DIY-ing is expected to grow by $119 billion by 2023, according to Technavio research.

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Repurposing isn’t only good for the budget, but it’s also a creative, challenging and fun weekend craft project you can take on solo or with friends. Being resourceful is exactly what the do-it-yourself lifestyle is all about, so de-stress from the mundane of every day and get at it with these fun DIY projects using common items around the house.
1. Baby crib

If your little one has outgrown the crib, make use of it by turning it into a “Kid’s Crafting Zone” instead. You’ll need a panel of particleboard that you can coat with chalkboard paint, along with a few toddler chairs and anything you’d like to use as storage (hooks, containers, etc.) for crayons and crafting supplies.

Once you’ve disposed of the mattress, follow these quick and easy DIY steps.
2. Pillowcase

No sewing is necessary for these clever garment bags that help protect your clothes. You’ll need a few supplies, including a decorative pillowcase, scissors, a hanger and Velcro adhesives.

Fold a pretty or decorative pillowcase vertically in half, creating a crease. At the crease, cut a small triangle-style notch at the top of the pillowcase to create an opening. Open the pillowcase and stick the hanger through the opening.

At the bottom of the opening of the pillowcase, use the Velcro adhesive strips on the inside hem. Grab a garment, hang it on the hanger and pull the pillowcase over it! Done and ready to protect your garments!
3. Clothing dresser

Wait! Don’t toss the old dresser just yet. Pull out a drawer from the dresser and create a DIY corkboard with fabric and glue for a home office, kitchen cubby or bathroom. Go shabby chic and distress the drawer with sandpaper and paint it a chalky, matte white.

Measure and cut the corkboard to fit the interior of the drawer. Glue fabric of your choice to the corkboard. Now glue the corkboard and fabric into the drawer. The final step is to attach D-ring hooks to the back of the drawer and hang!
4. Light bulbs

Now, here’s a real feel-good DIY project. Instead of letting your old incandescent bulbs die an ugly death in a landfill, go green and upcycle old bulbs as vases for flowers or herbs.

Use a plier to disassemble the bulb’s interior parts. Peel back the small metal disc at the end of the bulb and pull wires out. Paint an eggcup a color of your choice; it will hold the bulb once it’s filled with water and flowers or herbs.
5. Dish drainer

Turn an old kitchen must-have into something practical for your home office — a filing system! Take a dish drain that you were about to junk and make good use of it by turning the cutlery holder into a home for pens, markers and such.

You’ll happily find that your manila folders fit perfectly into the dish drying slots.
Other easy projects Rake it: Consider a vintage rake you’ve held on to forever and give it new life by turning it into a one-of-a-kind necklace holder. Simply remove the handle and give it a facelift with paint. Nail the rake head to the wall in your closet or bedroom, and voila! Pool fun: How about the notion of a busted up pool noodle that could be easily repurposed as an ergonomic wrist rest for your keyboard? It’s a conversation piece, too. Cup ‘o Joe: What about taking an old glass coffee pot and turning it into a terrarium? Bring greenery indoors with variegated spider ferns, golden club moss or star plants. Pitch perfect: If you’re living in limited square footage, why add more stuff to an already overcrowded space? Turn your drinking pitchers into vases for flowers that you want to show off in eye-catching ways. Pot lid redux: Ready to toss the magazine rack? Stop! Repurpose it as a holder for pot lids in the kitchen. Screw the rack into the back of a pantry or cabinet door. Organize the lids by size and free up some shelf space. Rack n’ roll: Have a wine rack that you’re not using for wine anymore but hate the idea of throwing out? Repurpose it by using it to keep towels tidy. Roll up towels by size, and place in slots where wine bottles once dwelled. Perfect for guest baths! Doggy tire bed: If you’re going to replace your tires, save one for your pup! The entire project will take about two hours. Upcycle an old tire into a clever dog bed in no time. The toughest part is waiting for the paint to dry.
Are you amped up to repurpose everything in sight? Go for it! There’s obviously more than one way to make the best use of all that stuff. Be sure to share on Instagram or Pinterest with the like-minded DIY community

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