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Hmmmm...should I tell you the exciting news first??

You know full well how much we love our little granddaughters, Cully May and Rafaella Lucy...and we are blessed beyond reason having sweet Blossom as our daughter, and we love her true-love Ross as a son.
Well, in very early December, our brood will have a new addition...yes, Blossom is expecting baby number three!  \o/ \o/ Honest, I want to hug her so badly as these past four weeks and two days without seeing her and the little ones has been difficult, but especially now there's a brand new bub on the way. 

If you pop over HERE to her Instagram page you can congratulate her yourself...she'd be tickled pink or blue or green...she'd be thrilled. We're all thrilled. This was a surprise pregnancy but as with all God's gifts, a very welcome surprise. 

Most days I receive a "good morning, Nana" photo from the the girls and this was today's...melts my heart.

Imagine these two munchkins as big sisters. They love their dollies so I do believe Bloss will have happy little helpers when the baby arrives. And of course, my hands are available any time for all of them! 
Happy, blessed, grateful, in awe. 
It's half way through Autumn now (and I still have the air conditioner running every afternoon) but winter is coming eventually. Even though it's a very mild winter in the tropics, to us who live with so much heat and humidity most of the year it 'feels' cold in winter, more so than most of you would think if you were here, in fact our area is a huge tourist destination at that time of year because people visit here to warm up. 
This is why we locals need cardigans and long pants and the odd scarf or two, plus soft warm pyjamas and fluffy slippers each's such a comfort to feel even a little rugged up in soft cardies and socks, you know? I sleep better in the cooler nights from June to August, nourishing slow cooked bowls of soup can be added to the menu, and it's so warm and pleasant in the garden every day (no rain, as it's our dry season) that you want to be outside as much as possible.

With the national lock down in place and not many shops allowed to open there's been a huge surge in online shopping, especially for winter clothing, and Blossom recently did this herself in order to purchase warm clothes and pyjamas for the girls. As with most of us she works to a budget and was surprised at the high cost of cardigans for children as she wanted one for Cully May. Rafaella will be happy with her big sister's outgrown cardie but as with most firstborns new items of clothing are often needed as they grow. 

"Mum, is there any chance you could knit a cardigan for Cully May?"

"Of course I can! I'd love to!"

Now I should tell you that I used to knit very fancy cardies and jumpers (sweaters) for all my children when they were little because we lived in a much colder climate and I loved to knit, but after a hand operation in 2010 knitting became a very painful hobby so I packed away my needles and no more click clack was to be heard.

I did try again with a gorgeous teddy bear pattern after Cully May was born but it was slow going and my hands were in a terrible state. 

However, early last year I began to crochet and a funny thing happened. It's a more gentle use of hands than knitting I have found, and over time it appears to have strengthened my fingers and palm to such an extent that when I chose to make THIS simple pattern for Cully May's cardie my hands have played along very nicely! 
Every evening I sit down and knit a couple of inches and marvel at how relaxing it is once more.

The yarn is a cotton blend because even our 'cold' is too warm for wool, and I chose a variegated colour due to the simplicity of the finished garment. Next time I'll extend myself to something with more stitches, but for now this is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it on her.

The back and fronts are knitted in one piece, and right now I've just begun the dividing for armholes and knitting up the right front.

This beautifully light basket was $8 at Kmart and has been perfect for holding everything together at my feet as I knit. Wishing I'd had it when crocheting Rafaella's 1st birthday blanket early last year,  but now I do and it will be put to both knitting and crochet purposes in future.

When I think of knitting Miss Marple always comes to mind. Most people who enjoy the Marple and Poirot episodes made over the past twenty years or so have a favourite actress or actor in the main roles but for me there is no Poirot finer than David Suchet and no Marple as wonderful as the late Geraldine McEwan.

Without fail in every one of her episodes, I want to take tea with her and knit!

And I have longed for cardigan just like her cross over buttoned style... well as her heart shaped magnifying glass, which as my eyes grow older and some things take on a fuzzy outline, would come in rather handy and look rather sleuth-like.

When I was searching on Ravelry for the cardigan pattern I'm knitting Cully May I thought to also look for a Miss Marple cardigan, the cross over one I love, but no success.
I did however find a Miss Marple scarf!

It's a free pattern in case you'd like to knit one with me?
The designer is SusanneS-vV and the pattern is HERE.

Mr E is back teaching at school next week so I've decided to start over with my Miss Marple collection each afternoon as I finish Cully May's cardie, begin another one for Rafaella (my knitting mojo is in full swing so I must) and make my own Miss Marple scarf before winter arrives. 
All with a cup of tea, scones and homemade jam of course.

I know Marple and Poirot aren't everyone's cup of tea but they are mine and Blossom's so while we're apart we'll be getting back to these old favourites in our separate couches and homes...feeling somewhat together and knowing exactly what the other one is thinking.

What will you be doing in the slow afternoons next week?
Is there an old series or movie you may watch?

Bless you dear hearts, and may these different days open up opportunities to go back and try old things or send you on the hunt to learn something new.

Next week I have something fun planned for all of us...but till then,

Loving hugs

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