The Best Cable Knit Sweaters for Men

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There’s nothing that exudes comfort quite like a cable knit sweater. With its warm and inviting feeling and textured goodness, a cable knit sweater for men is basically the clothing equivalent of a cinnamon roll. Cable knit sweaters are also stylish, too, owing to the fact that they’re a classic piece that’s been around for a very long time. The origins of the modern cable knit can likely be traced back to the Aran sweater, a wool pullover first worn in the islands off the coast of Ireland. Of course, over the years the traditional Aran sweaters have taken on many iterations, giving us the solid cable knitwear that we all know and love today.

Cable knit sweaters have many complex mixtures of weaves, including the distinctive braided look of a cable knit, as well as stitches like honeycomb, zig-zag and diamond. They were made from undyed wool, giving them their cream or off-white color. The thick layered fabric provides insulation and warmth, with the added benefit of adding texture and visual appeal to your outfit.

These days, cable knit sweaters come in every style (and color) imaginable. A cotton cable knit can be a great lighter-weight take on the traditional wool sweater, while a v-neck tennis sweater lends a preppy edge to this rugged piece. Or, go all out with a traditional wool fisherman sweater. These are some of our favorite cable knit sweaters to buy right now.


1. Buck Mason Donegal Cable Crew


Buck Mason’s stunning cable crew will have you looking like a well-groomed king. The classic sweater is made from a soft, mid-weight merino blend that offers great shape retention and makes it an ideal year-round sweater. This garment will last you for years, thanks to its hand-woven cable knit panels.

Beige cable knit sweater

Buy: Buck Mason Donegal Cable Crew $159.00


2. Todd Snyder Lambswool Cable Crew


Everyone knows that if you want a classic sweater that will stand against the test of time, then you get it from Todd Snyder. It’s made of  100% lambswool making it very durable and warm. If you’re a fan of the sweater in the desert canyon, it comes in four other colors including, antique white, navy, bottle green, and wild orchid.

Yellow cable knit sweater

Buy: Todd Snyder Lambswool Cable Crew $168.00


3. Polo Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Wool-Cashmere Sweater Vest


Hop in on the sweater vest trend with this cool piece from Ralph Lauren. It’s a versatile vest that looks good dressed up or down. Style the garment with a long sleeve tee underneath and some jeans. If you want a preppier fit, pair the vest with a button-up and chinos. However you decide to style the sweater, you’re sure to be the coolest guy on the block.

Green cable knit sweater vest

Buy: Polo Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Wool-Cashmere Sweater Vest $228.00


4. Goodthreads Cotton Cable Stitch Crewneck Sweater


If you’re looking for a reliable cable knit sweater at an affordable price, then go with this option from Goodthreads. The crew neck has a traditional braided cable knit design and comes in 12 colors.

Rust orange cable knit sweater

Buy: Goodthreads Cotton Cable Stitch Crewneck Sweater $32.80


5. Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Cable Crew Neck Sweater


One thing about Bonobos is that they’re known for offering comfy and practical clothing, which is why we couldn’t resist featuring the brand on this roundup. This sweater is made of a cotton and cashmere blend that feels soft and luxurious on the skin. It’s extremely warm and is a must-have item for your winter wardrobe.

Gray cable knit sweater

Buy: Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Cable Crew Neck Sweater $129.00


6. Banana Republic Italian Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater


Keep your neck warm this winter with a turtleneck sweater from the Banana Republic. It’s made of recycled wool, making it a great eco-friendly option. The garment has a traditional fisherman sweater design with a modernized twist. This turtleneck sweater will pair well underneath a field jacket for a cohesive look.

Black cable knit turtleneck sweater

Buy: Banana Republic Italian Wool-Blend Turtleneck Sweater $169.00


7. Rag & Bone Cable-Knit Cotton Sweater


If you don’t mind splurging on a new sweater, then you’ll adore this crewneck from Rag & Bone. The modest knitwear is made of soft cotton and embodies style and comfort. It features a braided cable knit pattern and ribbed trim. Just one use of this sweater, and you’ll never want to wear another one again.

Cream cable knit sweater

Buy: Rag & Bone Cable-Knit Cotton Sweater $295.00


8. L.L. Bean Fisherman Shawl-Collar Cardigan


This fisherman sweater from LL Bean is like a robe you can wear outside. It’s made from cotton and has a cozy shawl collar for extra warmth. It has an Aran knit design and two patch pockets at the waist.

Navy Cable knit sweater cardigan

Buy: L.L. Bean Fisherman Shawl -Collar Cardigan $149.00


9. Vineyard Vines Fisherman Crewneck Sweater


Is there anything preppier than a cable knit sweater from Vineyard Vines? Of course, not. This sweater comes in two colors, blue and white. It features a classic fisherman stitching with a traditional nautical finish. You honestly can’t go wrong with this crewneck as it’s the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Blue cable knit sweater

Buy: Vineyard Vines Fisherman Crewneck Sweater $148.00


10. Amazon Essentials Crewneck Cable Cotton Sweater


We can’t stress enough how much you need to stop sleeping on Amazon fashion. This cable knit sweater serves the same great style as the more expensive options above but at a fraction of the price.

Brown cable knit sweater

Buy: Amazon Essentials Crewneck Cable Cotton Sweater $27.30


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