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In the summer, it’s par for the course to leave the house with wet or damp hair, trusting the warm breezes to dry (and ideally tousle) your tresses. But constantly leaving the house with damp locks can come to equal damage and breakage, which is why a hair dryer is a fail-safe investment. Whether you want to cut down on drying time, prevent damage, boost shine, or find something affordable and compact for travel, we're breaking down the 10 best hair dryers of 2022 and everything you need to know about buying and using one of these handy hair tools.

Different Types Of Hair Dryers

If you're ready to step up your hairstyling game, start by seeking out the best blow dryer for your budget and hair type. You don’t have to spring for a professional-grade blow dryer if you understand what to look for. Ceramic, porcelain, ionic, or titanium? Let us break it down quickly. If you have fine or dry hair, you might want to consider a ceramic or porcelain hair dryer that uses far-infrared heat to distribute gentle, even heat to your delicate strands. An ionic blow dryer uses ionic technology to reduce hair’s surface tension, boosting the shiny luster of your locks. A tourmaline dryer takes that ionic tech and ups the ante. The internal parts of a tourmaline dryer are made from or coated with the mineral. As for titanium, a dryer made from the material is lighter and will get hot quite fast to speed up drying time.

Healthy Ways To Dry Your Hair

Even if you’ve owned a variety of blow dryers in your life and feel comfortable wielding the hot tool, you still could be making some damaging mistakes. First, always squeeze excess water out of your hair before you take a hair dryer to it. If you really want to prevent heat damage, you can wait until it’s nearly naturally dried from the air but still a tad damp. We also recommend using a microfiber towel to soak up as much moisture as possible; there are even microfiber brushes if you don't like wrapping your head in a towel. It’s also helpful to section your hair into clips so you can concentrate on one area at a time and risk far fewer tangles. Finally, when shopping for hair dryers, it’s smart to consider the wattage. Look for dryers with more wattage—meaning the air blows faster—resulting in less time spent under the dryer and reducing the opportunity for heat damage.

Products To Use When Drying Your Hair

The most important thing you can do for yourself when regularly using a hair dryer is to invest in the proper tools, whether they be combs and brushes or heat protectants. Even the best professional blow dryer can’t save you from poor execution. You can find a brush designed for wet hair for very reasonable prices; using these will not only help you detangle without pain but will ensure even distribution of product sprayed into your wet locks. Always use a pre-blowout spray to protect yourself from heat damage. Some sprays even aid the styling process, making it easier for hair to hold its shape. If you’re a super regular dryer, make sure that you’re using a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner to nourish your hair between blowouts. Finally, if you have curly hair, a dryer that includes a diffuser attachment with various temperature and air-speed settings is essential.

Hair Drying Hacks

Much to our multitasking hearts’ delight, the newly recommended hair dryers that follow can do much more than dry your hair. Have you ever selected the cool setting on your dryer to blast freshly painted nails? You can also use the same setting to speed up the drying process of your self-tanner. And this one was a revelation to us: break in leather shoes by putting them on and hitting them with the heat from your dryer. Stickers and wax on windows and furniture won't stand a chance when you blow warm air on them from your blow dryer. If you have glass or sunglasses that are inexpensive, heating them with the hairdryer will help you effortlessly reshape and reset them. And if you’re in a pinch while traveling without an iron, you can use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles from a garment. The uses are nearly endless, which may help you justify buying a professional hair dryer for a few more bucks.

How We Found The Best Hair Dryers

To find the best hair dryers on the internet, we enlisted the help of our data-driven algorithm. We created this tool so our readers can confidently peruse the internet and trust the products in which they invest their money. Not only do we look deeply into product ratings, but we also read knock-out reviews and take into account editor recommendations and awards as well as social buzz. If finding the perfect hair dryer is on your to-do list, look no further than the following beloved and trusted favorites. 

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