves. Use a the space behind the door for clothes storage. Use a Pocket Organizer for shoes, scarves, socks, underwear and even t-shirts. Use Larger Door Pockets for t-shirts, pajamas, and even sweatshirts and pants. This Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer can hold more shoes than you’d expect. An Over-the-Door Clothes Rod provides hanging space for clothes on hangers. This Behind-the-Door Mirror Shelf Unit provides storage for a variety of items. Shelves located near the ceiling can store seldom used items. Install crown moulding ledges for shoes and display your shoes as art. Place cork board in an upcycled picture frame and hang jewelry and accessories as art. Or use this dollar store hack for organizing necklaces that works the same way. Use a bookcase. Use decorative storage boxes stacked as decoration. How Can I Organize My Small Apartment without a Closet? Use a Clothes Rack
In a small apartment, older home or dorm room, the closet may be much too small or there may not even be a closet. That’s when using a portable closet makes clothes storage possible and even fashionable.

Consider whether you’re looking for style, size, portability or versatility. These 12 clothes racks provide something for every need.
39.8 in. W Garment Rack // More Clothes Racks & Garment Racks Rumi 32.8 in. W 4-Drawer Garment Rack // More Clothes Racks with Drawers Tennison 48 in. W Rustic Z-Frame Wardrobe with Shelves // More Metal Clothes Racks Wayfair Basics 73 in. W Garment Rack // More Adjustable Clothes Racks Honey Can Do Garment Rack // More Rolling Clothes Racks Nicola 47.25 in. W Clothes Rack // More Clothes Racks & Garment Racks Wayfair Basics 43 in. W Wardrobe // More Portable Wardrobes 60 in. W Crystal Clear Wardrobe // More Rebrilliant Clothes Racks Medlin 38 in. W Double Rod Garment Rack // More Clothes Racks in Black 2 Shelves Freestanding Garment Rack // More Home Basics Clothes Racks 40 in. W Garment Rack // More Clothes Racks in White EcoStorage 41 in. W Mobile Garment Rack // More Silver Clothes Racks Out-of-Season Clothes Storage
When you have limited clothes storage space and you’ve edited down your clothing to just items you need and love, then storing out-of-season clothing elsewhere is often the answer.

Consider storing clothes for the next season:
In basement or attic In an extra bedroom Under the bed Inside of suitcases In decorative boxes stacked to make a nightstand or in boxes covered with fabric to make a nightstand or table At a parent’s or friends’ house that is nearby
Since every situation is unique and your specific needs are unique to you, you may have to experiment to find the best solution in your small space. Often a combination of all these ideas will make clothes storage in a small space work for you.

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