Nike Designs Bold Tokyo 2020 Olympic Uniforms Using Sustainable Materials

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Image via Nike

The Tokyo 2020 games are anticipated to feature sustainable materials, and will include recycled medals, an Olympic Plaza constructed out of donated wood, and cardboard beds for athletes.

Nike will be doing its part, as well, and has designed progressive uniformsincluding the first-ever skateboarding Olympics attirefor all athletes using environmentally-friendly materials.

The 2020 Athletics Uniform range are made with a wholly new Nike Dri-FIT Aeroswift fabric that appears differently when the body is in motion. It also wicks away sweat while reducing layers and the amount of seams. This is great news, as Nike expects this years Olympics to be among the hottest ever.

New for 2020, Nike Aeroswift features an updated lenticular design that reimagines color in an entirely new way by turning static shades into dynamic hues that shift and change while the body is in motion, the company describes.

The new material employs a mesh engineered with knitted structures and subtle ridges, creating a garment thats breathable and that moves with the athleteit also provides 25-percent more stretch from previous kits.

Image via Nike

For the United States of America Womens Basketball Team, Nike created a red uniform with classic typography on the chest. Here, youll also find navy side panels and a laurel line along the the neckline that echoes the outfits of the 1996 womens team in Atlanta, who broke a gold-medal drought and started a dynasty, the sportswear giant explains.

The shorts arrive with a hidden detail at the side vent that portrays the numbers 84, representing the number of athletes who played for the federation; 10, the number of international appearances made by the team; and the digit eight for the number of gold medals won by the team.

The United States track and field uniforms. Image via Nike

Perhaps most noteworthy is the collection of skateboarding uniforms for the sports first-ever appearance at the Olympics. The colorful pieces, designed by Dutch artist and former skateboarder Piet Parra, uniquely represent three competing countries: the United States; France; Brazil.

According to Dezeen, Nike says that all of the skateboarding jerseys are constructed from fully-recycled polyester containing water bottles and other things that would go to waste.

Image via Nike

The United States skateboarding kit symbolizes freedom, sporting a bald eagle emblem on the lower left of the jersey. The countrys code can also be found on the left sleeve.

Image via Nike

The jersey for the French team signifies hope and faith, and mirrors the traditional tennis polo. The left chest of the jersey features a rooster, and the French flag is displayed on the left sleeve.

Image via Nike

For team Brazil, Nike looked to the traditional soccer jersey and stitched on a toucan on its lower left to depict happiness. The countrys country code, BRA, is situated on the left sleeve.

We take great pride in designing a system of dress that not only helps athletes perform at their best, but one thats worthy of these athletes incredible achievements, explains Janett Nichol, VP of Apparel Innovation at Nike.

[via Dezeen, images via Nike]

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