The Top 35 Skater Fashion for Men

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Do you even skate, bro? If you don’t, it’s still totally acceptable to dress the part – skater fashion is comfortable and pretty easy to pull off. If you are a legit skater, your footwear will be the most important aspect of your outfit, with respect to support and feel. But, if being a poser is more up your alley (not that there is anything wrong with that) then you can wear whatever kicks you like. Just keep them in line with the rest of your look.

To help you get that skater vibe, here are some fashion ideas to take on board.

1. Casual

Casual Skater Fashion for Men -danielkemble95

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Casual Skater Fashion for Men -iam_sajune

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Casual Skater Fashion for Men -shotsbybenz

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Casual Skater Fashion for Men 1Casual Skater Fashion for Men 2Casual Skater Fashion for Men 3Casual Skater Fashion for Men 4Casual Skater Fashion for Men 5

Casual is the name of the game here so this should be an easy one. Basically, the 90s are back so oversized jeans rolled up, a band t-shirt, flannel shirt, a denim jacket, a pair of Vans and you’re good to go. Looking for a little more comfort? It doesn’t get more casual than sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Easy peasy. Next!

2. Hipster

Hipster Skater Fashion for Men -power_stills

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Hipster Skater Fashion for Men 1Hipster Skater Fashion for Men 2Hipster Skater Fashion for Men 3

There are a few accessories out there that instantly turn any outfit into the hipster style of your dreams. First, and most important, is a mustache or well-groomed beard. Once you’ve got that on lock, add a beanie. If it’s rolled, you get hipster bonus points. Add a scarf, for looks, not for warmth, of course.

3. Jacket

Jacket Skater Fashion for Men 1Jacket Skater Fashion for Men 2Jacket Skater Fashion for Men 3

The preferred jacket of choice is the jean jacket. It’s timeless, looks better with age, and matches literally everything. Wrap it around your waist or actually wear it as God intended. Cover it in patches and show your personality, or who you pretend to be. Just be prepared to back up your patches of choice. If you sew a Metallica patch on your jacket, please, for the love of all that is holy, know at least three of their songs. Fake it until you make it.

A shacket is another easy option that can be thrown on with just about every outfit. A combination of both a shirt and jacket, a shacket offers a boxier, sturdier fit. Not into the jacket look? Throw on a hoodie or zippered sweatshirt if you need an extra layer.

4. Old School

Old School Skater Fashion for Men 1Old School Skater Fashion for Men 2

Old school fashion and 90s classic apparel go hand-in-hand these days. A pair of Dickies shorts with a button up flannel shacket and tall Vans socks gives off the appearance that you didn’t start skateboarding yesterday. Unless of course, your wardrobe is brand new and not broken in. At least go run through some mud first and get dirty. Illusion is half the battle. An easy way to go old school? Black distressed jeans, black Thrasher t-shirt, and black Vans. Done and done.

5. Pants

Pants Skater Fashion for Men -_718hana

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Pants Skater Fashion for Men 1Pants Skater Fashion for Men 2Pants Skater Fashion for Men 3

When I first started skateboarding in the 90s, I only wore one brand of pants – JNCO brand. They had the widest legs on the planet and I could barely walk without tripping over them, but I did not care. I paired them with my favorite black Airwalks and away I went on my board, praying to any higher power that my pant legs wouldn’t get caught in my wheels. They did. And I definitely fell. And I still have the scars to prove it.

So, I wouldn’t recommend those pants in particular but a good pair of wide cargo khakis or comfortable jogger pants with multiple pockets is never the wrong move. Or, as previously mentioned, you can’t go wrong with a great pair of black jeans. Never.

6. Shirts

Shirts Skater Fashion for Men 1Shirts Skater Fashion for Men 2

Vintage, vintage, vintage. When it comes to t-shirts and skater culture, older is better. Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Flag, Atari, or anything streetwear, such as Supreme, Off-White, Kith, and Kaws. Look for a longer, boxier fit. And if Bart Simpson is featured on the garment in any way, it’s a clear winner. Pair Mr. Simpson with distressed 90s denim and plaid flannel, grab your board and go.

Layering is essential to pulling off any of these looks, so t-shirts, whether short- or long-sleeve are just the jumping-off point for the rest of your look. Button ups, jackets, and flannels work to finish your look off as long as you can wrap the extra garments around your waist when you’re practicing your rail tricks.

7. Shoes

Shoes Skater Fashion for Men -nomfnolte

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Shoes Skater Fashion for Men 1Shoes Skater Fashion for Men 2Shoes Skater Fashion for Men 3

Wearing the proper skateboard shoes can make all the difference and they should feel comfortable, fit your skateboarding style, and offer support without sacrificing feel. You want your shoes to increase your grip, absorb shock, and prevent injury. Suede shoes are recommended but it honestly comes down to your personal preference. Canvas shoes tend to rip and tear much faster, so even though they may be cheaper, they will need to be replaced much more often.

8. Shorts

Shorts Skater Fashion for Men 1Shorts Skater Fashion for Men 2Shorts Skater Fashion for Men 3

Long shorts that finish at your knees are going to be your best bet. Loose legs will make it easier to kickflip, heelflip, and ollie all over town. Are you partial to your black distressed jeans? Rock out with a pair of black distressed shorts, a Palace t-shirt, and your favorite suede skater shoes. Need extra pockets? Khaki cargo shorts match with pretty much everything and give you the extra space you need to carry all of your things, whatever those things may be.

9. Street Style

Street Style Skater Fashion for Men -poyotan0720

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Street Style Skater Fashion for Men -raundry_crew

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Street Style Skater Fashion for Men 1Street Style Skater Fashion for Men 2Street Style Skater Fashion for Men 3

If streetwear is more your style, you are in luck because you already have a closet full of the perfect pieces, I’m sure. Sneakers are the most vital part of any street style look, so once you have chosen your kicks for the day, you can build the rest of your outfit around them. Joggers, hoodies, and flat-brim hats are the go-to’s for this style.

One unspoken rule of thumb: Don’t mix brands. Keep your look within the same “designer family” whether it be Nike or Adidas or Supreme or Palm Angels. Avoid making your own collaboration. Leave that to the professionals. Add in some confidence and swagger and maybe a plaid button-up, and you are sure to be the envy of your local skatepark. As long as you can actually skate, of course.

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