Lovotex 6 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer with 3 Large and 2 Small Drawers - Practical Wardrobe Shelving with Durable High Capacity Design - Collapsible Storage for Clothes, Underwear, Sock and Towels

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Brand: Lovotex


  • CREATE EXTRA STORAGE SPACE: Do you need extra space to store your clothes and towels? This hanging closet space saver organizer will give you ample extra space, thanks to its 6 high capacity shelves. The hanging storage organizer will help you make good use of the unused space in your wardrobe, and it will allow you to store your clothes neatly, without having to pile them up. Plus, you won't have to sacrifice style for practicality, since the closet shelving is incredibly stylish!
  • KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANIZED: Along with the 6 shelf hanging closet system, Lovotex also gives you 5 matching drawers! Three of the drawers are large, and they fit the shelves perfectly. The other two ate smaller in size. You can use the large and small drawers for your socks, underwear and small towels, in order to keep them organized. In this way, the drawers will prevent these items from getting mixed up and you will find what you need more easily.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY DESIGN: The hanging closet rack is made with high quality polyester canvas, which is incredibly luxurious and durable at the same time! In addition, under the thick fabric, there is medium-density fiberboard to keep the hanging dresser from bending. Once you hang the 6-shelf closet system in your wardrobe, it will remain in place and it will be able to withstand the weight of the drawers and your clothes, so store anything you want in it!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION: Once the hanging closet organizer and the drawers arrive to your house, you can put them to use immediately! All you have to do is unfold the hanging closet shelving, and hang it on your wardrobe or coatroom rack using its strong hook and loop fastener. Then unfold the collapsible drawers and insert them in the shelves you prefer. It's ready! You just created an entire closet storage system within seconds! That was easy, wasn't it?
  • PRACTICAL COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Are you moving out and want to take the hanging closet organizer with you? Do you maybe want to take the hanging closet shelves with you during your vacations? Do you not need the closet organizer anymore? During any of these occasions, you can simply empty the hanging wardrobe storage, remove it from your closet rack and fold it. Once folded, the closet storage organization doesn't occupy too much space and it's easy to carry and store!

Publisher: Lovotex


Do You Have Too Many Clothes, But Limited Closet Space?

Lovotex has the perfect storage solution that will allow you to create more storage space by utilizing the unused space in your closet!

The hanging closet space saver dresser is a 6-shelf closet organization system that you can hang in your wardrobe rack, trailer clothing rack or coatroom.

Apart from the collapsible hanging closet shelving, Lovotex also gives you 5 matching drawers:

3 large drawers
2 small drawers

You can now store your clothes, underwear, socks, towels and anything else you want and keep your wardrobe organized and orderly!

Designed To Be Durable, Practical And Easy To Use!

The Lovotex 6-shelf hanging closet organizer has been specially built to withstand the weight of as many items as it fits.

To ensure that, we have used heavy duty polyester canvas as well as medium density fiberboard in order to make this hanging closet rack strong and durable.

The hanging strap also has a durable, wide hook and loop fastener which is easy to install and capable of holding the weight of the entire hanging closet shelves.

Organize Your Wardrobe Today!

Don't you want to have more storage space for your clothes? Then get this hanging closet dresser and have your wish granted!

This investment is guaranteed to make your daily life easier, since you will no longer have to dig for the clothes you're looking for.

Plus, you won't have to pile your clothes and have to deal with unattractive creases right before you wear them! Need we say more?

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