Blogtober Day 7: How A Tiny Sheet Can Help Save The World!

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 Disclaimer:  I have not been paid in any way to promote this product, I just made a mind-blowing discovery and wanted to share. Really honeys, I can't be the only one who gets this excited about laundry can I? 😊 

Hi Honeys,  

Anyone who has visited this little blog in the past will have heard at some point (because apparently I "drone on" about laundry, I know honeys, I've been told, but I ❤❤❤❤ it I really do!)  

Well, as someone who gets ridiculously excited if there's even a rumour about a new laundry product (seriously, it's embarrassing! It was Christmas for me when those little scented beads appeared on the market) how did I not know about these...

Blogtober Day 7: How a tiny sheet can help save the world!   

I mean, I know there's a wee pandemic going on, the economy seems to want to crash (again! it's only been 13 years since the last one) and every day the newspapers are yelling about something that's supposed to be the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it but really though..... there's a new laundry product available and I didn't know about it!  How did that happen? 😵

I have no words for how game-changing this is for me!  If I'd sat down and written out a list of properties a product had to have, it would be exactly this.  OK, I'll try to calm my excitement for a minute or two, not easy but I'll try.😊  

Beware A Red Sock Or Piping!

One of the worst things that can happen (laundry wise) is for a dye from one garment to "leak" in the wash and before you know it, one of your "good" bath towels is an awful shade of grey or full on pale pink from a fugitive red sock!  Ruined!  I'm as fond of pink bath towels as the next wee Rosie honeys but... we're talking my good towels here!  

Actually, most recently, in my case it was a new duvet set which has a stunning peony roses pattern all over with beautiful red piping around the edges.  I put the duvet and pillowcases into the machine with the gorgeous 300 thread count cream coloured sheet and pillowcases (we have 4-6 pillows on our bed) I bought to match and guess what happened?  Oddly enough, the red dye from the piping didn't affect the cream background of the duvet set but my beautiful new sheet and pillowcases? 😭

Now I find out, one little sheet from this box can be placed inside the washing machine with the wash and it soaks up any loose dye escaping into the water and keeps the whole wash the same colour it was when it went in!! Not faded. Not Ruined. Not tie dyed... but there's more!  

So, how can a tiny sheet help to save the world then Rosie... 

As someone much smarter than I am (can't remember who right now) once said honeys, "...big changes begin with small steps.."  This little product makes me so happy because it doesn't just protect my laundry from disaster.  It does all of this too....


  • The sheets are not sealed inside a plastic bag, as so many things are these days.  They are packaged very simply inside a small cardboard box.  
  • The cardboard box is made from previously recycled paper.
  • This means that the packaging itself has not only been recycled but can be recycled again (and again) 

The sheets themselves:

  • The sheets are completely free of microplastic fibres.  Microplastic fibres, along with larger pieces of plastic from broken down plastic bottles, straws and all kinds of other plastic debris, are what's causing so much damage to our oceans and sea-life right now honeys. We've all, I'm sure, seen those heartbreaking scenes of the damage caused.😢 Microplastic fibres are created when tiny pieces of synthetic fabrics (found in most "fast fashion") breaking away from the clothes.  This is caused by the fabrics rubbing together in the wash. Microplastic fibres are the greatest cause of pollution     
  • There are no synthetic fibres present in these sheets, they're made of "100% naturally derived fibres."  While synthetic fibres will eventually "break down" or (decompose) it has to be remembered that this process can take anywhere between 20 - 200 years! 
  • The sheets are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.  The Forest Stewardship Council is an international, non profit organisation which exists to promote responsible management of the world's forests.  According to the UK FSC website "... FSC certification brings economic benefits by opening up new markets, social benefits to local workers and local people and environmental benefits for biodiversity and ecosystems. 

Wow! I know that was a bit of a read honeys (sorry) but it's so important that we all try to do our bit and this product has clearly been given a great deal of thought.  Not only the product itself, but the packaging too.  

Where have these been all my life?  As if all of that isn't enough to have me pushing the "add to basket" button...

So, how ARE these little sheets going to help save the world...

  • All of your wash basket can go into the machine!  I've done it.  No more splitting laundry into little piles and running 2-3 washes each morning.  Yaaaaaay! It all goes in, with a sheet, and comes out all clean.  No dulling, no greying, no red sock disasters. 😊 
  • Saves on water, electricity, laundry detergent and conditioner and all that time!  Now, imagine if every home used a similar product to get similar results?  So many resources saved!  Seriously, though, am I the last to find out about these fab little sheets?  I'll say it again, where have they been all my life? 😊💖💖💖


Some interesting further reading if you'd like to find out more honeys x

What is the FSC (with a video)

Why buy FSC certified wood: 

This is the home page for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Have you tried these little sheets honeys?  Thank you for visiting today x  Are you taking part in Blogtober?  If so, why not leave me your link below?  Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx 

Hugs always, Rosie xx

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