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Best Dress Form

The presence of a dress form in a sewing room comes in handy time and time again. In fact, its a must have nowadays for any serious designer. Having one makes is easy for one to perfectly fit their designed clothing onto a human form or likeness.

But wait, whats a dress form? Good question. Its a representation of the human torso, made of hard internal material and an external foam material. The exterior is made of the soft material to make it easy for the tailors to pin garments.

But the dress form shouldnt be confused with a mannequin. A mannequin is a representation of the whole human body and is normally found in retail stores. See the difference?

So you have a tailoring business or are a designer and want one of these dress forms. There are still few things to get clear before you run to the store and buy one. If youre a pundit in the field, then you already understand that dress forms arent all similar.

If this is you, jump straight into the reviews below. For the novices, note that when you want to buy a dress form, youll need to, first of all, get it straight what your intended purpose for it is. There are display dress forms that are simply used to display the finished garments.

These cost the cheapest as well. There are the more expensive professional dress forms which are used for in the whole dress making process. From preparation stage where youll do lots of pinning all the way to the completion stage where youll be displaying the finished garment, professional dress forms have no boundaries.

Then, a step higher is the bifurcated dress forms.

They are different from the professional ones in that they include legs. Then, finally, theres the most expensive ones, the adjustable dress forms that can be adjusted to take on any body size you wish.

Editors Choice Best Dress Form

Okay, lets take a look at some of our favorite that threatens to take the mantle of the best dress form.

Mannequin Dress Form Medium 6-8 Size 34 26 35 Female Body Form

This is a dress form thats made for the female body. It bears sizes of 34 inches, 26 inches or 35 inches, making it perfect for the average female size. Made of purely recyclable material, this dress form is eco-friendly.

You can be sure therell be no pollution in your sewing room, at least not from this dress form. Still, there isnt any chemical glue used to attach any part of it. Ledrem has made sure that every bit of this piece is as eco-friendly as they come.

Still, its made to be extremely sturdy and highly durable. The wooden tripod stand underneath holds up the torso form with zeal. Its assisted by a stainless steel tube that runs up and keeps the form in place. This collaboration of wood and steel give the mannequin a steady stance, and they prevent it from toppling over easily.

And when it does, in the rare occasions topple, the strong build will keep it from breaking. With such a sturdy construction, the Ledrem is perfect for displaying heavy weight items of clothing.

The strong build doesnt take away from its portability. The torso form of the dress form is lightweight, supported by the sturdy stand. All these are easy to move around, as we know youll often need to. Simple lift and shift its position with ease. It doesnt resist and doesnt cause a hassle.

And when you need to disassemble it, you can. The process of disassembly is simple and utterly painless. The instructions come accompanying the product package and are easy to decipher. You can detach the different parts within just five minutes.

Assembly is equally easy. In an equally small amount of time, the dress form will be back up and ready to display your wonderfully made garments.

White Female Mannequin Dress Form Size 2-4 Small 33 24 34

White Female Mannequin Dress Form Size 2-4 Small 33

This dress form is perfect for displaying female garments. Its shape and size is made to represent the smaller female body sizes of 33 inches around the bust, 24 inches round the waist and 34 inches on the hips. It also has a shoulder to shoulder width of 14 inches and a torso height of 27 inches.

Then, to make work easier for the designer, the people at Only Mannequins included an adjustable height feature. This one can be adjusted from four feet to a maximum of 6 feet. Why is this great?

Well, the different designers have different heights themselves, right? They can adjust the height on the dress form to one thats comfortable for them. Then, once done, they can effortlessly readjust to the ideal eye level for display purposes.

Holding up the torso form is a tripod wooden base. This has been built to bear the weight of the clothes placed on the form, even the heavier ones like gowns and coats. The wood is a highly durable kind that can withstand abuse ensuring it lasts long. Youll notice how stable this tripod is giving you the confidence that itll always remain upright.

At the very core, the form is made of a hard fiberglass material. What we know is that fiberglass is a highly durable and very strong material and it endows this dress form with that quality.

Covering the fiberglass is a foamy material which is further wrapped with the white high-quality cover. All of this is made to withstand the battering that comes with being in a sewing room. Its excellent for pinning and brilliant for displays.

Dritz Sew You Dress Form, Small

How about an adjustable dress form?It takes on whichever size you prefer and is brilliant to help you fit garments for varied body sizes. The Dritz Dress Form does all this. Its opal green and has two dials on the front face.

These dials are used to adjust the bust, waist and hip size to your preference. For instance, the bust can be adjusted from 33 inches to 40 inches, the waist can be adjusted from 26 inches to 33 inches, and the hips can be adjusted from 36 to 42 inches.

Measurements are crucial when deciding what dress form to buy and having one thats adjustable makes everything so much easier. And to make things even better, the neck and height are also adjustable.

The opal green cover is made of nylon. The advantage of this is that nylon is easy to clean. Simply get a wet rug and wipe of any dirt or markings. Pinning and marking are also quite effortless thanks to this nylon. Everything about the Dritz dress form allows it to ease the work of a designer.

The stand underneath is made of a strong and durable plastic material. It firmly stands on the floor, holding up the torso form and withstanding the weight of different types of garments. The whole dress form is pretty lightweight.

Its easy to move around. Also, the torso can detach from the stand and placed on a table when needed to. The Dritz caters to the different needs of different seamstresses.

Best Choice Products White Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form Display W/ White Tripod Stand

If youre looking for a low cost yet highly functional dress form, then perhaps the best dress form for you might be the Best Choice Mannequin. But what is it that makes this dress form your best choice? Well, first of all, it looks sophisticated.

Its all white. From the torso form to the pole and stand. Everything is a pure white that screams out. The mannequin itself, at the core, is made of fiberglass. This material is perfect for maintaining strength and durability meaning you wont have to worry in case it falls over.

Still, fiberglass keeps the mannequin at an acceptable light weight making the whole dress form easy to move around. Over the fiberglass is a layer of foam that give it the ability to accept pinning. And we know this is something vital in making of dresses.

The pole connecting the mannequin above to the feet below is made of aluminum, another lightweight yet durable material. Needless to say, this aluminum is capable of withstanding a lot of battering that comes from being in a sewing room.

At the same time, it will ensure the stability of the mannequin, keeping it upright at all times. The feet are made of wood. They provide a stable base for the Best Choice mannequin. This ensemble gives you a perfect dress form to display your clothes on.

Whatever you dress it in from a full dress to skirts or blouses, the dress form brings out the beautiful look of your clothes.

Giantex Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form Display W/ Black Tripod Stand (Black flower)

Finally, in our search for the best dress form, we came across the Giantex. This is a unique looking mannequin. We say this because most other mannequins weve encountered have either a plain white color or another color thats plain.

This one comes with a beautifully patterned torso form. If that isnt your cup of tea, you can still get a plain black or white one. Anyway, the Giantex is made of Styrofoam material. Its a very lightweight material that makes the whole dress form easy to move. Plus, the Styrofoam is soft enough to allow for easy pinning.

Its then clad in a polyester fabric which is made to allow for marking because its very easy to clean. A simple wet rug easily gets it spic and span.

The base, holding up the mannequin and ensuring total stability, is made of rubber wood. This is an inexpensive material that allows the whole dress form to come at an affordable price. And rubber wood is still quite strong, able to hold up the mannequin.

It also withstands the everyday grind making it quite durable. So if you want to display sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, dresses, blouses and even accessories, the Giantex female mannequin is up to the task.


By figuring out what you want the dress form for, youll be able to make the right choice on which one to buy. The adjustable ones are quite convenient if you have a busy sewing room, making dresses for different sized individuals.

And as weve seen with the Dritz above, they dont have to cost you an arm and a leg. However, if your only need for the dress form is for display purposes, then the cheaper ones will do. Whichever one you prefer, durability and stability are key features that shouldnt be compromised.

Also, the material used for the mannequin torso portion should be considered. If you want to do a lot of pinning, then a soft material like Styrofoam is ideal.

Whatever your choice, our list above contains the five best dress forms you can find at an affordable price.

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