Modern Chinese Minimalism With Super Stylish Twists

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These modern Chinese minimalist home designs feature distinctive stylish twists. A unique modern staircase dominates one open plan living area, rising up to the second story like a stack of sliding volumes with storage tucked inside the base. Unusual sofas dot minimalist living areas, and chic home workspaces slot in with bespoke desk designs. There’s even a kid’s bedroom that delivers extraordinary fun factor with a zany novelty bed and wall mural. Throughout our collection of home tours we’ll find open and interesting layout concepts that create clear zoning, spacious rooms that are lined with sleek, bespoke storage units, and exceptional bathrooms with split level floors.

Visualizer: Rolig Design  

Our first modern Chinese minimalist interior is a warm white space with large windows. Storage units line the wall with Shoji screen inspired doors–becasue although the Shoji is accepted as a Japanese home feature, they were born from the folding screens of China. Two dining pendant lights resemble upturned Chinese oil-paper umbrellas.

A modern sofa divides the spacious living area into two parts, the dining room and the lounge.

The living room stands open to the entryway, where the wood laminate floor is switched out for a more hardwearing, easy-clean stone tile.

A round decorative wall mirror makes a large and light-reflective wall feature in the compact entry space. The mirror features an integrated entryway shelf, where a reed diffuser emits a welcoming scent by the front door.

Cushions on the sectional sofa remain understated in colour-coordinated off-white upholstery.

The rectangle wooden coffee table has a traditional Chinese silhouette, which is loosely reminiscent of the multilevel roof overhangs of Chinese tower architecture.

The wooden dining table has a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Four small dining benches are inspired by antique rustic milking stools.

A wide doorway gives entry into the kitchen area, where a single row of wooden base cabinets and a white appliance housing unit form a minimalist design. A deluxe stone backsplash morphs into a single open shelf above the kitchen sink and gas hob.

The hard-wearing stone tile floor treatment that we first saw in the home entryway is repeated here in the kitchen, where it will withstand the punishment of dropped pans and food spills.

In the bedroom, a modern platform bed is positioned exactly centre to create a perfectly symmetrical layout between two closet doors.

The doors of the walk-in closet are a wood slatted design, which allows natural light to be shared between the dressing area and the sleep space. Wood grain panels make a mellow headboard design behind the double bed.

The wood slatted closet doors slide neatly into the head of the bed to open entry into the dressing area.

The slatted door design also enables a sneak peek of the clothing collection that lies inside the dressing room. Illuminated shelves and garment rails highlight the pristinely organised designer clothing array.

Inside the walk in wardrobe, built-in chests-of-drawers make storage space for sweaters, t-shirts, accessories and smalls.

Behind the wooden headboard wall, a vanity chair pulls up at a floating dressing table. A large, round vanity mirror is illuminated around its edge, causing it to brightly stand out against the wood grain.

An illuminated bathroom mirror is set above a double sink vanity unit, which lights a neat alcove. The shallow alcove has been formed with matching bathroom storage units which build peaceful balance.

A fresh towel shelf cuts beneath the unique bathroom sink and through the flanking storage units, fashioning a bespoke finish.

A frameless glass shower area maintains the bathroom’s generous proportions.

One section of the bathroom floor is raised to accommodate plumbing beneath the bathtub. The raised platform presents a sense of ceremony around the tub too, elevating relaxation time.

Visualizer: 何以解忧唯有稀粥  

Our second modern Chinese home is an art-filled abode. The modern living room dining room combo showcases a terrarium that’s splashed with Mother Nature’s own elegant art.

White-on-white decor creates calm surroundings. Even the Samsung Serif TV fits into the room palette with a crisp white frame.

A striped living room rug adds a moment of pattern and personality to the minimalist white living room. A stainless steel coffee table places cool, sharp metallic contrast on top of the soft, inviting carpet. At the other end of the living room, a glass cabinet displays colourful Bearbrick art.

The dining table is a cantilevered design that protrudes from a structural wall between the kitchen and the hallway.

The cooking hob is tucked around a corner, out of sight from the dining area. A modern, minimalist fruit bowl makes a low profile centrepiece on the wall mounted dining table.

A dividing wall of storage units separates the lounge from a double workspace. KAWS art is proudly displayed in a glass case inside the home office entryway.

A zebra print rug calls attention to a narrow, light-filled reading nook that’s next door to the living room.

The minimalist bedroom is almost futuristic in appearance, with a “hovering” platform bed and a celestial floor lamp.

The light art looks to be a James Turrell.

Visualizer: Wu Ji Vision Design  

Green accents vividly colour this Chinese minimalist living room design. Behind the sofa, a circular green acrylic screen sets a curved shape theme, which is echoed in a large round rug, and a uniquely curvaceous sofa design.

An unusual floor lamp adds a stark black accent in front of the large living room window.

A small side table punctuates the end of the sofa with another nod to Chinese tower architecture.

Opposite the twisted sofa, the TV is retracted into its stand.

There is a second eye-catching green acrylic disc that protrudes from the ceiling, above a modern chaise lounge chair.

A curvaceous folded screen distorts light from the window.

A small pedestal dining table fits into a smoothly curving perimeter.

The foot of the modern staircase design is marked by a brightly burning light tube.

In the master bedroom, wooden wardrobes warm the predominantly white decor scheme.

Glossy white curves undulate across the headboard. Wall art calls in the green accent colour

In the second double bedroom, a bright green stripe carves through a custom-made headboard design.

Designer: 阿呆很咸   Visualizer: Rolig Design  

An angular, dual sided sofa design cuts through the centre of this living space, offering multidirectional seating. An eye-catching floor lamp adds extra flair to the unique arrangement.

An angular armchair matches with the modern sofa design.

In place of an unappealing black TV screen, a projector screen unfurls in front of the white living room wall. A simple bench underlines the retractable screen.

Over in one corner of the living room, a stylish home workspace is situated by the large window. A bespoke desk design is given a colourful finish with shades of prussian blue and british racing green. An indoor plant complements the lively aesthetic.

The home office nook by the window also doubles as a bright piano room. Built-in shelves hold music books close to hand.

There is also a handy book nook situated inside the base tread of a unique modern staircase design, which climbs to the upper floor of the home as a stack of extruded volumes.

Recessed LED lights slice highlights into the warm white walls, where natural stone details build tactile moments.

3D relief wall art adds to the textural aesthetic of the home.

Unique end tables wrap the modern sofa, offering practical surfaces for drinks, snacks and reading material.

A tower of wall shelves neatly occupy the alcove behind the unique lounge chair. Their natural wood grain finish ties in smoothly with light oak flooring.

The open layout flows directly into a spacious kitchen and dining area. A central kitchen island marks the change in function.

Three muted green dining chairs add a little colour to the formal dining area. A contemporary grey dining bench brings an unusual silhouette.

A simple glass vase of botanics creates an understated table centrepiece.

Kitchen base cabinets carry a modern handle-free, slab fronted aesthetic, whilst the island units are attractively framed. Two separate sinks serve the prep areas, each with a different chrome faucet design.

Glass blocks fashion a muxarabi screen at the top of the staircase, which brings natural light flooding in over the treads and the landing.

Upstairs, the bedroom is a minimalist grey and white decor scheme. A pair of bedroom pendant lights suspend black accents over the bedside. The grey upholstered bed is complemented by a warm grey bedroom rug.

A modern bedside table lamp provides focussed reading light at either side of the pillows.

The kid’s bedroom is a fabulously fun design with a pink bunny themed kids’ bed. Turquoise decor accents make cool contrast.

A palm tree wall mural adds tropical vibes behind the novelty bed. Blush pink bedside units flank the headboard.

A gold bedside table lamp joins in with the rabbit themed bedroom scheme with cute bunny ears.

Visualizer: 阿呆很咸  

Our final modern Chinese minimalist home design is a slightly smaller space. Split level flooring and built-in benches provide added interest and helpful zoning.

A round coffee table marks the centre of the lounge area on a textured living room rug.

Houndstooth print scatter cushions and a matching accent throw place bold black and white accents across a small beige sofa.

A projector screen drops down in front of built-in storage units, which float weightlessly off the floor. Their wall mounted design keeps floor space clear to visually increase the proportions of the living room.

Indoor plants bring the uplifting spirit of the outdoors.

Behind the living room sofa, a stylish home office space features made-to-measure furniture and a modern desk design.

A built-in planter brings life to the minimalist home office.

At the side of the lounge, a compact kitchen houses a small dining table.

See more inspiration for white and wood kitchens.

Dreamy artwork is propped on a long media shelf that spans the length of the lounge.

Handle-free white units give the kitchen a fresh and clean look.

White countertops brightly reflect natural daylight.

Inside the bedroom, a wood slat accent wall is sandwiched between floating wall units to make a bespoke headboard wall.

The upholstered platform bed sets down a contrasting grey accent.

Pale sage drapes frame the large bedroom window.

The final bedroom contains another run of floating white storage units, along with a split level floor that can serve as a bed base should the need arise.

A floating desk is built onto the wood wall panelling, making one continuous wooden border around the room.

A wood desk chair blends peacefully with the matching backdrop.

The bathroom doubles as a laundry room. A stacked washing machine and tumble dryer tuck neatly into the corner of the space, leaving plenty of room for a modern vanity unit and an over-bath shower.

A toiletries shelf curves attractively into the unique bathroom sink.

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