How to Layer the Right Way This Winter

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How to Layer the Right Way This Winter

Some of the best adventures happen when the temperature drops and the days get short. To make the most of them, you’ve got to dress for a variety of activities—whether it’s a frosty fat-bike ride, an off-piste ski tour, or a simple stroll through the park. The best way to be prepared? Layer wisely with Smartwool garments, which are made from ultrasoft, all-natural Merino that resists clamming up or cooling down—so you can stay comfy before, during, and after your adventure. Select your favorite winter activity below for a quick guide to the ideal layering setup.


The Rules of Layering

First, you want to start with a base layer—the key to staying warm and comfortable from dawn to day’s end. A soft and light next-to-skin layer made from Merino wool will wick moisture when you start to heat up, keeping you dry. Next, go for a Merino-based middle layer that traps the heat radiating from your body. Midlayers are made to be taken on and off to stay at that just-right temperature when you’re exerting yourself. Some coated mid-layers even perform as an outer layer—protecting you from the elements by shedding rain, sleet, and snow. And don’t forget accessories like gloves, mittens, hats, and gaiters. The small stuff often saves the day, providing clutch winter comforts and keeping your extremities warm.

Smartwool for Any Adventure

Wool from Merino sheep is the perfect natural fiber for active outdoor garments, and Smartwool sources the best fleece New Zealand has to offer. In cold temperatures, Merino’s structure compresses to trap heat. Then, when you start to warm up, its porous nature pulls moisture away from your skin in vapor form—unlike synthetics, which can feel sticky as soon as you start to sweat, or cotton, which keeps cooling you down even after you’ve stopped moving. Another key benefit: Merino wool won’t make you stink. It absorbs the bacterial odors that synthetics can spread freely. (You’ve probably gotten a whiff in the gondola or at the gym.) And since they’re a third the diameter of a human hair, Merino fibers are supersoft—the ideal next-to-skin fabric for wearing all day long.

Good for You—and the Globe

By selecting Smartwool, you’re not just picking the most comfortable, adventure-ready clothing around; you’re helping the planet, too. Merino wool is all-natural and completely renewable and biodegradable. And many Smartwool garments are colored with sustainable plant-based dyes, making each garment unique. So layer up in Smartwool—you’ll be ready for anything, and truly good to go.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Smartwool is a sock and apparel brand whose products are designed to get the most out of the inherent benefits of Merino wool and to bring comfort, confidence, and community to a life lived outside. For information on the full range of Smartwool products, visit

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