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Gifts are not one of my love languages.

Ive taken the quiz, and I know this for a fact. Its dead last.

Im not sure to what extent this is nurture, or if its written into my astrological or actual DNA, but I do know that most of my friends who are non-Christians or didnt celebrate Christmas, are similarly ambivalent about holiday shopping.

Growing up Jewish, we lit the candles every night of Hanukah, but there was not one gift per night. My parents valued experiences over stuff, and were luckily very into the homemade coupons for back massages, breakfasts in bed, and hugs that I would give them every holiday.

Perhaps out of rebellion for never getting to enjoy the festiveness of the holiday season with horrifying sweaters or twinkle lights on our backyards evergreens, Ive carried a bit of bitterness around holiday gifting into adulthood. While I can continue to psychoanalyze the origins, I know that a big source of my current bias has to do with waste.

As a contrast to my family, Charlies mother takes gifts very seriously. It is definitely her primary love language, and even if I had never been the recipient of her Easter bunny baskets or birthday knitted slippers, I would know that she has a lot of love to give.

Every year, Charlie comes home from Christmas with about double the nights of Hanukah in gifts. And for every fabulous and needed item, theres one stocking stuffer whose only purpose was to give the 30-year-old child inside one more thing to unwrap. These tchotchkes (as my people would call them), spend about a month hanging out in a gift bag on the hall bench, before getting added to a donation bag, before likely ending up in landfill.

Even as only a witness, it makes me feel wasteful and sad.

A big lesson from my no waste experiment was that you can buy organic and recycle until the cows come home, but until you start buying less stuff, it can all feel a little futile.

One little stocking stuffer equals a lot of landfill. Theres the tremendous amount of bubble mailers and packaging that goes into last minute Amazon purchases, the plastic-coated gift bags, wrap and ribbon (none of which is recyclable), and then, often, the gift itself.

Im not trying to be a Scrooge here, though Im sure Ive driven many of you into the other room to furiously thread cranberries onto dental floss. What I am trying to say in a nutshell is that the holiday season is one of the highest periods of waste around, and it doesnt have to be that way.

You can indulge your love of gifts, use it as your language of love, and show Mother Nature some love in the process. Read on for some of my strategies for reducing waste this holiday season, including sustainable wrapping options, ways to up your recycling game, and stocking stuffers that can help you be greener year round.

With health and hedonism,



  1. Shop locally. This requires you to get organized now and start getting your errands out of the way. Another option is to order online from stores that are committed to waste-free shipping. Package Free not only sells products that are sustainably made, everythingships zero waste. So you can rest assured that you wont be dealing with packing peanuts or unnecessary foam.
  2. Use recyclable wrapping options. It may not have the pizzazz of a pack of elves, but newspaper, kraft paper, or butcher paper (so long as its biodegradable) and biodegradable twine does have an attractive DIY look. You can even string some pinecones, dried flowers or cranberries onto the name tag for added festiveness, then compost the entirety of your wrapping waste. You can also buy recyclable traditional gift wrap from the company Wrappily.
  3. Up your recycling game.Even if you have to order your gifts online, or shroud them in your favorite tartan gift wrap, there are still plenty of other ways you can reduce waste by recycling properly. Soft plastic recycling is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to cut down on the number of garbage bags you generate. Ive giving you a play by play below.
  4. Choose experiences over things. You can still make cool cards or hand-drawn coupons that give the recipient something else to unwrap. Maybe it wont look as robust under the tree, but its never too late to start teaching people that good things come in small packages, even on Christmas. Ive listed some ideas below.
  5. Gift for good: donate, donate, donate.Instead of a material gift, donate in your loved ones names to a cause that matters to them. Micro-lending websites like Kiva allow your family to support small business owners across the world and take part in someone elses success. Better yet, use a donation as an opportunity to offset your holiday waste by choosing an eco-minded charity. Consider it part of your carbon tax. I have some suggestions, via my friend Sasha Swerdloff below. If you go this route, spread the good cheer and use the hashtag #giftforgood on instagram!
  6. If a thing, make it something reusable, useful and sturdy. OR something that will help you live a greener life in the first place. For this category, I have a whole handful of suggestions below.
  7. Re-gift. I know this sounds like the cheapo way to go. But theres no shame in passing on something gently used that you know a family member would love. Books are a great example, and something I am constantly regifting anyway.


  1. Botanical PaperWorks makes all sorts of biodegradable wrapping and cards.
  2. Of the Earth custom paper has incredibly luxurious options if youre looking for something extra special, if not necessarily Christmas festive.
  3. Fishlips Paper Design makes classic holiday themed paper from recycled materials.
  4. JAM Paperoffers recycled paper matte colored rolls.
  5. Wrappilyhas recycling paper, ribbon and pretty accessories if the natural aesthetic is not your bag.
  6. Ecocult has some great ideas for DIY-ing your wrap and making it look pretty.
  7. Bag-All which has a brick and mortar in NYC sells all sorts of reusable bags that make for great options.


Online shopping or not, there can still be a tremendous amount of waste that comes from buying new items. And many of them fall into the category of soft and film plastic. Here are some examples:

  • Plastic sleeves on various components of new appliances
  • Bubble mailers (without paper exterior) and bubble wrap used for fragile items
  • Plastic film on the outside of holiday cards
  • Plastic shrink-wrap on the outside of new boxes
  • Plastic bag that houses new clothing bought online
  • Plastic bags used to bring home gifts from the store

If you were unaware that these things could not be put in your regular plastic recycling bin, please take note! Most curb-side programs do not accept this type of plastic because its flimsiness gets caught in the machines. BUT that doesnt mean it isnt recyclable. You just need to do a little extra due diligence and collect soft and film plastics in a separate bag, then take them to a local retailer that accepts them. Luckily, they dont take up much space once crumpled into a little ball and you can store for several months at a time since clean plastic also doesnt smell.

In New York State (and many others), large retailers are requiredby lawto recycle soft plastic bags and film plastic. You can save your plastic grocery bags, mailer sleeves, non-food soiled plastic cling wrap, and sleeves and bring them intoa location here.

This also includes newspaper bags, dry cleaning plastic, and thin plastic film from notecards, tea boxes, pre-packaged cheese, household items, pet food, and juice packs.

CLICK HERE to find a drop-off location near you.


Online Courses:Obviously Im a little biased about giving the gift of online education, but there are so many fabulous options now. If youre not sure what your loved one will like, you can go through one of the larger sites that cover a variety of lifestyle topics like Bluprint, Skillshare, and General Assembly. Here are some of my favorites in the health, food and wellness space:

  1. 4 Weeks to Wellness: Okay, I couldnt not! 400 people have been through the course and the glowing reviews of long-term sustainable changes keep on pouring in. Its perfect for anyone who wants to revamp their commitment to cooking with easy, delicious meal plans, or just needs a helping hand making healthier habits stick. Our next session starts Jan 20th, just in time for a New Year reboot, but our gift certificate option allows recipients to use it anytime in the next calendar year. They will also get a cute e-card that can be scheduled for whenever you like. Is that low waste or what? Find out more here.From now until December 4th, enrollment is opening early and you can take $40off with the codeTDAY40! The next session starts January 20th. After the 4th, carts will close again until 2020.
  2. Know Your Endo: For the ladies in your life struggling with endometriosis, Jessica Murnanes course is a beacon of light in the darkness.
  3. Let a Podcast Out: Do you know someone whos been dying to start a podcast but needs a little push or guidance to get started? My friend Katie Dalebouts new course is AMAZING. I should know, because Ive taken it!!
  4. WTF Am I Doing With My Life?: Do you wish you could buy certain friends or family members a life coaching session to figure out their shit and pursue their dreams? Well, this gift is a little less awkward. Superstar life coach Megan Hellerer is a powerhouse for getting people through career shifts, personal ruts, and creative depression.
  5. SIBO Recovery Road Map: I keep getting asked whether I am going to start a course for SIBO. We shall see! Right now, 4W2W has a low FODMAP meal plan that is perfect for people just getting started with SIBO recovery. But for tough cases and people who feel they cant eat anything without reacting, I highly recommend Dr. Allison Siebeckers roadmap.

In-Person Cooking Classes: I may be biased here too, but theres nothing more fun for an in-person activity that to give someone some important cooking skills and make something together that you may not have ordinarily tried. In NYC some of my favorite schools are Havens Kitchen, ICE, and the Natural Gourmet Institute, all of which Ive taught at. If youre looking for an extra special experience, I also am available for private in-person classes in your home!

Subscription Services: There are some great resources out there that help reduce waste and expand your horizons in the process.

  1. Rent The Runway Unlimited:Towards the end of book tour I became addicted to this monthly service that lets you swap out pieces of your wardrobe at your leisure. It cut down on mindless spending on clothes, and a lot of donation bags in the process. The best part is that RTR uses eco-friendly garment bags that produce no extra waste during shipping. You can gift someone a one month trial and see how they like it!
  2. Thrive Market: Yes, in general, I recommend shopping in person rather than generating more online shopping waste. But the thrive market membership is pretty for bulk items and they are pretty mindful about making sure all packaging is paper and recyclable. The discounts also allow you to further invest in healthy, plant-based pantry items that are better for the overall environment. You can get 20 percent off here.
  3. Sunday New York Times: We love getting the paper on Sunday and curling up on the couch. Sure, its still creating some waste, but you could do worse than newsprint. Especially when you can use it as gift wrap!
  4. Imperfect Produce: Give the gift of an organic produce delivery service and fight food waste at the same time!
  5. Audible: This is a great way to give people books without the waste!


This fabulous list comes by way of Tending the Table. Make sure to check out Sashas other suggestions here and keep spreading the #GiftForGood love!

  1. Urban Gleaners: Working to reduce food waste and end hunger in Oregon.
  2. Food Chain Workers Alliance: Working to build a more sustainable food system that respects workers rights, based on the principles of social, environmental and racial justice.
  3. World Wildlife Fund: Building sustainable food systems by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and shifting consumer patterns.
  4. Food Corps: Connecting kids to healthy food in school through hands on learning, healthier school meals, and a culture of health.
  5. Ecotrust: Building a world where people and nature thrive together through school food programs, skills training for farmers and producers, and an innovative food hub.


Terracycle Zero Waste Box. These efficient cardboard boxes are an easy way to live a lower waste lifestyle without too much added effort. You simply toss all those hard to recycle items and let Terracycle do all the work for you. The only catch is that they are a little on the pricey side. But what a better gift to give someone who aspires to do better for the environment but isnt sure where to start. Use code NOVEMBER20 for a discount through the end of the month (or TGIM if youre catching this on cyber Monday)!

Countertop Compost Bin + Bags. For the slightly more sophisticated waste warrior, or someone with a great backyard, these countertop bins couldnt be easier to integrate into your routine. Its been something that has cut our waste in half now that the city offers Food Waste Bins on the street in our neighborhood. This model with a charcoal filter is remarkable good at blocking odor.

The Inspiralizer: I know it might be surprising to have a new appliance on a low waste gift guide, but here me out. One of the best thing you can do for the environment is eat more veggies and less meat or packaged foods. If theres one instrument in the kitchen that has made this easier for me its the inspiralizer, which not only blows every other spiralizing tool out of the water, but also helps me make veggie noodles in minutes.

Reusable Swiffer Pads. As the semi-proud owner of an extremely sheddy dog, Swiffer has enabled me to be slightly less resentful about the floors of my apartment being covered in hair. But during No Waste month I had to re-evaluate the waste we were creating with them. One solution is to use one per month and vacuum the excess along the way. But a fully no waste solution is to get reusable pads that can be tossed in the wash once a month instead of tossed. Any micro fiber cloth would work, but these pads are especially convenient.

Striped Tea Towels/Rags. Weve almost completely swapped paper towels for these handsome rags. Though not necessarily made sustainably, they are affordable to buy in bulk and attractive enough to double as rustic dinner napkins, which has meant a whole lot less staining of the good stuff. When they get sullied beyond use, we cycle into full rag mode under the kitchen sink.

Bamboo Toothbrush + Refillable, Biodegradable Floss. Tossing toothbrushes and flossing according to your dentists recommended schedule can produce a lot of landfill. Luckily, there are a lot of good eco options these days, including this numbered bamboo toothbrush system. Perhaps even a great option to have on hand for holiday guests who dont arrive prepared! For flossing, there is dental lace, made from silk, and a few other good options here.

Natural Skincare+ Makeup + Reusable Cosmetic Poufs. For those looking to make some swaps with personal care products, theres no better gift than a super nourishing, natural face oil, refillable blush compact, and a washable cotton pouf to apply or remove it with. Click the links about for some of my favorite brands.

Glad Rags Organic Hankies. While Im not big into gifts, I am certainly big into cards (love language = words). And a good one is guaranteed to make me weep. Reusable hankies to the rescue!

Beeswax Food Wrap Reuseable Bowl Covers. This is by far the best alternative to plastic wrap. The beeswax softens when pressed lightly and warmed by your hands, creating a tight seal on veggies or bowls.Plus, the bees Wrap lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage!

A Beautiful Bar of Soap. One of the simplest changes you can make to your lifestyle is switching from body wash or hand soap in a plastic bottle, to an old fashioned bar. This article breaks it down for you and has some great suggestions on brands. I love Osmia face soap and Schmidts for the shower.

Charcoal Sticks, Go Pure Pod, or Soma. As you know, Ive been a big fan of natural charcoal sticks for filtering my water ever since The Wellness Project. The Go Pure pod is a great addition to the portable filter scene and is a lot less noisy. Soma Water Filters are not biodegradable though they are made from plant-based materials and certainly better than a plastic water bottle!

Non-Toxic Nonstick Skillets. Not only are cheap teflon skillets bad for your health, their easily flake-able surface means a relatively short shelf life. Ive done a round-up before on better options, but that was before learning about these multi-purpose nonstick pans that can rock a 500 degree oven!

Stainless Steel Food Containers. While glass tupperware is also a great sustainable option (especially simple mason jars), it doesnt ensure as much wear, tear and longevity as stainless steel. All it takes is one chip in the dishwasher to start to literally chip away at the shelf life. These metal containers are air tight and fabulous.

Reusable Water Bottles.Swell bottles hold temperature, are BPA-free, non-toxic, and non-leeching and they have committed $800,000 to clean water efforts since 2015.BKR glass bottles are tres chic anddonate a portion of their proceeds to clean water and cancer prevention movements worldwide.

Tushy Bidet Attachment. Okay, maybe not a gift for everyone. But these affordable easily adaptable attachments have been cutting down on TP big time, and making people proud members of the clean butt club.

French Press Coffee Maker. No pods, no filters, no problem. French presses are where its at for for no waste enjoyment of coffee or loose leaf tea.

The Nutramilk: Okay, this one might be a little big for a stocking stuffer. Its an appliance that helps you easily make your own nut butters and nut milks. These are fridge items we go through very quickly in my house and generate a lot of waste in the process. The Nutrimilk has been a GAME CHANGER. I make batches of almond milk for the month in less than 10 minutes. Plus, it tastes amazing. No additives or junk. And plenty of fun ways to create your own new flavors!

Boob Pots. Nothing is greener than a house plant, which have been known to improve air quality in confined spaces, and generally improve the energy of your room. My friend Katie Dalebout recently gifted me this boob pop and Ive never been more excited by a container for a new plant friend.

p.s. Make sure you dont get stuck with unwanted catalogs when you shop! to unsubscribe for any unwanted mailings once the holidays are over.

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