The Ultimate Minimalist Wardrobe For Pregnant Women

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The minimalist wardrobe is a very useful and practical system, especially for pregnant women because, although a priori it seems more limited, its functionality will be the key to achieving comfortable, simple, and, of course, elegant looks.

Let’s start with the maternity pants


You can not miss:

  • black legging. Perfect to combine with oversize sweaters and sweatshirts.
  • jogger. Basic wardrobe base thanks to the athleisure wave.
  • Some maternity jeans. Combine with any garment, accessory, or style.

Sweaters, cardigans, and sweatshirts for a minimalist wardrobe for pregnant women

  • Chunky knit jumpers. Two will be enough. Make sure they are of very different shades so that the combination is more versatile.
  • Fine knit jumpers. Having a pair will also be perfect, and if they are oversized, the better, since this way you can also wear them as a dress.
  • cardigan. Preferably if it is beige and thick knit, since it will combine much better with any outfit and, in addition, you can wear it both in autumn and winter.
  • sweatshirt. If it is the same tone as the jogger, or they are two tones that combine well, it will be more favorable since both together and separately they will make a perfect match.

T-shirts, shirts, and dresses

  • Three basic t-shirts: black, white, and gray and, if possible, with a percentage of elastane so that you can wear them throughout your pregnancy.
  • Two shirts: one blue and one white. To make sure they match any pants. In addition, they do not have to be neutral, if you choose one of the shirts with a vertical striped print, you will get more dynamic looks.
  • black dress. Choose an LBD (little black dress) and you will have in your wardrobe the joker garment for any occasion.

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