Strong Clip and Drip Hangers with 10 Metal Clothespins for Hanging Drying Clothes/Hats/Diapers/Skirts/Bathing Suits

Strong Clip and Drip Hangers with 10 Metal Clothespins for Hanging Drying Clothes/Hats/Diapers/Skirts/Bathing Suits

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Sturdy Construction:Eco-friendly durable metal laundry drips hanger,10 pcs of high stretch steel wire pegs hold tightly without snagging clothes,strong bearing and high strength against corrosion rust
Friendly Design:Stainless stell frame,windproof lockable hook,Unique hook design prevents hanger from falling off rod,no-paint no-rust material,durable metal clips,standard slim hanger wouldn't take much space
Space Saver:Laundry Hanging Rack can hang 10 clothing in 1 compact space for multipurpose drying or storage,design for both hand washing and machine washing items,great handy closet organizer,great idea for sunning diapers out in the sun
Multipurpose:Drip hangers suitable to hang drying the socks,sports bras,ties,handkerchief,scarf,hat,cloth diapers,towel,underwear,towel,gloves,baby clothes,shorts,leggings,panties,garters,sweaters or other delicate items
Indoor and Outdoor Use:Large metal hook allows you to hang it anywhere,any clothesline,over the door,shower curtain rod,garment rack or shelf,clothes hangers can be used with ease in the laundry room,bathroom,garden or wherever you go.handy for travel trailer or RV

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Improved Drying Rack
light weight,easy to hang over shower bar,very small space’s stainless steel so it’s even good-looking,hold quite a few items and very sturdy
stainless steel clothes pins are strong and hold everything tightly,hangers for drying clothes has a top hook that can be hung over a rod or clothesline and a clip to prevent it from falling off should the wind blow
hanger clips grab the clothes(damp socks/underpants/washcloths) gently but firm enough that things won't work off in a breeze,no rust,not scratch
slim clothespin hanger is space saver helper,drip hangers takes up little to no room in bathroom,doesn't leave "pinch markson clothing,must have for small apartments
great hat rack,also great to dry hanging baby clothes
each strong clip holding numerous cloth napkins,or some clips holding a couple of wash hangs perfectly from shower rod and can hold a great deal of clothes
you can hang bras/scarves from it or even lingerie without taking up a ton of can handy hang it in shower from the easy it is to hang items.the hooks are easy to pinch open and hold item firmly
you can use them to hang several small items or larger items like pants, can use them indoors or out.the hangers have a piece that slips over hanger so if you use them outside they won't fall off line,really handy for hanging undies and bras in bathroom
hang socks,mittens and a hat all at one time!no more using small hangers all over the house and without having to hand socks over a bar
slim hanger drying rack is so much easier than having to store and bring out a large drying rack!clips open and close very easily and don't damage clothes at all
use to display pocket square/handkerchief collection or display items at a craft show
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