Es Devlin and Pangaia launch clothing line as "reminder to take action now" on climate

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Models wearing orange clothes inside a mirrored Es Devlin installation

British designer Es Devlin and sustainable clothing brand Pangaia have teamed up to create a collection of vibrant loungewear, understatedly printed with nature-related poetry excerpts.

The Pangaia x Es Devlin capsule collection comprises four clothing designs: the 365 hoodie, 365 trackpant, 365 t-shirt and 365 shorts.

Each garment is made in a fiery orange hue often seen in Devlin's work, which the designer describes as a "powerful" colour that "serves as a sensory reminder to take action now" to help reverse the effects of climate change.

A model wearing Es Devlin's orange clothing for Pangaia
Es Devlin has created four orange garments for Pangaia

"The colour sparks a bold emotion that both invigorates and energises individuals – driving for action with relation to the environment," explained Pangaia.

Each piece is also printed with a snippet of the poetry Devlin wrote for her Forest of Us installation, which saw the designer erect a mirrored maze at Superblue Miami gallery earlier this year.

The chosen citation reads: "A forest of us, a symbiotic symmetry, a branching geometry that flows within us and around us but do you see it, can you feel it, do you breath it can you find it – go and find it".

A poem imprinted on orange trousers
Poems taken from an installation by the designer are printed on the clothes

Adopting the same theme as Devlin's Forest of Us work, the four-piece capsule collection considers the similarities between the inner workings of human bodies and the biosphere.

"Forest of Us takes as its starting point the striking visual symmetries between the structures within us that allow us to breathe and the structures around us that make breathing possible," explained Devlin.

"The bronchial trees that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide within our lungs and the trees which exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen within our environment," the designer continued.

The quote featured on the clothing more specifically highlights humanity's reliance on trees for breathable air, and the effects of deforestation.

A male model wearing an orange T shirt and jogging pants by Es Devlin
The collection is designed to highlight the need for climate action

All proceeds generated from sales of the collection will be donated to Instituto Terra, a non-profit organisation committed to environmental restoration and sustainable rural development in the Rio Doce Valley in Brazil.

Known for its use of bio-engineered materials, Pangaia recently launched a cruelty-free puffer coat stuffed with a thermal filling made from a combination of wildflowers, an aerogel and a biopolymer.

Unlike the fossil fuel-based substitutes like polyester and rayon that are typically opted for in other vegan winter jackets, the Flower Down jacket is also biodegradable.

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