Designer Fashion: Your Guide To The Latest Trends

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When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, almost everyone stayed home most of the time. This has impacted the fashion industry since many people work from home and basically shift to online meetings. This was a phase when pajamas and relaxed fashion style were at their peak. Fast forward to nearly two years later, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has gradually slowed down and is hopefully resulting in a halt soon. 

People pre-pandemic would often check out runways and fashion magazines to stay up to date with the latest trends. But in 2021, people inspire each other through social media platforms. With the shift to shopping online rather than brick-and-mortar shops, people order designer dresses online at The DOM and other online apparel stores. Youth culture, social media influencers, famous artists, and regular citizens sporting streetwear styles have been considered icons to refer to fresh and new fashion.

If you want to overhaul your knowledge regarding the latest fashion trends, check out the following information.

  1. Oversized Bomber Jackets For Women 

While cropped bomber jackets were a thing before, more women have started opting for oversized ones this year. Take note: the clingy cuffs should showcase your wrist and not cover it. This is a great way to judge that the jacket is fit for you. Try a smaller size if your cuffs hang loosely. Bomber jackets are perfect wear for colder seasons, so you can wear a plain colored shirt underneath. This results in an effortlessly chic style for young women.

  1. One-Piece Jumpsuit

One-and-done pieces have been seen everywhere this year, from runways to affordable retailers. If you visit physical stores and shopping malls, you can find this clothing worn by the mannequins. And perhaps, this style is somewhat inspired by the pandemic, as people need to be protective of themselves more from external bacteria and particles. 

Many people like it because it’s easy, cool, and eliminates the stress of picking other clothing. These one-zip wonders might remind you of industrial concepts, and these fabrics were typically made of canvas or denim. You can also find nylon and polyester as they’re easy to wash and are functional to protect the skin from the virus. 

This one-piece jumpsuit prioritizes practicality and function, as well as comfort. Because of its natural design, it can fit any woman’s body shape, so plus-sized women would love to showcase their bodies with this chic utility look. 

  1. Hoodies Under Blazers 

Other than the must-have wardrobe essentials, any woman would love owning a cozy hoodie, too. There’s nothing cozier than a soft hoodie, but it’s worn with a twist to fit the current fashion trends. You may have also seen this fashion trend on social media, worn by your favorite celebrity, as paparazzi take a stolen shot of them wandering in the streets. 

Blazers and hoodies aren’t just for street style anymore, but it’s now claiming the top list for this year’s trendy outfits. Add a stylish layer to your overall look by wearing a quarantine hoodie under a blazer. Many women look adorable in this outfit, and it’ll elevate your usual hoodie and blazer looks, too. The key is to find a hoody that’s more toned-down in print and color, as well as its thickness in fabric. You can then wear a blazer on top of it.

  1. Mesh Tops 

Buy designer shoes for women to achieve a dressier vibe for this next trend: mesh tops. 2021 was the year for mesh tops, and 2022 will continue the trend. It is a fashion trend that grazes on the skin, making it seem like you have a second layer of skin. This is body-hugging, emphasizing your form and shape in a sexy but elegant way. 

Many celebrities were found wearing these sexy mesh tops, and they looked pretty sexy and stellar. A see-through mesh top can be worn with a bra, typically in black if the top is black too. Other than this, there are many different glamorous ways to style a mesh top. 

  1. Custom-Made Clothing 

Another fashion trend making a comeback this year is custom-made or artisanal clothing. A custom-made jacket or dress is ten times more likely to be kept by a customer. The fact that they’re the only ones who own that clothing is a valid reason to keep a space in their closet for it.

The production of a custom-made garment saves raw materials and results in better-quality, longer-lasting clothing. Consumers today can choose from a seemingly endless variety of sustainable fashion trends. With many selections for designs, fabrics, prints, and customization accessories, many gen Z would love wearing something that’s personalized perfectly for them. Aside from the usual custom-made shirts and sweats, try a custom-made leather jacket for a change.


Despite the pandemic changing the way people dress, the fashion industry is livening up the game once again. The different stylish trends mentioned in this guide have hopefully given you ideas on what outfits and looks to achieve on your next trip or when you’re feeling fashionable and want a runway-worthy outfit.

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