10 Thought-Provoking Podcasts To Inspire Sustainable Living

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Inspiring Podcasts For Intentional Living

Make the most of the hours in your commute or travel plans by downloading a few inspirational podcasts. We have compiled a list of our absolute favorites on minimalism, sustainability and living intentionally. 

The hosts are fun, witty, and from all over the world. They focus primarily on conscious living and sustainability, and they often invite well-known do-gooders and world-changers on their shows.

Each episode is packed with knowledge and inspiration to fuel your own conscious lifestyle choices. So hit the open road, roll the windows down, and turn up these fierce podcasts while en route to your destination! Be sure to check out our lists of podcasts for mental health and women’s health, too.

1. The Slow Home Podcast


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher

Noteworthy Episodes | How To Make Remote Learning Work For Your Family

Average Episode Length | 15-60 minutes

Meet Brooke McAlary. She describes herself as “a slow-traveling, gutsy shiraz-appreciating writer who currently lives in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney, Australia. [She has] two lovely kids, a delightful husband, a dog, and four chickens. [She spends] a lot of time reading, [she loves] practicing yoga and [is] a tragic fan of The Walking Dead (comics and TV show).” She sounds awesome, right? Her podcast, The Slow Home Podcast, is just as incredible.

A show focused on slowing down, simplifying, and focusing on the things that are truly important, this podcast is a breath of fresh air for anyone living in the fast lane. It has also ranked #1 in Health Podcasts on iTunes.

Learn more about The Slow Home Podcast

2. A Sustainable Mind


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google, TuneIn

Noteworthy Episodes | People of Color in The Outdoor Community, Bringing Innovation to Menstrual Cups and the Feminine Hygiene Industry

Average Episode Length | 40-50 minutes

in conversations and at conferences about the environment, Marjorie Alexander recognized that she was “one of few women, fewer young people, and often the only woman of color.” So Alexander started A Sustainable Mind as a master’s thesis project. The podcast, which Alexander hosts and produces, is now home to weekly interviews with the people behind some of today’s most impactful start-ups, organizations, and campaigns. The discussions cover everything from microplastics and bamboo to eco-friendly event planning and sustainable intimacy products.

Learn more about A Sustainable Mind

3. Conscious Chatter


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher, PodBean, PlayerFM

Noteworthy Episodes | Shakaila Forbes-Bell On The Relationship Between Fashion Psychology + Black Lives Matter

Average Episode Length | 30-40 minutes

Conscious Chatter is a podcast committed to discussing sustainable fashion, style, and the global garment supply chain. Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, a longtime advocate for sustainability and explorer of the ethical fashion space, Conscious Chatter is about cultivating conversation and asking tough questions, such as: Where are my clothes made? What are they made of? And most importantly, who made them?

Listeners can expect to hear from experts and change-makers in the industry, including Marci Zaroff, Javier Goyeneche, and Christy Dawn, among others.

Learn more about Conscious Chatter

4. Brown Girl Green


Listen On | iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud

Noteworthy Episodes | Climate Change & Disabilities, Making Synthetic Hair More Sustainable

Average Episode Length | 50 minutes

Created by activist, host, and speaker Kristy Drutman, Brown Girl Green addresses the intersections of media, diversity, and environmentalism. Through interviews with leaders and advocates, the conversations focus on inclusion, climate crisis solutions, and more. Listeners can tune in to discussions about how to use personal finance for environmentally conscious spending, as well as how to cultivate joy in a frequently overwhelming world.

Learn more about Brown Girl Green

5. Low Tox Life


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher

Noteworthy Episodes | Digestive Health In A High Tox World – It’s Possible, The Benefits Of “Life-Scaping” Your Green Space

Average Episode Length | 45-60 minutes

Hosted by Alex Stuart, the Low Tox Life Podcast is all about our bodies, minds, and souls. With episodes about our sleeping habits, the food we eat, psychological wellness, and toilet paper changing the world (seriously), this podcast covers a variety of informative and intriguing topics. Alex also offers recipes, e-courses, and an e-book on her website.

Learn more about Low Tox Life

6. Good + Social


Listen On | iTunes, Online

Noteworthy Episodes | Social Impact And The Media With AmyAnn Cadwell, Microfinance As A Means To Give Back In Tourism

Average Episode Length | 40 minutes

The Good + Social Podcast is dedicated to exploring the stories behind innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are changing their industries for better. Learn about the latest and greatest in the social impact world, and take a look behind the scenes at the creative ways these interviewees are turning the traditional system on its head. Whether you’re building a social impact business yourself, or just looking for some creative inspiration from the social good space, this podcast will leave you feeling optimistic about the future.

Learn more about The Good + Social Podcast

7. The Wardrobe Crisis


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify

Noteworthy Episodes | Chemicals in Fashion Supply Chains, How COVID-19 Is Impacting Garment Workers

Average Episode Length | 40 minutes

The Wardrobe Crisis is hosted by Clare Press, a Sydney-based fashion journalist, author, and presenter who was also Vogue’s first sustainability editor. Each week, Press interviews designers, climate scientists, activists, and academics about fashion, ethics, social justice, environmental sustainability, and how they all intersect. Former guests include Me Too founder Tarana Burke, actress Rosario Dawson, and the minds behind beloved brands like Patagonia, Allbirds, and Veja.

Learn more about The Wardrobe Crisis

8. Green Dreamer


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher

Noteworthy Episodes | How To Reach & Inspire Your Conscious Target Audience, Using Cultural And Historical Knowledge To Support Regenerative Reforestation

Average Episode Length | 30 minutes

Hosted by Kaméa Chayne, a leader in the ethical and sustainable living space, Green Dreamer features interviews with other visionaries in the space. Perfect for creatives pursuing more environmentally-conscious work and lifestyles, this podcast will inspire you to start that passion project that's been on your mind. Her guests include The Good Trade's co-founder, AmyAnn Cadwell, and other noteworthy entrepreneurs and influencers like Bea Johnson, Tara Mackey, Agnes Muljadi and more. We love her thoughtful approach to spreading the word about sustainability and are excited to watch this podcast flourish!

Learn more about Green Dreamer

9. The Minimalists


Listen On | iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud

Noteworthy Episodes | Minimalist Weddings, Owning Less, Financial Independence

Average Episode Length | 60+ minutes

With an audience of 4 million+ readers and followers, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus can proudly call themselves Masters of Minimalism. In addition to their numerous essays, books, online classes, and documentaries, the duo broadcasts one of the highest-ranking podcasts on all of iTunes, The Minimalists Podcast. Listeners can enjoy honest and compelling episodes about living a minimalist life in relationships, home, self-care, the workplace, and more. With a creative and relational approach to podcasting, this one is a must for us all.

Learn more about The Minimalists Podcast

10. The Green Divas


Listen On | iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher

Noteworthy Episodes | Travel In The Time of Corona, Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

Average Episode Length | 15-30 minutes

This one is for all the green divas and dudes in the world: we have found a podcast specifically for you. The Green Divas, a weekly radio show, is committed to approaching green issues in a humorous and low-stress way. Hosted by the first-ever Green Diva, Megan McWilliams, the podcast covers current events, interviews, green living tips, and environmental concerns, and more.

Learn more about The Green Divas


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