Five Frugal Things | Clean yard, filthy me

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1. I cleaned up the leaves in my yard

I know this is not a typical January activity.

leaf blower.

But in the fall, I was way, way too busy with chemistry and microbiology to even think about any yard maintenance. So, my leaves just sat there.

Yesterday, though, I borrowed my neighbor’s leaf blower and lawn tractor, and I cleaned up my yard pretty thoroughly.

lawn tractor.

My yard’s cleanliness and my own cleanliness were inversely correlated; here’s what the inside of my shoes looked like.

dirty pair of shoes.

And my socks looked pretty bad too.

dirty Snoopy socks.

But at least this was way cheaper than hiring a company to clean my leaves…I have a half acre lot here with lots of trees, so it wouldn’t have been cheap.

2. I helped Zoe mend two of her hoodies

One was a well-weathered comfy hoodie that was coming apart at the sleeve cuffs, and the other hoodie had a couple of seams that had come apart.

hoodies on a table.

If a garment is going to get a hole, I am always so happy when it happens to be on the seam. That’s so easy to fix!

3. I bought ice cream novelties on clearance

The other night Lisey said, “Mom, I think we need some more fun little ice cream treats.”

This is a sentiment I can always get behind.

So when I stopped at Safeway for some other things, I looked at their ice cream novelty case and I noticed that a bunch of items were on clearance! I bought something like 6 boxes of fun little ice cream treats, and we are all happy about that.

ice cream novelties.

I am once again so happy I have my new little chest freezer; it makes it such an easy decision to do things like buy six boxes of ice cream novelties. 🙂

4. I used the heels of the bread to make a grilled cheese sandwich

As long as you turn them so the cut side is out, they make a not-perfect-but-still-respectable sandwich.

grilled cheese sandwich.

5. I…

  • sold two book on eBay and used saved packing materials to ship them
  • got some free binders for school from a Facebook free group
  • got more free hamster bedding for Zoe from a Facebook free group

hamster bedding.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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