The 10 Best Chambray Shirts That Go With Any Outfit

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For a lot of men, a classic cotton or linen button down always seems to do the job when it comes to putting together a decent yet casual outfit. A nice button down has a way of bringing an outfit to appropriate completion without overdoing it, making it both versatile and useful.

However, for those that are wanting to switch up their normal routine of a white or black button down, a chambray shirt might be the next best addition to your wardrobe. With a similar style and look to the classic linen button down, a chambray shirt is a more lightweight and fashion-forward option that can be used to add some flair to an otherwise typical outfit.

Chambray shirts can often be confused with denim, yet they are known for being much more breathable and lightweight, avoiding any sort of stuffiness or discomfort while out and about. With so many different options of chambray shirts available, we’ve put together our list of the 10 best chambray shirts to go with absolutely any outfit. 

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1. Todd Snyder Chambray Work Shirt

Todd Snyder Chambray Work Shirt


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Todd Snyder’s chambray work shirt comes in as our best pick due to its durability, unique color, and undeniable comfort. Utilizing Japanese indigo that comes in three different colors of blue, black, or off-white, Todd Snyder’s chambray shirt maintains classic workwear features such as the button-through chest pocket, all while contributing to a more modern look through the style and standard fit.

Todd Snyder offers a decent size range, from XS to XXL, meaning this top pick is accessible to a diverse group of sizes and body types. Just reading the reviews shows how liked this chambray button down is by fashion fans 


2. Acne Studios Chambray Button Up Shirt

Acne Studios Chambray Button-Up Shirt


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Coming in as our most luxurious and premium pick is Acne Studios Chambray Button Up. This chambray shirt boasts a more unique style with a longer and looser fit, more appropriate for those who like to take bigger leaps and risks with their wardrobe. 

Unlike the Todd Snyder chambray shirt, Acne Studios only offers their chambray option in one classic color of light blue. Being that this shirt is also cut with a little extra room through the chest and body, it’s perfect for layering or adding some more depth to an outfit. In addition to being on the looser side, this premium chambray shirt also boasts an extra bit of stretch both for comfort and consistency. 


3. Carhartt Fort Lightweight Chambray Button Down

Carhartt Fort Lightweight Chambray Button Down


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While Amazon is often viewed as a lesser quality option for men’s clothing, there are a few times when a find is so good that you can’t deny the deal. This Carhartt Fort Lightweight Chambray Button Down is just that, with a price point that makes it an unbeatable deal for a simple chambray shirt. 

Though its quality won’t be as nice as some other options, it’s a great shirt for such a low price. Another plus is that it comes in an array of colors, even offering a few different varieties of blue so as to provide more options for pairing with denim jeans. If you’re simply looking for an affordable piece to get the job done, then this is it.


4. J. Crew Indigo Chambray Work Shirt

J. Crew Indigo Chambray Work Shirt


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While a lot of chambray shirts come in a standard fit, J. Crew’s Indigo Chambray Work Shirt offers a classic, slim, and tall fit so as to provide options for each man’s preference. With a more traditional full cut that remains looser in the body and sleeves, J. Crew’s chambray shirt is able to be either dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, though it does only come in one color of medium wash light blue. 

The cotton used in the creation of this shirt in particular is made without toxic chemicals or GMOs, which means it’s also contributing to a more sustainable fashion culture, both for the earth itself and the people who inhabit it. 


5. Polo Ralph Lauren Logo-Embroidered Slim Fit Chambray Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Logo-Embroidered Slim Fit Chambray Shirt


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Polo Ralph Lauren is known for creating some of the most beloved men’s button downs in all of existence, so it should come as no surprise that their Logo-Embroidered Slim Fit Chambray Shirt has made our list of the best chambray shirts on the market. 

This blue, 100% cotton garment more closely resembles denim than some of the previous options listed, giving a more casual and masculine look that’s not as easily dressed up for nicer occasions. While the iconic Ralph Lauren logo adds a unique touch to this otherwise basic button down, this chambray shirt is definitely one of the more simple yet luxurious options available.



6. Reiss Draper Chambray Shirt

Reiss Draper Chambray Shirt


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Coming in at a moderate price point is Reiss Draper’s Chambray Shirt in blue. This chambray shirt’s off-duty style is created by combining its regular-fit silhouette with a gently washed finish. This combo results in a masculine yet elegant product that works great either on its own or layered over a classic white T-shirt and a pair of black or dark-wash jeans. 

The Reiss Draper Chambray Shirt has a very European style and feel that’s flattering and eye-catching. Folding the cuffs also shows off the soft texture and delicate fabric that makes this shirt so comfortable and finely crafted. 


7. Buck Mason Chambray Work Shirt

Buck Mason Chambray Work Shirt


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The Buck Mason Chambray Work Shirt is both casual and modern, giving off somewhat of a surfer vibe that would work well in most work settings or casual outings. Buck Mason has viewed this chambray shirt as the core of their collection for a good while, meaning its design has been a primary focus throughout the rest of the line’s creation. They have also added their own touches and takes on this classic men’s button down, setting the tone for others to follow. 

For example, rather than maintain the longer collar found in most vintage chambray shirts, Buck Mason decided to shorten theirs up to contribute to the more contemporary style that it exudes. In addition, this chambray shirt features twin chest pockets rather than one single, adding to its functionality and style. 


8. Lacoste Slim Fit Cotton Chambray Shirt

Lacoste Slim Fit Cotton Chambray Shirt


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Another casual, denim-imitated chambray shirt is this slim fit cotton button down from Lacoste. The trendy and popular slim fit and darker wash give this shirt a more youthful look, all while still maintaining a sort of elegance that is easy to achieve with chambray. 

Though it’s 100% cotton, this chambray shirt has a bit more resistance in its make, causing it to be a little less flimsy or soft. Another unique aspect of Lacoste’s Slim Fit Cotton Chambray shirt can be found in the detailing. From the fine trim to the classic green Lacoste crocodile logo, to the genuine mother-of-pearl buttons, this product is worth taking a closer look at. 


9. Bonobos The Stretch Everyday Shirt

Bonobos The Stretch Everyday Shirt


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Bonobos The Stretch Everyday Shirt perhaps has the largest variety of color and pattern options out of our top 10 chambray shirts. Whether you’re seeking a more unique color such as red or aqua, or are even looking for some sort of plaid pattern, this Bonobos chambray shirt delivers diversity.

If you love the feel and texture of this affordable button down, then being able to purchase it in several different colors and patterns makes it a great staple for work or outing outfits. Though it is not 100% cotton, the small amount of elastane fabric gives it a more comfortable stretch that makes it perfect for long-lasting wear and comfort. 


10. Thom Browne 4-Bar Cotton Chambray Shirt

Thom Browne 4-Bar Cotton Chambray Shirt


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Our final pick on our list of the 10 best chambray shirts comes from renowned designer, Thom Browne. The Thom Browne 4-Bar Cotton Chambray Shirt is undoubtedly a splurge, yet its luxury design has allowed for this chambray shirt to truly set itself apart from the competition. 

Featuring four solid white stripes across the left sleeve, this Thom Browne piece promotes a more relaxed and informal design despite the hefty cost. Though it’s quite expensive, it’s also the kind of shirt that makes a very bold and confident statement, making it perfect for a more fashion-forward guy who is willing to spend a pretty penny on a simple yet one-of-a-kind button down.


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