Japan doesn’t just have a gamer hoodie, it’s got a gamer hoodie specially designed for cat owners

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Sequel parka gives you the best of both worlds by combining game time and cat time.

Cats and video games are both solid entries on the list of “things it’s good to have to play with”…and yet they don’t always go so well together. It is, after all, cats who set the household schedule, not their owners, and if you’re sitting down for a gaming session when they want some attention, they’ll often simply stand in front of the screen and tell you “Nope, it’s kitty time.”

So the ideal situation is one in which you can combine game-playing time and cat-cuddling time, and thankfully there’s a way to do just that. Japanese lifestyle brands Bauhutte and Unihabitat, who specialize in items for gamers and pet owners, respectively, have teamed up to bring us a cat gaming parka.

Naturally the hood is equipped with decorative cat ears, but the more important, and functional, part is the pouch attached to the front.

It’s way too big to call a “pocket,” and the reason it’s so big is so that your cat can crawl in and snuggle up against your midsection, letting it feel your reassuring body warmth while you play.

▼ And let’s be honest, that means you get the cozy sensation of a kitty-warmed tummy too.

The garment is called the Meowgaroo Hoodie 2 (or Nyangaroo Parka 2, if you’re going by its Japanese name), and as you might guess, it’s an update to Unihabitat’s original Meowgaroo Hoodie from a while back. This sequel hoodie, though, has a number of improvements based on customer feedback and Bauhutte’s gamer-oriented design philosophies. First off, the pouch has a more defined shape and additional inner cushion, so that you don’t need to have your hands so tightly cradled underneath it to keep your cat from falling out.

▼ Meowgaroo Hoodie 2 (left) vs old Meowgaroo Hoodie (right)

Also new is a double-zipper for the pouch (the old model’s was always open) and fitted ribbed cuffs, for extra warmth plus the ability to keep your sleeves pushed up for extra-intense boss battles.

Other improvements include moving the drawstring tightener to the outside of the pocket, where your cat can’t get at it, and the Meowgaroo Hoodie 2 retains its removable pouch liner design for easy fur clean-up.

The idea for a gaming-with-cats hoodie came about when Bauhutte conducted a gamer survey and found that of the respondents who own pets, 51.3 percent have cats, as opposed to just 31.9 percent who were dog owners. Of course, you don’t have to be playing video games to reap the benefits of the Meowgaroo Hoodie 2, since it works just as well for teleworking or leisure-time web browsing.

The Meowgaroo Hoodie 2 can be ordered here through Amazon for 7,980 yen (US$70). On the other hand, if what you’re looking for while gaming isn’t snuggly companionship, but complete privacy, Bauhutte has something for that too.

Source: Bauhutte
Top image: Bauhutte
Insert images: Bauhutte, Amazon/Bauhutte
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