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Amazon has become my go-to online retailer for pretty much everything, with the exception of fresh perishable food and clothing. Y’all know I am not a big fan of shopping in stores, so having the ability to order almost anything online with fast, free shipping is EVERYTHING to me.

AMAZON STORAGE FINDS // Set of 12 Clear Drawer Organizers

It seems like I’m not alone in my love because over the past few months so many of you have asked me to share my favorite Amazon purchases! At first I thought it was an odd request because nearly everything on Amazon can be found at another store. Other than electronics like Kindle tablets and the Echo smart home device enabled with Amazon’s Alexa technology, it’s not as if Amazon has a plethora of it’s own branded products. So why all the hype?

AMAZON HAIR & MAKEUP FINDS // XL Shower Cap (for long hair) | WetBrush Hair Brush | Set of 6 Alligator Hair Clips | Clear Elastic Ponytail Holders | Set of 5 Makeup Sponges

Well, for starters Amazon sells everything: clothing, furniture, beauty supplies, baby stuff, home decor, kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, sports equipment, luggage– the list honestly goes on and on and on. I’ve very rarely ever found myself in a situation where I couldn’t find a product I needed on Amazon.

AMAZON KITCHEN FINDS // Vitamix Blender | Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides | Airtight Food Storage Containers | Mixing Bowl Set With Lids | Collapsible Food Storage Containers

AMAZON LAUNDRY FINDS // Wool Dryer Balls | Set of 7 Mesh Laundry Bags

Ever heard of something called Amazon Prime? Well if you haven’t you need to sign up for a membership ASAP. When you join Amazon Prime you are entitled to free 2-day shipping on nearly all orders. Depending on what you’re buying and where you live, you may even be eligible for free overnight or same-day shipping (I love when that happens.) The crazy fast shipping is by far my favorite benefit of Amazon Prime, but there are so many other perks that come with a membership! You can read all about them all here.

AMAZON FINDS // Slim Armor iPhone Case With Card Slot | PopSocket | Set of 5 Stripe Knot Headbands | Set of 15 Metal Hair Clips

AMAZON TRAVEL FINDS // Travel Adapter with USB | European Travel Adapter Set

Okay so back to my favorite Amazon purchases! I went back through 3 years of order history and compiled a list of my absolute favorite finds. Many things on this list aren’t necessarily the most exciting items, but are products that I’ve found most helpful in my daily life OR were major budget finds. There have many countless times I’ve been able to score inexpensive similar items on Amazon for higher-priced products I’ve spotted at other retailers. Case in point: nearly all my hair accessories and headbands.
Best Amazon Products | Home, Kitchen, Beauty, Travel & More!
1) Mixing Bowl Set With Lids // I use these bowls every single day! These are perfect for tossing together salads, prepping side dishes, storing leftovers– the list goes on! You also can’t beat the $24.99 price tag.

2) Travel Curling Iron // I’m always getting asked about the hair tools I use when I travel internationally and no matter what I never leave home without this 1″ curling iron. It has dual voltage, which means it can safely function when you plug it into any outlet abroad. Fun fact: most hair tools sold in the U.S. run on a low voltage (normally 120 volts), however in other countries similar tools require a high voltage (up to 220-240 volts.) It’s by no means a fancy, high-end curling iron but it’s lightweight, very inexpensive and gets the job done!

3) Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides // Every morning I add a scoop of this to my coffee! Collagen peptides is an unflavored powder supplement that supports the health of hair, skin, nails, joints and bones. I’ve been taking it regularly for nearly three years and I definitely think it’s helped strengthen my hair (it grows so fast now!) and contribute to my clear complexion. The powder is unflavored and easily dissolves in any liquid!

4) Portable Bluetooth Speaker // I love using this bluetooth speaker to play music at home. It can wirelessly link up to any phone or device allowing you to play Spotify, iTunes, etc. The sound quality is great, you can easily move it from room to room and it comes in a few different colors.

5) Metal Garment Rack // The quality of this garment rack is incredible considering the under $100 price tag. You can see mine in the background of every outfit selfie I shoot in my office. In addition to being a convenient and chic place to hang extra clothing, I love how it includes wood shelves on the side and bottom for shoes and accessories.

6) External Battery Phone Charger // I pretty much never leave home or go on a trip without this backup charger! It holds the battery power of two full iPhone charges and it small enough that I can fit it in nearly any purse.

7) Set of 50 Velvet Hangers  // 50 hangers for $19? Yes please! I’ve used and purchased many additional sets of these space-saving velvet hangers over the past few years. I love that these are non-slip and won’t leave creases or nubs in the shoulders of knit clothing. These hangers also have a 360 degree swivel hook so you can easily use them anywhere– in your car, on a doorknob, etc. Love the chic look of them too!

8) Set of 12 Clear Drawer Organizers // The best way to keep your drawers, medicine cabinet or any place where you need to keep small items organized. I use these primarily in my bathroom for storing makeup and skincare products. The small size fits perfectly on skinny shelves!

9) Set of 5 Makeup Sponges // These are a great dupe for BeautyBlenders! I’ve used these sponges for nearly two years for blending liquid foundation and applying setting powder.

10) Set of 8 Knotted Headbands // Would you believe you get 8 headbands for just $10.99? At some stores you couldn’t even buy one headband for that price! I actually have a big blog post all about my favorite hair accessories, many of which are Amazon finds.

11) Portable Travel Steamer // I couldn’t survive without a steamer. I use this one at-home and bring it with me anytime I travel! It’s easy to use, heats up quickly and a game changer for removing creases and wrinkles in nearly all fabrics. It has dual voltage too so it will work in any country.

12) Compression Packing Cubes // Travel must-have! I use these cubes for packing and organizing clothes anytime I use a rolling suitcase. These actually compress to give you more space! The cubes are made of a flex lightweight, water-resistant fabric and won’t add any additional weight to your luggage.

14) Slim Armor iPhone Case With Card Slot // I’ve been buying my iPhone cases from this brand for years now. I drop my phone CONSTANTLY so I need a case with heavy duty protection and this one gets the job done! I’m also obsessed with the sliding card slot on the back– it’s the perfect spot for keeping a MetroCard, school I.D., etc.

15) Vitamix Blender // I make a green juice smoothie nearly every day in my Vitamix blender. I actually bought mine refurbished for a discounted price in 2015 and four years later it’s still going strong! This blender is a powerhouse because yu can use it for so much more than smoothies! With a Vitamix you can make hot soup (yes it actually will heat the soup,) nut milks, bread dough, raw juices, cake batter– the list goes on!

16) Set of 6 Faux Pearl Headbands // Such a good designer dupe! I was so pumped when I found this set of faux pearl velvet headbands for just $17. I always get complements when I wear one of these and the quality is surprisingly very good.

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