Bojly Drying Hanger Rack Foldable Clip and Laundry for Drying Clothes Socks Towels Lingerie Underwear

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Brand: Bojly


  • Durable alloy: It is a strong and high quality alloy laundry hanger. There is no discoloration by sunshine, it is strong against rust and you can use it anytime and cleanly. Compared with plastic, it lasts longer.
  • Regardless of Weather Conditions It Can be Used Every Day to Dry: Cloth Diapers, Intimates, Socks, Hats and Other Small Delicate Items, hang it in the Bathroom, Outside, in Basement Laundry Room, and Even in the Vehicle While Traveling.
  • TIGHT STURDY STAINLESS STEEL CLIPS- Eco-friendly durable clip and drip laundry hanger has high quality 22 pegs with long lasting spring. One piece integrated spring mechanism's tension is much stronger than weak wooden clothespins and guaranteed not to break or fall apart. Stainless steel leaves no rust marks on damp clothing and doesn't leave "pinch marks" on the clothing.
  • SPACE SAVER- Hang up to 22 garments in 1 compact space for multipurpose drying or storage. Collapses flat when not in use for easy storage. Handy for indoor hanging of those delicate items in laundry room or hang intimates and small items outside to dry in the fresh air. A replacement clothes dryer for the environmentally conscious consumer.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- Sturdy stainless steel wire, durable, strong bearing and high strength against corrosion rust. With superior quality welding designed to last a lifetime. Built strong with stainless steel chain links to support a fully loaded rack. Will not break, sag or stretch under the weight of wet laundry. Will not fall apart, break down or disintegrate like plastic in the UV sunlight and extreme heat.

Publisher: Bojly

Details: Laundry day would be easy if everything could be thrown into the dryer, but delicate fabrics just can't take the heat and the tumbling.

So what do you do with your hosiery, intimate apparel and other items that just can't be placed in the dryer? You could put up a clothesline or drying rack outside, in the basement or the laundry room, but both can be eyesores and take up so much space!

If you're looking for a solution that makes clothes drying quick and simple, the Bojly Laundry Hanging Clothing Rack is the answer! It takes up a fraction of the space of a clothesline or bulky metal floor racks and features an integrated hanging hook that makes it simple to hang anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Just squeeze a clip to open it, slide your garment into the clamp and let go! The clip tension will keep it firmly in place without leaving a mark on the fabric. Your clothes can drip dry in no time. After your clothes are freshly air dried you can simply move the rack of dry clothing to your closet for storage.

Bojly rack can hold up to 22 garments at once .Plus, our rack is constructed entirely out of high quality rust resistant stainless steel without any plastic parts that can snap and break.

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Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 13.7 x 1.7 inches