Kim Kardashians Booty Is Now An Attainable Look With Shorts Mimicking Her Butt

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You might soon be able to effortlessly rock Kim Kardashians enviable tushy without splashing thousands on fillers or implants. Scandinavian concept artists Ida Jonsson, Simon Saarinen, and Beate Karlsson have designed a pair of biker shorts replicating the Kardashians famous derrire to perk up your daily look.

The three, all currently based in New York, flaunted the photorealistic shorts at an Elle magazine event during New York Fashion Week. The flexible silicon bottomwear dubbed The Bum doubles as shapewear, and has been a work-in-progress since 2018.

The Bum project involved Saarinen and Jonsson studying photos and information about Kardashians backside in order to recreate a true-to-scale 3D variation. Saarinen told the New York Post that the socialites physical proportions have changed since they embarked on the well-rounded project.

Later on, they enlisted the help of Karlsson, an alumnus at Parsons and Central Saint Martins, to make the replica wearable.

At present, the shorts weigh at a hefty six pounds and measure at a circumference of 43 inches, but the trio are investigating ways to make the garment lightweight and comfortable for the masses.

The artists hope to start retailing a viable option in limited quantities this spring, and are looking into manufacturing processes in China, Portugal and Brooklyn. It will most likely be constructed out of a blend of silicone, spandex and microfiber.

As for how the crowd reacted to the prototype, Karlsson told The Post that the confusion in peoples eyes was apparent. We were quickly surrounded by a big group of paparazzi who wanted to take pictures of The Bum.

The Bum will not be a budget-friendly piece, and is projected to sell for between US$450 and US$600. Nevertheless, its a steal compared to how much people are paying for cosmetic procedures these days.

Meanwhile, Kardashian fans can check out The Bum project, where they can 3D-print the replica as a statue for free.

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PRESENTING OUR KIM K WEARABLE BUM TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER DURING NYFW @1da_sim0n @1daj0nsson @simon.saarinen More info coming soon !!! Thanks to all who made this possible !

A post shared by Beate Karlsson (@beate.karlsson) on Feb 8, 2020 at 2:14pm PST

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GET THE BOUNCY BOOTY YOU DESERVE @beate.karlsson @simon.saarinen @1daj0nsson

A post shared by ida-simon (@1da_sim0n) on Feb 12, 2020 at 10:04am PST

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#NYFW Thank you @elleusa for having us, sorry for forgetting to put on pants ....... JK IT IS OF COURSE OUR KIM K BUM, NO PANTS NEEDED @1da_sim0n @1daj0nsson @simon.saarinen (Also my Ewok shades on @odie_senesh )

A post shared by Beate Karlsson (@beate.karlsson) on Feb 12, 2020 at 9:35am PST

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say hi to our latest baby, a 1:1 silicon replica of kims bum

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[via New York Post, images via various sources]

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