Tips for Organizing a Walk in Closet

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How To Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

A walk-in closet is valued for its ample space. But with more space comes more responsibilities and required efforts to maintain that space.

Many times, unless its a brand new closet design that hasnt been occupied yet, it can be hard to assess just how much space you have.

Without knowing how much space you really have can lead to underutilization of spaces that could be better used to bring order to the chaos.

Were going to be sharing some common unhealthy habits that weve experienced and some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you get your walk-in closet organized and functional again!

Hit the Reset Button

Sometimes, the best way to assess how much space is available is to just start all over again. Start by taking everything out. Yes, we know some of you have heaps and heaps of clothing, but setting aside some time to reorganize your wardrobe can seriously save some time down the road.

After youve taken everything down from your closet, place them all in one big pile.

This is the tedious partbut stay diligent!

Take some time and go through each individual piece of clothing you own. Now is a time to discard of articles of clothing that are being neglected. Clothing that are also way past their life cycle can also be identified at this stage.

As you go through each article, be attentive to the quality of each garment. Like any asset one owns, it depreciates. Over time, certain materials can seriously lessen in quality the more you wear them. If you feel like a particular piece of clothing is too far depreciated to wear out, discard it now is not the time to get sentimental.

Reassess Whats Hung and Whats Folded

Often times the reason why walk-in closets get so unorganized is because people dont stay consistent with their garments that are hung and those that are folded down in drawers or other storage units.

Build Great Organizational Habits

Many times people will come home from a long day of working or running errands and throw their garments by whichever means is most convenient. Sometimes youll hang a t-shirt on a hanger just because the hanger segment of you closet is closest.

This practice can lead to mixed categories of garments. A hanger segment solely designated for blazers can become mixed in with t-shirts, coats, jackets, etc, creating a not-so organized look thats inconsistent.

Small habits like these can accumulate quickly and you may find yourself having to reorganize even more frequently than you would if the closet was organized wholistically.

At this step, its a great place to start practicing good habits if you havent already done so. It sound silly but if you are one that is experiencing these unhealthy habits, take the extra steps and efforts to place clothing pieces where they belong. Get specific. Assign a segment of space for a specific category of clothing and stick with it.

Identify Misuses of Space

Another habit weve frequently seen is misutilizing some segment spaces. For example, a segment of space that is taller than other segments should be reserved for taller garments. It sounds like such an obvious purpose but we cant tell you how many times weve seen taller segments being underutilized by placing something as small as t-shirts or button-up shirts.

Sure, your t-shirts and shirts are nicely hung up on the rack but theres way too much space underneath the segment that is just left completely empty.

As a solution, consider using that space for other purposes or categories of clothing such as coats which are taller than other garments in nature.

If you need a spot to place your shoes, for example, this is a great way to keep your shoes organized and visible to you as soon as you walk in. Also, this makes it easier for people to visualize their outfits from head-to-toe.

If you need help getting your walk in closet designed, call us for a free consultation to get started!

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