There’s a reason Japanese clothing brands are so popular and in high demand from fashion lovers all over the world

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After all, Japan is known for its amazing street style, and many Japanese clothing brands offer unique and fashion-forward garments that help their wearers express themselves in a way that’s almost intangible.

Whether your personal style is more neutral and simple, if your color palette of choice is black and white, or if you love a funky print or bold color (or both!), Japanese clothing brands offer pieces for everyone’s unique fashion sense, no matter how simple or how loud you want your clothing to be. And with iconic brands like Bape, Commes des Garcons, Undercover, and more, we’ve got you covered if you’re dying to know everything there is to know about Japanese clothing brands for men – and of course, finding the perfect brands to fit your individual aesthetic. 

1. Neighborhood

If you’re looking to seriously up your street style game, then look no further than Japanese fashion brand, Neighborhood, which has been in business since 1994. Neighborhood offers everything from structured jackets and button down shirts to athletic shorts and denim, and also has a vast selection of casual t-shirts and printed short sleeve shirts. 

Although there are a few colorful garments available on site, most of the clothing features neutral colors, like black, white, grey, and khaki, so if you tend to dress in more neutral colors and want clothing with a bit of an edge, Neighbourhood should be your new go-to clothing brand to order from. 

Bonus: on top of all the cool gear they offer, Neighbourhood also has a ton of accessories to choose from, including socks, hats, beanies, sunglasses, and even a yo-yo. 

2. Comme des Garcons

It feels good to add pieces from a premium fashion brand to your wardrobe, even if it’s something as simple as a luxurious t-shirt or a must-have accessory like a leather belt. With Comme des Garcons’ eye-catching, funky, modern art-inspired designs, you’ll turn heads everywhere you go in anything CdG. And although the brand’s headquarters are based in Japan, Comme des Garcons PLAY, which is the company’s more casual line, is available at a ton of different stores across the world, making it relatively accessible to those who live near high-end retailers. 

While their website doesn’t feature any of the beautiful pieces from the brand, their Instagram – which has over two million followers – showcases a lot of their garments, including their runway collections and couture collections. If anything, their social media content is wildly inspiring and may even push you to try something new when it comes to fashion.

3. Wacko Maria

For those looking to really turn heads with a statement-making shirt or accessory, Wacko Maria is here to answer all of your look-at-me prayers. Featuring clothing items like a Notorious B.I.G. Hawaiian shirt, which comes in two options: either a giant picture of the legendary rapper on the front or an all-over print of his face, as well as leopard-print pants and velour sweatshirts, grabbing a few things from Wacko Maria is the perfect way to add a few eye-catching pieces to your closet. 

Not only does this Japanese clothing brand offer more toned down pieces, like basic t-shirts and trousers, they also have a wide variety of shoes and accessories to choose from including an entire collection of rings, necklaces, and earrings. They even carry fragrances, further proving that Wacko Maria is the ultimate one-stop shop for everything you need. 

4. Cav Empt

One of the most coveted brands for high-end street style is Cav Empt, and rightfully so. The brand was founded in 2011 by Toby Feltwell, Hishiyama Yutaka, and the designer known as SK8THING, and has been the talk of the fashion world for over a decade. Not only is Cav Empt a successful brand on its own, the company’s collaborated with big-name brands over the years, like Vans and Nike. 

Some of the highlights of Cav Empt’s collections include bold and funky prints, body-skimming longline shirts and jackets, and even head-to-toe printed sets that’ll most definitely make you stand out wherever you go. Cav Empt also carries a lot of skate-style clothing, so the brand is perfect to sport while you’re cruising down the street on your longboard. 

5. Mastermind Japan

Mastermind Japan is THE clothing brand to stock up on if you’re on the hunt for edgy, everyday items that have a “Travis Barker meets the Addams Family” vibe. Most of their clothing comes in black, white, grey, blue, or some combo of the aforementioned colors, and you can find everything ranging from windbreakers, hoodies, and jackets to shorts, denim, track pants, and more.

Many of the brand’s pieces also feature skulls, which just add to the Davey Havoc vibe that some of us need to channel every once in a while. And while monochromatic colors may work for some people’s preferred tastes, for those looking to add more colorful pieces to their closet, Mastermind World offers garments in bright colors and patterns, so really, you can get the best of both worlds from the two different collections. 

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6. Undercover

If you’re looking to add some amazing formal wear pieces with a bit of a relaxed edge to your wardrobe – we’re talking a little old-timey, newsboy style – Undercover is the perfect Japanese clothing brand to check out. Many of their pieces are loose-fitting, so if comfort is an absolute must when it comes to choosing the right suit, blazer, sport coat, or any garment you can think of, really, you shouldn’t be sleeping on this fashionable brand. 

Undercover doesn’t just sell stylish suits, though. From two-piece sets featuring all-over floral prints to sandals, shoes, hats, and other accessories, you can get all of your fashion wants and needs in a convenient one-stop shop. If you opt for some of their unique formal wear items, wear your ensemble to an art gallery, an opera, or any formal yet fun venue – just prepare to be the most effortlessly cool person in the room at all times when you’re sporting anything from Undercover.

7. White Mountaineering

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a clean, monochromatic black-and-white color palette, and White Mountaineering completely delivers for those who aren’t huge fans of bright colors. On top of their busy graphic tees, many of which feature the brand’s name in bold lettering, they’ve got everything from comfy button down shirts, cargo pants, and even “sandal sneakers,” which look like exactly how they’re described – part sandal, part sneaker, and 100% comfort. 

White Mountaineering is also known for its dope collabs with other brands like UGG, Danner, MILLET, and even Disney, and will most definitely add a cool, laid-back edge to your wardrobe. 

8. Bape

By now, you’ve probably heard about Japanese clothing brand Bape, short for A Bathing Ape, which gained popularity in the late 90s and early 00s. Created in 1993 in Tokyo by Tomoaki Nagao, who is simply known as Nigo, Bape’s signature designs brought (and still bring) a completely unique style to everyday streetwear, and you couldn’t go anywhere back in the day without seeing someone sporting their signature full-zip hoodie. 

And although they still sell their signature loud printed shirts, hoodies, and more, you can also find more toned down items in their collections, like button down shirts that you can wear to the office and neutral trench coats that are perfect for fall or winter. Bape isn’t just limited to men’s wear though; the brand has a women’s line, as well as a baby line, so everyone in your life can sport the iconic brand. Let’s be real: is there anything more stylish than a fashionably coordinated couple or family? No, there’s not. 

9. Visvim

Calling all outdoorsy guys: if you find yourself spending more time outdoors than indoors and still want to look effortlessly put together in a rugged sort of way while you’re camping in an RV, at a music festival, or even backpacking through the mountains, Visvim carries pieces that are both functional and stylish. 

Visvim offers everything from protective wide-brim hats and utility vests to parkas and hiking boots, so whatever you need for your upcoming outdoorsy trip – or if you just want to make people think you’re able to survive out in the woods on your own – this brand’s totally got you covered. 

Their 2021 Spring and Summer Collection is perfect if you’re looking to add a few lightweight but durable pieces to your wardrobe, and an added bonus is that all their garments can easily transition from the warmer months to fall and winter when the temperature plummets. 


If you consider yourself more of a minimalist when it comes to fashion and style, WTAPS is a Japanese clothing brand that you need to scope out, ASAP. Coming in a range of neutral and muted colors, you can find everything from structured jackets and plain t-shirts to trousers and athletic shorts. They even have their own line of underwear, including socks, boxers, and undershirts, which all look ridiculously comfortable and perfect for lounging around on a lazy Saturday morning. 

And although pretty much everything WTAPS sells is a must-have, the brand “has set a limit on the number of products that can be purchased so that more customers can purchase” via their website, so be aware if you’re looking to do a major clothing haul. 

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