Happy Monday! As I’m getting ready to head to the airport for the next stop of our October adventures, I wanted to officially share my essential travel electronics with you! I’ve shared a few on my stories and you guys were so into it; I didn’t want...

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Worldwide Travel Converter & Adapter
First things first, you’ll need to plug your stuff in! I love this power-strip so much and I’ve been using it for every single trip since 2016, even domestic! It has 4 usb ports and 3 outlets so it’s perfect for my endless electronics! This bundle @ Walmart has an all-in-one adapter extra! I bought that separately before this trip so this bundle is a great deal (mine is from Amazon but same exact one)!
USB Humidifier
This baby got you guys (& me) the most excited! I get so miserably dry after a long flight; and this was one of our longest flights ever! You can use this humidifier anywhere you you have a USB port: your car, hotel room, literally anywhere!
White Noise Machine
TBH I bought this for my daughter but it’s great for anyone that can’t sleep in complete silence OR if you need to drown out all the unfamiliar noises. We used to pack our full sized Dohm noise machine every time but I wanted something more compact for this trip since we were traveling so heavy — I regret not getting it sooner! It’s so tiny & rechargeable (yay no cords!) It also has a little hoop so you can hang it on baby’s stroller or anywhere.
220v One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
You guys know how obsessed I am with Revlon’s Volumizer (still on sale @ Ulta with code 756993 btw!!), so I had to get a 220v version just for travel! My American followers are always asking where they can find it. Unfortunately for the real deal you’ll have to check Amazon UK & pay a hefty shipping charge, but I found a dupe @ Walmart!!! Under $30 & free delivery!
Travel Curling Iron
I love Harry Josh Pro’s travel curling iron and that its worldwide voltage so I can even use it at home! A much more affordable alternative is Conair’s Travel Smart curling iron, also dual-voltage!
Worldwide Voltage Garment Steamer
I still don’t understand why hotels don’t have steamers instead of irons! This tiny little thing is worldwide voltage and so compact, I’m all set!
Rechargeable Stroller Fan
And of course a mom product lol This holds a charge for foreverrr and clips onto my daughter’s stroller so easily! She’s not handling the heat here in the Middle-East very well, so this is definitely helping make things more bearable for her! She has Beyonce wind everywhere she goes lol!

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