Hangers Space Saving: closet organizer hanger - 2 Multi Hanger + 2 Non Slip Hangers -space saving hangers - shirt + pants hangers by ClosetPro.

Hangers Space Saving: closet organizer hanger - 2 Multi Hanger + 2 Non Slip Hangers -space saving hangers - shirt + pants hangers by ClosetPro.

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THE AVERAGE S-TYPE METAL HANGERS ARE MADE OF CHEAP MATERIALS THAT STRETCH & BREAK under the weight of your clothes, with PAINT THAT FLAKES OFF onto your belongings. With its HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN, ClosetPro’s Space Saving Hangers are made to last, constructed of STAINLESS STEEL that won’t rust or flake. Our sturdy closet storage wonder hangers can HOLD UP TO 30 LBS!
UNLIKE OTHER S-TYPE PANT HANGERS THAT DON’T HOLD YOUR CLOTHING PROPERLY, letting it SLIDE OFF INTO A HEAP ON THE CLOSET FLOOR, our non slip hangers for clothes are COATED WITH SILICONE, which holds your belongings firmly in place. So you can quickly hang up your pants, trousers, jeans, ties, belts & towels and trust that they’ll STAY NEAT AND TIDY. Makes a great scarf organizer and tie hanger closet system!
THE ULTIMATE CLOSET SPACE-SAVING SET – 2 SOLUTIONS IN ONE! Save time hunting for clothes & ironing bunched-up items in your overstuffed closet with our hanging organizer. Our multi-layer pants hangers offer 5 TIERS each, while our wonder hangers can ORGANIZE 6 ITEMS AT ONCE – shirts, tops, dresses & more – spacing them out neatly to WARD OFF WRINKLES. Perfect bedroom storage for small apartments, older homes with small closets, RVs, vacation homes, college dorm rooms & kids’ closets!
ORGANIZE YOUR OUTFITS TO SAVE PRECIOUS MINUTES IN THE MORNING. Use our bedroom organizer and storage system to ASSEMBLE YOUR ENSEMBLE THE NIGHT BEFORE and make a game out of it for the kids, too, giving them their own kid hangers to MAKE MORNINGS SMOOTHER & LESS RUSHED. Grouping similar clothes together on one S hanger or wonder hanger helps you FIND ITEMS QUICKLY.
AT CLOSETPRO, OUR GOAL IS TO HELP OUR CUSTOMERS DE-CLUTTER THEIR LIVES, so they can FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your pants hanger system for home organization and hanging storage closet organizer, simply CONTACT US DIRECTLY so we can make it right. We pride ourselves on having EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

YOUR COMPLETE CLOSET CLOTHING STORAGE ORGANIZER SET!When it comes to organizing your closet, you need a hanging closet organizer and storage you can depend on – not flimsy hangers that stretch and break under the weight of your clothes. Unlike the many bad quality designs out there, ClosetPro’s Space Saving Hangers are made of rust-proof, flake-free stainless steel, with wonder hangers that can hold up to 30 lbs!Other S-type clothes storage pant hangers are frustrating to deal with, allowing your garments to slide right off onto your closet floor. To prevent this specifically, we coated our hangers with nonslip silicone, so your items stay neat & organized.ClosetPro’s Space Saving Hangers closet organization set offers 2 solutions in 1 package: 2 S-type hangers with 5 tiers each for hanging dress pants, jeans, scarves, towels, and more. 2 BONUS Wonder hangers with hooks that each hold 6 hangers of shirts, tops, dresses, jackets, coats, blazers, and more. Makes a great belt hanger, tie rack, skirt hangers & kids hangers!Our hangers give your closet breathing room, so each piece of clothing has space to lie flat and stay wrinkle free. Great as a tie organizer, and for grouping similar items together so your clothes are easier to find in your closet! Save time in the morning by putting your outfit together on your ClosetPro hangers the night before.

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