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petite clothing hangers wood slim velvet
Outfit from IG video: Everlane cardigan xxs (also have & love this affordable option), Edited Pieces belt xxs (restocking soon) + bracelet 6″, Everlane jeans 24

One of the most satisfying things when cleaning out my closet was doing a hanger overhaul. Investing in properly fitting hangers is such a simple update that can make a big difference in caring for your garments (and is so much more pleasing on the eye than a bunch of mismatched poorly fitting ones!).

For those with a petite frame, standard clothing hangers are often too wide and can damage your clothes over time by either stretching out the shoulders or leaving indentations on the sleeves. Most kids hangers are also too narrow to support the structure of a blazer or coat. I’ve found that “junior” hangers that span 14″ across are the perfect size for my clothes, and you can also get “petite” hangers that span 14.5 to 15.5 inches!

Here are the three styles of petite-friendly hangers I have in my closet…

1. Wooden Hangers

My favorite for blazers, jackets, and coats, since the thicker wooden frame provides support for the structured shoulders of these garments. I also have some from the brand Only Hangers, but these are a more affordable alternative and have held up well for me!

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2. Velvet Slim Hangers

These are great for compact spaces because they’re very slim profile and lightweight, so can pack a lot into a small closet. I use these for my blouses, dresses, and also hang pants over the lower bar. I was worried (esp. given the low price) that these would be too flimsy, but I’ve used mine for two years now with no issues.

Note: There are two sizes, and mine are the 14″ wide. For those who want similar slim hangers that are slightly wider, these have a 14.5″ shoulder.

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3. Wooden With Clips

These are nice for suits and 2 piece sets!

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the best petite hangers

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