East Dane Tiers, J. Crew’s Stacked Sale Section, & more – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


East Dane: 15% off $200+, 20% off $500+, 25% off $800+ w/ SPRING

East Dane

Good grief those are some super steep tiers. Eight bills? You serious? Anyway, East Dane does more high-fashion/more spendy stuff. So not really wheelhouse for us here. But there do still carry some total classics that are hard to find on sale somewhere else. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, everything ships at Prime speeds. Free returns too. If you’re getting the RM Williams Chelseas (which are pretty legendary), get the juice too. The boots are $495, and getting some protector/cleaner gets you above the next discount threshold ($500). So it’s actually cheaper if you wouldn’t have otherwise. 


Spier & Mackay: Their Italian Fresco Wool Trousers are back! – $128

Spier & Mackay Italian Fresco Wool Trousers

Easy, crisp, breezy, lightweight wool. That’s the ticket right there. For those who rely on cotton chinos in the summer, don’t scoff. Wool breathes way, WAY better, it’s lighter in weight, and more comfortable in real heat. And those side tabs for on-the-go waist adjustment are awesome. Allows you to ditch the weight of a belt in the summer too. Available in seven colors.


J. Crew: Extra 40% off sale items w/ GETAWAY

J. Crew

Made in the USA Houndstooth Dad Sneakers? Rad. Overall, the sale section is stacked this time around. There’s some weird stuff in there, but it seems like it has seen quite the refresh & restock since the last time some of us checked.


Gustin: Their Horween CXL Totes are in Stock – $199

Gustin Horween CXL Totes

I know, I know. What’s a $200 leather tote doing on Dappered? Thing is, it’s a really nice bag. Got one for a pal for Christmas and he loves it. Great for those who are either hauling lots of stuff into work or the gym or whatever, and want something attractive but also sturdy to carry stuff in. PLUS, unlike most things on Gustin, these are actually in stock and ready to ship. Like, now. No waiting.


Bespoke Post: Portland Rain Jacket – $33.75 w/ DAPPERED25

Bespoke Post: Portland Rain Jacket

So here’s how this came up. The Bespoke Post guys reached out after we featured the return of their affordable duffel/garment bag on Monday. They said a lot of you guys are giving that thing a shot. Cool. Then they mentioned they have this rain jacket (velcro tabs instead of elastic at the cuffs = a HUGE win. I hate scrunchy elastic) as one of this month’s $45 boxes of awesome. And then they said that first timers could get the thing for $34 if they used the DAPPERED25 code. And my response was: “Uh. There’s a DAPPERED25 code?” I guess there is. Should work on 25% off if you’re a new subscriber. But do be aware, by purchasing you’re opting into their monthly subscription box service, and you have to opt out each month if you don’t like anything they have up for grabs at that time. But it’s super easy to do so. I like Bespoke Post. They get a lot right that all the other subscription “services” get wrong.


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