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As many of my longtime readers may recall, I am no stranger to cosmetic enhancement and cosmetic procedures. I have tried several procedures over the last four years, including body shaping, lip fillers and wrinkle reducing injections…all of which I have been extremely happy with because they made me feel much more confident in my appearance. As a single 40-something, self confidence is key in living the life that I want, and I fully support anyone who takes steps to improve their appearance – even if it’s just for their own peace of mind. So today, I want to share with you Sono Bello Trisculpt®, a national leader in laser liposuction and body contouring treatment!

We all have something about our physical appearance that we aren’t very happy with. One of the most common complaints I hear from my girlfriends is that extra flab that they can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how hard they diet and exercise. I myself struggled with that little lower belly pouch for years, and no matter how strict I was with my low carb diet, or how many crunches I did, it just would not go away. That is where procedures like liposuction come in!

What is Sono Bello Trisculpt®?

Sono Bello specializes in laser liposuction and body contouring, and has grown into an industry leader with 60+ locations spanning across the United States! That’s right, there is probably a location near you! Sono Bello TriSculpt® Body Contouring immediately and permanently removes body fat, and can remove 50-70% of fat in the treated area. 

How Does Sono Bello Trisculpt Work?

Procedures are done in Sono Bello’s AAAHC accredited offices, without the need for general anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia. Sono Bello physicians use micro cannulas and gentle suction to remove the majority of unwanted fat, usually in the larger body areas. They then use tiny micro-lasers to contour smaller areas and apply finishing touches. The technique smooths the work done with the power-assisted micro cannulas, as well as stimulates collagen formation. This helps your skin tighten up, resulting in a smoother skin as you heal. While patients do not go under general anesthesia, the body areas being treated are numbed, so there is no need to worry about discomfort during a procedure. 

Unlike traditional liposuction, Sono Bello Trisculpt can treat almost any area of the body:
Abdomen Waist Hips / Love handles Inner and Outer Thighs Knees Front and Back Bra Rolls Upper Arms Male Chest Chin / Jowls Tailbone and pubic
A major benefit of Sono Bello Trisculpt is that unlike traditional liposuction, the downtime after the procedure is very minimal. Patients are given a compression garment to wear and patients usually report that they only require an OTC pain reliever in the days following their procedure. Most return to their normal activities within a few days. 

While Sono Bello recommends a full series of six to eight treatments depending on the body part being targeted, most patients begin to see results with as little as three treatments. Sono Bello treatments can be given every 5-7 days, so you can imagine how quickly your body will change with this procedure if you follow the recommended schedule!

How Established is Sono Bello?

Sono Bello has over 125 Board Certified Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons on board, who have completed over 150,000 procedures – they are completely established. Sono Bello physicians are highly-trained in micro laser technology and perform thousands of body contouring and facial rejuvenation procedures every year, so you can rest easy in knowing that your physician is experienced!

How Do I Determine in Sono Bello Trisculpt is Right For Me?

As with any cosmetic procedure, you will need to have a consultation before any treatment plan is established. Consultations are always free, and during that consultation, a physician will go over the procedures, discuss your goals and expectations, answer questions, and then develop a customized treatment plan for you, including a cost estimate. Sono Bello also has financing options available, which you can discuss during your consultation. Right now, you can receive 20% off the cost of your treatment by booking your consultation NOW! This is a limited-time offer, so don’t delay!

Find out more about Sono Bello and schedule your consultation here!

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