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This article reviewing the best cloth face mask for business will help choose a suitable protective product to make money from during Covid.

Because Coronavirus spreads through inhaled droplets from one person to another, there has been an increasing demand for face masks on the global market.

Rather than using cheap disposable mask bundles that add to the alarming amount of non-recyclable waste, people have shifted to high-quality reusable respirators.

It carves the way for worldwide manufacturers to make money by researching the best cloth face mask for business in 2021.

Since the COVID-19 vaccine is still clinical trial material and not yet an approved remedy, it is better to grow a business with this low-cost item right now.
Detailed Review of The Best Cloth Face Mask For Business
A standard Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-compliant face mask that can slow Coronavirus transmission should include a tight textile with two to three layers of breathable fabric (preferably cotton) and an internal filter pocket.

Let’s determine whether the top five reviewed cloth face masks below check all the required boxes to make a business.
Dony Mask – From Dony Garment (Made in Vietnam)

Dony Mask is a multi-layer filtration three-ply cloth mask that is highly water-resistant to prevent people’s droplets.

Everyone can benefit from the strong filtration of bacteria, germs, and dust while wearing this antiviral item. After around 60 washes, its antibacterial effect remains over 99%.

Since the soft ear loops are elastic, users will no longer feel discomfort adjusting the customized mask constantly. Besides, constant mask adjustment may transmit germs and bacteria from hands to this shield.

The best thing about Dony Mask is how each unit comes in medical packaging sterilized with EO gas for enhanced hygiene. In the company’s video, they also use a special machine to detect metal in their products before packaging for guaranteed users’ safety.

Dony Mask has Exclusive Distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE, Canada, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain.

Henry Pham – CEO Dony Garment said “we are offering low-cost, high-quality masks at a very reasonable price. Keeping in mind the market situation so that wholesalers and distributors can make a profit from selling them.”
Uniqlo Airism Face Mask

While most people are concerned about the flexibility of a cloth face mask, the Airism model from Uniqlo is easily tunable for an optimal fit.

Thanks to the size indicators, you can easily spot masks of the same size in large bulk. The size varies widely, from S to XL, in which S is ideal for kids.

This self-deodorizing face mask wicks away moisture in use. Its final mesh layer includes powerful UV protection.
Reebok Face Covers

Although it is not advisable to put on a mask for a workout, this Reebok Face Cover is the perfect material for daily use for sport activities. It comes at a low price for three identical sport packs.

Its elastic build is highly stretchable but still provides a snug fit for optimal face coverage. That is why the protective outdoor item can block droplet transmission effectively.
Rag & Bone Stealth Mask Pack

Many available cloth face masks on the market mainly contain polyester material, but Rag & Bone has chosen to engineer its Stealth Mask with lightweight recycled cotton.

Its one-size can fit most face types to eliminate confusion when shopping online without knowing their size. The cotton lining in this mask improves comfort to a whole other level.

As consumers will purchase this product in a pack, its manufacturer offers a portable pouch for storage in traveling.
Abacaxi Cotton Face Mask

Lastly, the Abacaxi cotton mask provides different colors, designs, and sizes, including available measurements for kids. Its multiple pattern variations are lovely pieces to match with daily outfits.

The elastic ear cords ensure great comfort for the best experience. This New York City-produced item also includes an inner pocket to insert a filter against dust and bacteria.
Features to Consider When Choosing Business Cloth Face Mask ●       Fashionable
Face masks have barely crossed one’s mind back in the days as a fashionable item or even statement piece of an outfit.

Although, things have turned 180 degrees due to the COVID-19 emergence. Just like clothes, masks become accessories that have the potential to be trendy.

Apart from the plain design, there are plenty of attractive models such as tie-dye, polka dots, animal patterns, etc. That is not to mention masks with slogans that call for bigger purposes.

Besides, a unisex mask is better for mass sale than specific products for different genders.
●       Breathable
An effective face mask may include up to three layers but still breathable enough for longer use throughout the day. Some are specifically designed for active outdoor activities, such as the Reebok Face Covers.

Moreover, it should offer a tight fit without side gaps, providing full coverage for the nose and mouth against droplet exposure.
●       Reusable
Being reusable is the most important advantage of a cloth mask. Instead of using a mask once then disposing of it, it is better to wash the fabric face mask for continuous use every day.
●       Comfortable
No one can stand wearing an uncomfortable face mask all day long. Its high flexibility will gain better user’s attention, especially with an adjustable nose clip and ear loops.
●       Medically qualified
It is ideal to use a medical-grade face mask to block Coronavirus transmission. This business choice should receive FDA and C.E. Certificates, as well as ISO 9001:2005 such as Dony Mask.

UV protection is optional, but having this feature can make an item more valuable for certain users.
●       No breathing valve
According to the CDC, it is not recommended to retail face masks without valves. This type of hole may allow droplets to escape and make contact with others.

In case no decision has been made on how to do mask business with the best product, Dony Mask would be a brilliant choice among multiple reusable face mask companies.

It is easy to purchase this specialized reusable item directly from the manufacturer at a reasonable price, resulting in less concern about unreliable distributors.

On top of this, the product is sold in various regions of the world. Thus, it is easier to reach out to any local provider that is most convenient (pharmacies, care centers, clinics, spa, school, etc.).

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