Cheap Socks, New Hopsack Sportcoats, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Timex: 25% off select w/ SAVE25

Timex watches

A small selection, but a weirdly good selection. M79 Automatics, the American Documents Series, and even some new Waterbury designs. Not bad. Code SAVE25 expires tomorrow (4/1) early morning, at 3am. Big thanks to Matt P. as well as Brandon D. for the tips on this one.


J. Crew: Extra 50% off Select FINAL Sale Styles (& new items added) w/ SHOPNOW

J. Crew menswear

It’s a cheap socks blowout! The problem with cheap socks is that they’re… cheap. I know. Profound. One review says of the polka-dots that they developed a hole after one wash, but who knows. Coulda been a dud. All final sale, no returns. Careful here. Risky.


Target: New Goodfellow Spring Line arriving in store

Target menswear

Some of it is online, but it seems like much more of it is starting to hit stores first. YMMV of course, but our intrepid Tar-zhay reporter Ryan saw quite a bit of stock at his own local brick and mortar, and I was seeing the same the other day too (when I wasn’t being asked if I worked there).


Spier & Mackay: Lots of new arrivals. Lots.

Spier and Mackay suit jackets

I know. Another mention that’s not actually a sale, code, or promo. But stick with me here. It’s more than just suits and sportcoats. Trousers, polos, shirts, the works. But those notch lapel English cut suits (stronger roped shoulders, ticket pocket) look pretty dynamite. No sale yet, but it’s super early in the season. And a lot of us don’t necessarily wait around for Spier sales. Getting stuff in and tailored ASAP can absolutely be the way to go with them. When they do discount, it’s usually not that deep (unless you wait for big time clearance events), and even at full price (yes, *gasp* full price), a lot of us find their suits and sportcoats and what not to be well worth their fair MSRP.


Nordstrom: Up to 25% off select “Nordstrom Made” clothes, shoes, accessories

Nordstrom menswear

Quick! Before it heads to The Rack and free shipping + returns goes away! Nordstrom usually does a really nice job with their in-house “Nordstrom Made” goods, but it would be ignoring the obvious if it wasn’t said that a lot of the reviews on this past season’s goods aren’t so kind. Not sure what’s up there. Covid supply chain issues? At least the free shipping + free returns takes the risk out of giving something a shot. Lots of basics, but that’s what they (mostly) do with their in-house stuff. Sizes are pretty scattered. Seems like an end of season clear-out.


BONUS Macys: 25% off select watches w/ OWNIT

Wrist watches

Still running, and worth another mention since the prices are good (not mind-blowing, but good) and Macy’s is an authorized retailer. That means you’ll get a true manufacturer’s warranty. Gray market sellers might offer “warranties”, but they’re often sketchy. The peace of mind is worth a little extra cost for many guys.


Also worth a mention:

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