Female-Friendly Kyoto Lodgings: 3 Comfortable And Affordable Hostels

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Where to Stay in Kyoto
Over fifty-two million people visit the major travel destination of Kyoto annually. Nearly sixteen million visitors stayed at least one night in Kyoto in 2018, setting a new record. This is a 1.5 increase from the prior record of 10,870,000 guests in 2011. Visitors and lodgers in Kyoto are predicted only to grow in the coming years.

Many people encounter difficulties in making hotel reservations when staying at a popular destination like Kyoto. If you travel on weekends or if your stay overlaps with a busy season, hotels could be fully booked, and rates will be more expensive.

At times like this, we recommend considering staying at hostels. Some people have an image of hostel dormitories being uncomfortable since they are inexpensive. However, many are a great value, come with full services and amenities, and are located in a convenient and safe location. They are ideal, especially for female travelers.
3 Relaxing and Worry-Free Accommodations For Women

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Women travelers make up the majority of visitors to Kyoto? According to the 2018 Kyoto Tourism General Survey (Industry and Tourism Bureau), females accounted for 67.4% of total visitors, double the number of men.

This article features women-exclusive lodgings of dormitory-style accommodation with showers. Guests can have a comfortable and relaxing stay here.

At many hotels and ryokan, guests often stay in groups, making it more expensive per person for a solo traveler. You don't have to worry about that at a hostel.

Women who find the best accommodation end up having a better time sightseeing in Kyoto!

Once your itinerary has been decided, secure your accommodation for an unforgettable trip.
Ryokan Hostel Gion-
An Accommodation with Tatami Flooring
Ryokan Hostel Gion, which opened in 2018, is a lodging that is ideal for female travelers with interest in Japanese culture.

The hostel's exterior blends in well with the colors and atmosphere of Kyoto, fitting in with the surrounding Gion area with its traditional antique shops that have operated for many years.

The dormitory rooms offer upper and lower semi-enclosed capsule-type spaces with tatami flooring. Each area is a generous two tatami mats in size, so it looks like women will be able to relax here and ease their travel fatigue.

Rooms have towels, bath towels, makeup remover, and other amenities. A samue (*1), which is worn while on the hostel premises, can also be rented for 300 yen. Even with minimal personal belongings, women can fully enjoy their Kyoto sightseeing trip.

Located just three minutes on foot from Sanjo Station (Keihan Electric Railway), this is a hostel offering warm hospitality and impeccable service for women.

*1 samue: a garment that was traditionally worn by monks when they were working in the temple, usually made from cotton and linen. Today it is popular for its comfort.

Click here for details on Ryokan Hostel Gion

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Piece Hostel-
A Lodging 5 Minutes from Kyoto Station with Complimentary Breakfast
Piece Hostel Kyoto, is conveniently located just five minutes from Kyoto Station. This is indispensable for times when you're tired after traveling a long distance or want to drop off luggage before going out.

There's more to this hostel than location. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast of both Japanese-style and western-style cuisines, and they can drink tea and coffee whenever they want to in the shared kitchen on the first floor.

There are also shower rooms and washing machines and dryers (fee required) available twenty-four hours a day. Guests who'd like to go sightseeing until late in the evening can stay here comfortably.

For female travelers who'd like their own space for when they're getting ready in the morning, we recommend private single rooms. These rooms are equipped with sinks and cost around 5,000 yen per night.

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CAFETEL Kyoto Sanjo-
A Cute Hostel Just for Women
Facing the Kamogawa River and directly linked to Sanjo Station (Keihan Electric Railway), CAFETEL Kyoto Sanjo for Ladies has the perfect location.

We especially recommend this women-only lodging for those guests who want to stay somewhere with charm, and for those who want to do their makeup even while traveling.

The name CAFETEL originated from the words "cafe" and "hostel".

The cafe on the first floor is a sophisticated space with eye-catching illustrations on pink colored walls. It has a varied and colorful menu featuring such items as pancakes, one-plate lunches, and a carbonated drink called spark, made with oranges and strawberries.

The hostel's second and third floors feature dormitory-style beds and private rooms with a cute, house-shaped design that will make you feel like you're glamping.*

The powder room is filled with natural sunlight in the morning, making it easy to apply makeup. There are also hair irons and steamers available, which will help you to get your day off to a great start!

*2 glamping: a travel industry buzzword derived from the words "glamor" and "camping". Refers to a style of camping with accommodations and facilities more luxurious than that found in traditional camping. Sometimes also called boutique camping.

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