Wardrobe Workhorse: The Best Flannel Shirts For Men

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The flannel shirt is one of the most versatile items in any stylish mans wardrobe. Its got your back when you need an extra layer to get through those frosty winter days. Or it can be worn as a breezy top layer sleeves rolled up and draped over a T-shirt as days turn to nights during summer beer-garden sessions. Some can even be paired with a tie for business casual offices.

There are few garments in a mans rotation that have this ability to take him from season to season, smart to casual. But the trusty flannel shirt is one of them. Its an essential through and through, and if you dont own at least a couple, nows the time change that.

Here, Ape round up some of our favourite flannels on the market right now, from the brands that do them best.


Uniqlo Regular Fit Flannel Shirt >

Its probably fair to say that Japan isnt a country known for its commitment to minimalism and simplicity. Which is what makes high-street retailer Uniqlo such an anomaly. The Japanese brand has slowly been taking over the world with its tightly curated seasonal collections of high-quality wardrobe basics.

Shirts are something Uniqlo is renowned for, offering unbeatable quality at such low prices. The brands Oxford button-downs have a glowing reputation in the world of menswear, but its flannels arent far behind. Expect super-soft brushed cotton, incredible value and just the right amount of variety.



Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt >

The iconic red-and-black checked flannel shirt is just as heavily linked to American woodland culture as chainsaws and bushy beards. And for heritage workwear label Filson, its a style thats embedded in its DNA. The company was founded in Seattle in 1897 to cater for fortune hunters heading north in the Klondike Gold Rush. Heavy flannel shirts and thick blanket coats were, and still are, the labels bread and butter. Which is what makes Filson a good choice for those looking to stay stylish, warm and own a slice of authentic Americana all at the same time.



Fjllrven Singi Heavy Flannel Shirt >

Legendary Swedish brand Fjllrven is no stranger to the great outdoors. Since 1960 the label has been producing hard-wearing kit that embodies the philosophy, if it aint broke, dont fix it. As a result, much of Fjllrvens output has a touch of the retro about it and its flannel shirts are no exception.

Youll often hear people saying, they dont make them like they used to, when talking about modern clothing. Well, this is a brand that still does. And with garments as durable and timeless as they are stylish, Fjllrvens flannel shirts are equally suited to tackling the countryside or city.


Portuguese Flannel

Portuguese Flannel Teca Shirt >

You might assume that by having the word flannel in its name, Portuguese Flannel (featured image, top) is a brand that knows a thing or two about the stuff. And youd be correct. Despite being quite warm, Portugal is actually Europes chief producer and exporter of fine flannel fabric and widely regarded as the best in the world. Helmed by fourth-generation shirtmakers Antonio and Manuel Magalhes, Portuguese Flannel produces the sort of high-grade, brushed cotton that can only be achieved through decades of experience. If you want the real deal, this should be your first port of call.



NN07 Button-Down Collar Checked Cotton-Flannel Shirt >

Although it boasts a full range of menswear, Swedish label NN07 is first and foremost a shirting brand. Its all casual stuff, with Oxfords and flannels making up the bulk of the selection. In terms of the latter, options arent limited to classic checked versions. There are also plain designs and the odd grandad collar here and there if youre looking for a modern twist. Team this variety with premium materials and solid build quality and youll understand why NN07 is renowned for its contemporary flannel shirts.


Mr P.

MR P. Mlange Brushed Cotton-Flannel Shirt >

Mr P. is the in-house clothing line from premium menswear e-tailer Mr Porter. If you arent already familiar with the products, just imagine everything Mr Porter stands for luxury, quality and good taste and condense that down into a range of ready-to-wear wardrobe essentials. And given that the flannel shirt is nothing if not a staple garment, it shouldnt come as much of a surprise to find out that it features heavily in Mr P.s seasonal collections. Expect simple styling, meticulous attention to detail and prices that wont leave you bankrupt.


Gitman Vintage

Gitman Vintage Big Check Flannel Shirt >

The States legendary Gitman Bros. is a brand firmly rooted in traditional American shirtmaking. Meanwhile, Gitman Vintage is a sort of subdivision, paying homage to the labels rich heritage. It takes throwback styles and brings them up to date for the modern man with contemporary design tweaks as well as eye-catching prints and patterns. In addition to the Oxford button-down, the classic flannel shirt is one of the brands signature pieces, featuring heavily from season to season.

Gitman is also one of the few remaining shirtmakers with all production still based in the US, which means you can buy knowing youre getting a garment made using the same traditional techniques that have been tried and tested for almost a century.



A.P.C. Land Checked Wool-Blend Flannel Overshirt >

How many times have you wished you could bottle that effortless cool that Parisian guys just seem to naturally exude? Unfortunately, it cant be done. But your next best option is shopping at A.P.C. The French label has earned a global reputation as the leading destination for stripped-back wardrobe staples and its range of shirting might just be the best part.

For your money, youll be rewarded with European production, great fits straight off the rail and timeless style appeal. In short, these are shirts that you can keep reaching for season after season, year after year. And theyll look after you as long as you look after them.



Patagonia Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt >

Sustainability is the biggest buzzword in mens fashion at the moment. More and more brands are switching on to environmental and ethical issues and altering their production methods as a result. However, Patagonia has been advocate since day one, with the planet and its good health at the very core of everything the label does. That considered, one of the ways in which Patagonia reduces its footprint is by making sure its clothes are built to last a lifetime, with an extensive repairs service in the case that they dont. As an outdoor brand, flannel shirts are always part of the collection and these ones you can wear 100% guilt- or worry-free.


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