How To Crochet A Pom Pom Border

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Crocheted pom poms are the hallmark of all the great Sixties and Seventies boho style, it looks great on just about everything from blankets to ponchos. I had always believed it as really difficult to make so I really shied away from patterns that had a pom-pom border, but when I saw this great video tutorial by Allover Yarn on Youtube, it was really was like seeing a myth-busting hero in action, who blew away those old ideas and presented a really simple way to make crocheted fringe as an addition to any pattern you are making. The way Allover Yarn explains how to make this fringe in a very simple way, she uses an ordinary crochet chain 3 stitch to measure how long you make the long loops that will become the pom-pom tassel border. After you manage to learn this method, you can easily modify this pom-pom border to make it as long or as short as you would like. This is a really cool way to add something new to an existing garment or decorative item as well, you could stitch a chain of this crocheted fringe to anything.


  • Yarn
  • A crochet hook
  • Scissors


In this video, you will be taken step by step through this simple method to make a border from crocheted pom-poms that you can add to any existing or new crochet creation.

Make a border for crochet work with pom poms

This decorative Y shape with a bobble at the end is what each pom-pom will look like, they are adorable.

Make a crochet border with pom poms

This pom-pom border really cute and isn’t hard at all with this super instructional.

How To Crochet A Pom Pom Border

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