A House With A Vertical Garden And An Indoor Shark Pool

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Located in the exclusive Doheny Estates community in Los Angeles, standing on one of the most secluded streets, this home is a 12,800 square foot contemporary architectural triumph. The house is built around a zero edge pool and spa, making a layout that promotes an indoor-outdoor flow of life. The sophisticated floor plan includes 7 luxurious bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a spa retreat with resistance pool and plunge pool, dry sauna, and gym/massage room, a home movie theater, humidor room, entertainment area with tequila/vodka freezer, regulated wine room, and even an open-air shark aquarium! $22,900,000 will get you all of this and some of the best views over the bustling City of Angels.

This modern home exterior stands out even amongst the other fabulous homes in Doheny Estates, which are among the most sought-after properties in all of Los Angeles.

The Doheny Estates community is close to designer shopping, top dining establishments, and all the entertainment that Sunset Strip has to offer in West Hollywood, and in nearby Beverly Hills.

With all of the homes own amenities, there is a sense of living in a retreat above the sprawling city below.

Glass walls retract to fully connect each of the indoor living spaces with the outdoor pool and sun patio at its core.

This indoor-outdoor home design also provides the perfect setting for get togethers and large parties too, allowing guests to spill out into the evening air.

Underwater lights colour the hot tub in contrasting pink, against the zero edge blue swimming pool.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs line up to spectate.

Steps border the full length and breadth of the swimming pool.

An outdoor lounge area is arranged with a wall mounted TV.

Outdoor seating looks out through glass balustrades at the enviable view.

The skyscape drifts into the heart of the house over the swimming pool.

The colour of the outdoor swimming pool inspires an aqua accent palette inside of the home. An aqua ottoman stretches out beside the retractable glass doors, and matching scatter cushions brighten a crisp white modern sofa. Colourful works of art decorate the gallery white walls.

A couple of taupe poufs are grouped with the ottoman at the doors to provide extra options for guests.

Lightweight white voiles draw across the windows to filter out the LA sun. For the size of the room, furniture is quite minimal. A small side table serves the sofa, and a single wall shelf holds a modern vase.

In the dining room there is seating for ten. A modern dining room chandelier shines down on the long glass tabletop.

A wood effect sideboard stretches the length of the large table.

Just like the indoor lounge, the dining room opens up fully to the pool patio.

The dining room joins openly with the kitchen. There is another dining area in here, with seating for six. The unique kitchen pendant lights are the Vibia Cosmos cluster pendant.

The dining peninsula runs off of a large kitchen island. A ceiling soffit provides housing for a built-in cooker hood.

Two openings provide entry to the kitchen from the formal dining roomone enters the casual dining area by the windows, and the other has direct access to the food prep galley.

The shark pool is another indoor-outdoor space. A canopy shelters a zen relaxation zone, but at the sides the space is open air. Stepping stones meander across the waters calm surface, and a vertical garden grows a revitalising effect. Check out the video at the end to enjoy more of this space.

The home is sumptuous yet simplified.

A wood and glass staircase design climbs the levels of the house.

Wood clad ceiling areas add warmth to the cool white interior.

This entire luxury bedroom ceiling is a vision of natural wood grain; its warm tones inspire the colourway of the bed runner and two modern bedroom chairs.

White bedside table lamps look crisp against a dark grey headboard design.

A glass coffee table stands between the bedroom chairs, forming a conversational area in front of the contemporary fireplace.

The home is equipped with state-of-the-art smart house technology, including automated curtains and doors.

Designer finishes and imported materials are found throughout the home, along with relaxing aromatherapy, and a water purification system.

A game of pool is played under a linear suspension light, in a snug with a roaring fireplace.

A luxurious home theatre makes the most of movie nightor reliving some epic Game of Thrones action.

There is much attention paid to keeping drinks at optimum temperature inside this sociable home.

A glass wine storage room makes an extensive bottle collection part of the dining room decor.

Outdoor chairs meet on another terrace.

Glass siding keeps balconies open to the view.

Olive green, plum and yellow accents colour a plain white painted guest room with a 4 poster bed. See more 4 poster beds here.

The master bedroom has a huge walk in wardrobe, with garment rails and shelves set out around three sides, and a large orange ottoman at its centre for throwing down outfit ideas.

The home gym is equipped with a massage table, for working out tired muscles and strains.

Luxury tiles decorate the areas around a resistance pool and plunge pool.

The large master bathroom with bathtub is also home to huge walk-in shower and a generous double sink bathroom vanity. Mosaic tiles bring small detail and texture.

Here is a video tour of the house:

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