My Most Worn Garment of the Season!

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Surprise! I made this wool coat back in the fall, and never blogged it. I absolutely love it though, and wear it a lot! Its the perfect layer for days when its around freezing and Im just walking 10m between the house to the car to work! I can also wear it inside when the school is cold.

This is the same Burda Plus pattern that I used for my quilted fall jacket and boy oh boy do I wish I could link you to the pattern but Burda has gone and revamped their website and now its useless! I know the pattern number and release date of this pattern, and I still cant bloody find it on Burda!!?! If any of you have better Burda search skills than I do, perhaps you could link to it in the comments? It is the Collarless Jacket (Plus Size) 09/2013 #137.

For this version, I made it longer and added a box pleat in the back for ease. I went shopping for buttons when my sewing friend Kate (@Ilovecupkates) was in town, but I never got around to putting them on. For now, it is buttonless.

This is a very simple coat, with no interfacing, shoulder pads, etc. I quite like sewing styles like this, and find them really useful in my wardrobe. The best part of this project is the fabric though it is a wool/poly blend from my local Fabricland. Funnily enough, Clever TInker made a coat out of the same fabric 3 years ago in Australia! Sure makes you wonder what the history and pathway of our local fabric purchases really is.

Speaking of wool blend coating I bought some boiled wool blend recently and washing it did nothing to get rid of the distinct sheepy scent. Do you have any suggestions?

Now, lets gossip about Burda! How bad is that new website? How annoying is it that my old saved login doesnt seem to be working, and we had a week to download all our previously purchased patterns? And do you read Doctor Ts new pattern release reviews, which is what got me into Burda in the first place? Always good entertainment!

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