Dinos All Over Sweatshirt

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Vendor: Bobo Choses
Type: Sweatshirt


Let’s put a smile on Earth’s face!
At Bobo Choses we have always been responsible for our social
and environmental footprint. We strive to create products that are
friendly to our environment and constantly work to improve the
sustainability of our production processes.

Learn more about Bobo Choses Commitment
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90% of AW20 production is made locally (76% Spain, 14%
Portugal).100% of the AW20 footwear is made locally in Spain by
expert hands and craftsmen who transmit their know-how from
generation to generation. 100% of the AW20 footwear is made
locally in Spain by expert hands and craftsmen who transmit their
know-how from generation to generation.

66% of AW20 cotton yarn is organic *GOTS certified. 90% of the
cotton used in AW20 Baby collection is organic *GOTS certified.
This means that the cotton was grown without the use of pesticides,
herbicides or any other chemical fertilizer. Its sustainable production
system also helps to replenish and maintain soil health.

85% of the fabrics we’re using are cellulosic and include denim,
alpaca and mohair wool, terry corduroy fleece, 100% recycled
polyester and lyocell, an eco friendly and biodegradable fabric made
with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. Our mugs are made of
ceramics and our bowls are made of bamboo, cornstarch and resin.

Our outwear garments have water-repellent treatment by
BIONIC FINISH ECO, an ecological water-repellent impregnation.
We are including Recycled Polyester in our outwear lining to avoid
the impact of using regular polyester.

All of our Polybags have d2w® biodegradable plastic additive.
It accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product is
no longer a plastic, but a material which can be bio-assimilated
(i.e. used as a food source) by bacteria and fungi on land or sea.
Best of all, if it escapes collection and ends up as litter in the
environment, it will degrade and biodegrade in a continuous,
irreversible and unstoppable process until there is nothing left,
in the same way as nature’s waste.

Bobo Choses is conscious of the importance of the environment
and health problems due to the chemicals in textile industry, for
that reason the production and finishing factories we work with are
OEKO-TEX certified, so we have a clear and transparent view of
our entire textile supply chain.




Most of our products are garment dyed, which gives this unique look and feel to each product.
We recommend these articles to be washed separately, and when dark, do not rub against light
surfaces. We recommend to gently hand wash these items inside out in cold water and neutral

liquid detergent. Please do not rub when using stain-remover.

Wash 30o, dry flat, no bleach, iron up to 110o,

no tumble dry.

Wash max 30o delicate, no ble
ach, no iron, no tumble dry.


Our outerwear has a water-repellent and en-
vironmentally friendly treatment. Hand wash,

no bleach, no iron, no tumbler, no dry clean.

Made from organic and natural bamboo
fibers in combination with corn powder and
resin. To avoid staining, wash regularly and
immediately after use. Do not leave coloring
fluids for long periods. Dishwasher safe.
Do not use in the microwave.
Biodegradable and reusable.


The dyes used to achieve the depth of color

may transfer to other garments and uphols-
tery. Wash separately. Reverse machine wash

up to 30o, no bleach, no dry clean, iron up to
110o and no tumble.


Anti-hot cup. Dishwasher safe. It can be used
in the microwave and it’s reusable.

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