Bonobos Extra 50% off Sale Items (with new items added)

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SALE50 = Extra 50% off Bonobos Final Sale Items

Curse the final sale clearance season! So many enormous markdowns. So many I 100% could wear this now pieces. But if its final sale (which all of it is here,) then all of that enthusiasm is tempered by the idea that you could get stuck with a dud. If it doesnt fit quite right or it doesnt feel quite right? Your only hope is to recoup some costs by selling it on eBay. And lordy I hate eBay.

So WHOS READY TO GAMBLE?!?! Picks below were limited to items with at least a decent size selection at post time. And Bonobos has added a lot to their sale section since we last checked in. Again, its all final sale. No returns. Off we go.

Italian Performance Wool Blazer $175 FINAL ($500)

Bonobos Italian Performance Wool Blazer

Ooh. Hello. Smarter than a spelling bee champ on scholarship.Wrinkle resistant, stain and liquid repellent, fully lined, double vent in the rear, and lightweight construction. Sleeve cuff buttons are non functioning for easier tailoring.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Trousers $150 $185 FINAL ($600)

Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit

There are a LOT of colors/patterns on sale, but most sizes are sold out. That said, there are a few combos (shown above) that do have a good size selection at post time. I mean, as long as it fits (since its final sale and cant be returned) one could do a lot worse than $150 for a Bonobos stretch wool suit.

Washable 100% Merino V-Neck Sweater $39 FINAL ($88)

Bonobos Washable 100% Merino V-Neck Sweater

Full disclosure: I have zero experience with these sweaters. Ive had terrific luck with Goodthreads (which arent washable). But, could be worth the final-sale-risk if you need to replace a snagged or stained or just plain worn out sweater from your wardrobe for the rest of the season. Sizes are limited though. Lots of XS, S, XL, and XXL. Not a lot of medium or large available. Also available in crewnecks.

Flannel Lined Chinos $44 FINAL ($118)

Bonobos Flannel Lined Chinos

Whats with the smirk?
You have NO idea how cozy it is, inside my pants.
I beg your pardon?

Unconstructed Italian Wool Sportcoat $140 $180 FINAL ($400 $450)

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Sportcoat

Wouldnt be a Bonobos sale post without some on-sale unconstructed Italian wool sportcoats. But they are, in fact, all that and the proverbial bag of chips. Select colors and sizes are moving fast.

The M-Flex Golf Polo $24 FINAL ($68)

Bonobos The M-Flex Golf Polo

Too early to think about golf? Probably not, depending on where you live. Plus, they just make for great polos, and the micro rose print is on-trend without being too goofy. There are other colors/patterns up for the sale too, but sizes seem to only be plentiful in the rose option.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer $180FINAL ($450)

Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer

A bit more structure compared to the totally unstructured sportcoats, but still hardly some weighty stiff thing. Stretch wool. Pockets for your passport and other travel goods. Super comfy. Select colors/patterns only. Sizes are scattered.

Travel Jeans $39 FINAL ($98)

Bonobos Travel Jeans

Just those three colors shown above are getting the cut, but, theyre not too far off the beaten path.

Washed Button Down T-Rex Shirt $24 FINAL ($78)

Bonobos Washed Button Down T-Rex Shirt

RAWWWWWR. Whimsy, man. Im thinking everyone is just so sick of everything being so serious and all the outrage (which itself gets us nowhere, have you noticed?) and all the bad news that were all like, F*ck it, Im gonna dress like Im headed to kindergarten. PULL UP A CARPET SQUARE AND LEMME TELL YOU A STORY.

The Stretch Italian Wool Topcoat $149FINAL ($498)

Bonobos The Stretch Italian Wool Topcoat

Quite debonair. Peak lapels, but theyre not aircraft carrier wide. Nice and subtle.

Tech Blazer $120 FINAL ($400)

Bonobos Tech Blazer

This could be either a big-time winner at $120, or an enormous disaster. The reviews are promising at least. Tech fabric thats made up of84% Nylon and 16% Spandex. Totally unlined. Four way stretch. Available in two shades of navy. Yes you read that right.

Wool Cashmere Scarf $39FINAL ($98)

Bonobos Wool Cashmere Scarf

Less risky than the rest, simply because its not like a scarf cant fit. Unless you do some weird Borat mankini style action with it, and if thats the case, very nice.

Italian Twill Stretch Chinos $44 FINAL ($118)

Bonobos Italian Twill Stretch Chinos

For cooler/colder weather. Not lined in flannel or anything though. Stretch cotton weighted for cooler seasons. Garment washed for softness.

Wool Blend Trench Coat $164FINAL ($548)

Bonobos Wool Blend Trench Coat

Toothy. Dead simple in shape and design, so thats why you can get away with a louder pattern like a big houndstooth.

Made in the USA Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant $49 $59 FINAL($148)

Bonobos Made in the USA Italian Brushed 5-Pocket Pant

Super soft. Made in America from Italian brushed 97% cotton / 3% elastane.

Bonobos Italian Wool Car Coat $134 $159 FINAL ($448)

Bonobos Italian Wool Car Coat

Im guessing at this point in the season, you probably have a coat you like. But thats also why these are marked down so much. Car Coats = single breasted, and often a tad shorter than your average topcoat, but still long enough to protect your suit or sportcoat tail.

Stretch Italian Trousers $44 FINAL ($148)

Bonobos Stretch Italian Trousers

Seems to be a casualty of Bonobos making too many kinds of pants. Like, what are these? Theyre pants of course. They look like nice pants! But Bonobos makes so many types of nice pants that I think these got lost in the noise. Premium cotton twill milled in Italy from the Manteco Mill

The Wool Cashmere Peacoat $199FINAL ($498)

Bonobos The Wool Cashmere Peacoat

Dang it. A big time (personal) want, but thats a lot to risk. Could be an amazing find. Could be a two hundred dollar albatross. Six button front = perfect for everything from sweaters + jeans to suits (itll be long enough to cover your jacket tail). Sherpa collar is removable, for those times when you want to stand out a little less. Water repellent 70% Wool, 20% Polyamide, 10% Cashmere fabric.

The extra 50% off final sale items code SALE50 runs clear through next Thursday 2/13. But Im guessing the good stuff is gonna go pretty quick.

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