Blogtober Day 12: An Ikea Haul And A Wee Rant 😊

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Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products or shops, just wanted to share our latest haul and let off steam about the only complaint I have in the world about my favourite shop x

Hi Honeys, 

How are you today? All well I hope and staying warm.  I know that winter hasn't hit at all yet but there's certainly a chill in the air at nighttime now, our winter quilt is out and I'm still counting down to spring (159 days left honeys 😊)

We've reached day 12 of Blogtober (how did that happen so fast?) and for today I thought I'd share our latest Ikea haul, and apologies, but also a mini rant as well.  Not a huge rant, just an "oh Ikea, you've disappointed me!" kind of rant.  Again. 

Did you see my last Ikea post a few days ago?  The mini rant is along the same lines, plus a whole new additional rant 😊  Yep, you get rant value here at Rosie's lol 😊 

I adore Ikea and I know they try, but.. well as my much loved brother in law said to me recently "well, it's something if they've managed to annoy you"  lol 😊 He's right, I do love that shop 😍    

An Ikea haul and a wee rant..

This isn't a huge haul but it does include two new products that have been discontinued already!  Why would products have such a short shelf life?  The first of the new products I'd ordered for Hubby and then later saw that "last chance to buy" had been added to their page!  What?? 

This post has photos and me waffling quite a bit so why not go grab a cuppa (and maybe a cookie or two) and meet me back here after the page break? (click on the "read more" link below) See you in a few minutes x

Welcome back, dear ones, do you have your cuppa?  Me too☕  Let's dive in then, shall we?

Plugghäst hanging folder

Here they are then honeys, the first of the new products, new to me anyway.😊   These new hanging files will be a great addition to the SKÅDIS pegboard in Hubby's den/office upstairs. They'll help him to keep his desk a little bit more tidy and organised since he works from home most of the week. 

An Ikea haul and a wee rant: these new hanging files will be a great addition to the skadis pegboard in Hubby's den/office upstairs.

I was surprised when they arrived, they're larger than I'd thought, around A4 I think and they should hold quite a lot, they seem to be great quality too and for the price they're a bargain (£3 for a set of two.)  You can see them set up on a pegboard here

Also shown in the photo above is a set of the SKÅDIS metal hooks to attach the hanging files to Hubby's pegboard. 

Ikea +365 bamboo lids

I can't be the only one who loves the Ikea +365 range can I?  Hubby and I built up our collection (all glass, we bought them to get away from plastic) a while ago over several shops and they've been in constant use ever since. They work as ovenware, as tableware, to meal prep and load up the fridge/freezer and Hubby uses them to transport his lunches to the office. 

When we bought ours we went with the click and lock lids because I love how airtight they are. I'm not kidding honeys, I can meal prep salads in them and they last in the fridge for a week without a problem. 

An Ikea haul and a wee rant: These bamboo lids make the Ikea +365 glass dishes look so pretty

I keep seeing the bamboo lids everywhere though and I just so love the look of them, so I ordered one of each type to try them out.  If you saw my blog post a few days ago, you'll know a single square lid and two tiny boxes of Istad bags arrived alone, with the rest of this order following along in a whole other box!  Such a waste of packaging and the box and the courier who delivered it.... already ranted about that.  Move on Rosie... 😊

Now that I have one of each, I'm going to order a few more.  They're ideal for using in the fridge , they look amazing, seem to be just as airtight and I love the little indentation in the top that allows them to stack so neatly.  I'm a fan 😍

Ikea +365 Ice Packs

These ice packs are the other new product to have been discontinued (although still currently available at the time of writing) which is a shame because they're a very clever addition to the Ikea +365 range.
An Ikea haul and a wee rant: These ice packs have been discontinued (although still currently available at the time of writing) which is a shame because they're a very clever addition to the Ikea +365 range.

They, just like the various types of lids, fit all of the dishes, so there is a round, square and a rectangular ice pack, just like the lids.

I imagine they might have been made part of the range for summer, but it's such an amazing idea to have an ice pack that can be attached to your lunch to keep it cool.  Just like the hanging files, it says on their item page that it's the "last chance to buy."  It really is a shame to discontinue such a clever product.  Maybe they'll bring them back next summer? 

 Skubb Hanging Handbag Organiser and Pluring Clothes Covers 

Warning! Here it is.  Another Rosie rant 😊  These are great, very useful products, but they both share the same issue... 

An Ikea haul and a wee rant: A fabulous handbag organiser and more garment covers, all great products but so much packaging!

How awful is this photo honeys?  I took so many photos and this was the best of them. Ick.  So, so much packaging!!  I could cry. Honestly.  Why do they have to all be wrapped in plastic?  Why can't they wrap a strip of recycled paper around them instead of all that plastic!   Thank you for indulging me honeys x

First up is a fabulous hanging handbag organiser.  It has pockets for two large bags on one side and three more smaller ones on the opposite side.  I ordered it to protect my favourite bags. The two large pockets will be used to house my two Potter satchels Hubby bought me a few years ago.  

This hanging handbag organiser is another little step in our trying to organise our home.👜 

Next to the handbag organiser are three more packs of the Plurring garment covers.  We have a few of these in our wardrobes already, protecting "good" outfits and jackets/coats and wizarding robes, you know,the essentials lol 😎 but these are for Hubby's collection of football tops.👕  That's UK footie (called soccer by our lovely American cousins.)  He does have a lot of them and they go back so many years. They're being given a designated home, in the built in cupboard in his den/office.   

These are both great products, definitely a big help in organising our home, but so much packaging Ikea! (OK, I'll shut up about the packaging now 😊) 

ISTAD resealable bags 

Yaaay!!! 🎉🎈 Ikea you've redeemed yourself!!!  I just read a page on the Ikea website, about the ISTAD bags and it seems these wonderful, too-many-uses-to-count bags are made from sugarcane. 

According to their website " Being made from sugarcanes, the plastic made from renewable material in ISTAD is both renewable and recyclable..."

OK, I take back my mini rants about the plastic (but not about sending us a big box with only three little products in it though.😊) 

Back to the bags then.  We love these bags, in all their sizes.  Honestly, these bags are a "must buy" for us from Ikea.  They have so, so many uses and they're a bargain too.

The latest to join the collection (although they were available earlier this year in a dark blue colour and now they're a sort of peach?) are these smaller bags, shown below.   

An Ikea haul and a wee rant: A must buy for us are the boxes of Istad bags, they have so, so many uses and a bargain too.

These new smaller version of the Istad bags, like the others in the series, are perfect for all sorts of uses.  They're the ideal size to make up little "snack packs" of nuts or seeds to add to packed lunches or, as you can see, organising cords and cables from devices such as phones, tablets etc.  We've been using them to store a mask and gloves in, ready to grab at the door.       

An Ikea haul and a wee rant: These new smaller version of the Istad bags are perfect for all sorts of uses, including making up little

So, that's it then honeys.  Our latest little Ikea haul.😊  Is Ikea your happy place too?  Did you know the Istad bags were made of sugarcane?  I didn't until I went looking for the link to share with you.  

Till tomorrow then dear ones, stay warm and safe everybody, hugs always xx

Hugs always, Rosie xx

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