A heated jacket is the kind of thing you never think you need

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Then you try one on for the first time, and it’s a game changer.

Think about it, it’s like a car with heated seats… except you get to wear it wherever you go. Honestly, if life gets any better than that don’t even tell me. I’m not ready for it.

Heated jackets have a wide range of uses. Some are made with outdoor adventure in mind. Others are good for guys whose work takes them outside during cold weather.

Others aren’t good for much at all. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of lousy heated jacket options out there. This is why we decided to weed out the imposters and show you the very best heated jackets of 2020.

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1. ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a jacket, it’s a vest. Well, you’re right about that, but the ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest really stood apart from the crowd in 2020, so much so that it could only land at that top of our list.

This vest is lightweight and comfortable with four carbon fiber heating elements and three adjustable heat settings so you can stay warm and comfy in all conditions. The material is durable as well, so the ORORO vest is a great option for winter adventures in the great outdoors. Plus, the battery pack gives you up to 10 hours of warmth.

The sleeveless design does a good job keeping your torso and hands warm while leaving your arms free and unencumbered. That extra range of motion might come in handy on a winter climbing or ski trip. One thing to note is the fit of this vest can be a little snug, so you might want to go a size up, especially if you’re layering underneath.

And by the way, if having your arms covered is something that’s important to you, then you should know that ORORO makes a similar lightweight heated jacket. It has sleeves and everything! It’s in the same price range too, so you really can’t go wrong either way.


2. Dune Men’s Heated Vest


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Another vest? Okay, yes, but now you should all just accept that we’re using a fairly broad definition of the word “jacket.” Call it what you will, the Dune Men’s Heated Vest is a great garment when you want to keep your core warm on a chilly winter’s day.

Warm, comfy, cozy and machine washable, the Dune Men’s Heated Vest is made of lightweight nylon that’s wind and water-resistant. It’s stylish too, and comes in multiple color options, making it a great heated clothing option. The vest has conductive thread heating elements that distribute warmth throughout the chest and back, keeping your torso uniformly toasty.

It also heats up quickly. Expect to feel the warmth within 30 seconds after firing this baby up. The winter jacket has three heat settings (Low: 113° F, Med: 131° F, High: 140° F) with easy to read bars that always let you know which setting you’re on.

The battery pocket lasts 10 hours on the low setting, and is fully removable. You can even use it to charge your phone or other devices. Another great thing about the Dune is its ample pocket space. With two outer zip pockets plus a large inner pocket, you have plenty of room to warm up your hands and keep your stuff secure.


3. ARRIS Heated Vest Size Adjustable 7.4V Battery Electric Fleece


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There’s a lot to love about the ARRIS Heated Vest, with its competitive price point just one of the great things about this jacket. Another awesome feature is its adjustable size, which is a nice touch for those of us who, shall we say, tend to fluctuate in weight during the winter hibernation season.

The ARRIS Heated Vest also has a wide range of heat settings. You get your choice of five temperature modes, ranging from 104° F to 176° F, so it’s as effective on a crisp fall day as it is in the bitter cold dead of winter.

That being said, a few aspects of this vest might give away that you’re not getting the absolute top-of-the-line model. The fleece material is, arguably, not quite as stylish as some of the other jackets we’ve seen this year, and the battery takes a whopping 8 hours to fully charge.

Still, it’s hard to beat the ARRIS within its price range, and this vest will certainly keep you warm when you need it to. One thing I really like about it is it has six heating zones, including one on the collar, which keeps that often-exposed area on the back of your neck nice and toasty.


4. Milwaukee Men’s Large M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Black Heated Hoodie


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Milwaukee is a brand whose reputation rests mostly on making quality high-end power tools. When there’s cuttin’ and drillin’ to be done, many of us reach for Milwaukee saws and power drills. And when you’re work takes you outside on cold winter days, the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Black Heated Hoodie is what you want to be wearing.

Heating pads front and back provide excellent heat distribution, and the waffle-weave thermal lining helps seal it in. The hoodie is lightweight and flexible, allowing total freedom of movement. Choose between high, medium and low heat settings.

The Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie is designed to be functional, which is to say, it’s not going to win you any fashion awards, but it gets the job done. This is one of the overall best heated jackets for guys who work outdoors – roofers, carpenters, construction workers – and need to stay warm on the job during chilly days.

One drawback though is the battery doesn’t give you quite the same lengthy charge like some other heated jackets in 2020. Expect to get just 6 to 8 hours max depending on the setting, but the good news is the battery is fully removable, and the jacket itself is washing machine-safe.


5. DEWALT DCHJ067B-XL 20V/12V Max Bare Hooded Heated Jacket

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Another excellent heated jacket from a trusted tool company, the Dewalt 20V/12V Max Bare Hooded Heated Jacket is a great option for getting work done in the winter. The material is thick and warm but still lightweight, and includes a durable, wind-resistant outer shell.

With three core heating zones and three adjustable settings, this soft shell jacket will keep you nice and balmy in all conditions. Some have found it to fit a little snug, so consider wearing a size up, especially if you’re layering. It can be powered by either Dewalt’s 20V or 12V battery (sold separately).

The battery also doubles as a charger for your mobile device. One nice thing about the Dewalt heated jacket is its oversized pockets which have plenty of room for your phone. So you can essentially plug your phone into your own jacket, and let it charge in your pocket. Pretty cool!

One small complaint: you’re not supposed to put this Dewalt heated jacket in the wash. The instructions stipulate “hand wash only,” which makes the Dewalt one of the only jackets we looked at this year that isn’t washing machine-safe.


6. Smarkey Men’s Heated Jacket Down Coat


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The Smarkey Men’s Heated Jacket Down Coat has a lot of great features that make it stand out. Three heating zones on the back and chest are great for comfort, and you can choose among three heat settings plus a pre-heating mode. It has an auto-shutoff feature for high heat that’s handy when you start to get too warm.

The battery lasts up to 9 hours, and fits conveniently in a snug interior pocket. Even after you’ve exhausted the battery, this jacket remains a great warm outer layer that will keep you cozy and dry. It has a wind and water-resistant Rayon outer shell with a plush down lining.

Lightweight and resistant to the elements, the Smarkey Men’s Heated Jacket Down Coat is a great choice for winter hiking, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. It’s one of the best heated jackets of 2020 for outdoor adventure.

This is a pretty good-looking jacket too. One eyebrow-raising feature is a visible light on the chest near the logo which blinks on when the jacket is in use. So expect people to ask why your jacket is lighting up, and then have to explain you’re wearing a heated jacket. It’s a small price to pay for comfort.


7. PROSmart Men’s Heated Jacket Waterproof Electric Heated Jacket


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Waterproof and wind-resistant, the PROSmart Men’s Heated Jacket gets top marks for both functionality and style. It blends in easily with all your other outdoor winter outerwear, and has an adjustable hood and collar to keep your head and neck warm along with your arms and torso.

The jacket has two simple heating areas – one on the chest and one on the back – and three settings with an easy-to-use power button. The PROSmart heats up in a hurry too, which makes it great for situations in which you want to warm up quickly (really though, would you ever want to warm up slowly?).

The biggest feature that makes the PROSmart Men’s Heated Jacket stand out is its battery life. Depending on the heat setting, you’ll get up to 15 hours of heat out of a single charge, which is about the best battery life on the market for a heated jacket. Temperature settings range from 104° F (low) to 140° F (high), so you’ll be nice and cosy when expxeriencing cold weather.

The battery is also slim and lightweight, and has a USB output for charging devices. Overall, this is an excellent heated coat for outdoor recreation of all kinds. From skiing and winter hiking to ice fishing and riding your motorcycle on a brisk day, you can’t beat the PROSmart’s heated jacket.


8. Ptahdus Men’s 5 Zone Heated Jacket with Battery Kit


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Ptahdus Men’s 5 Zone Heated Jacket is lightweight, comfortable, and honestly, pretty warm even without the heating function turned on. The fact you can crank up the heat on a winters day is almost a bonus. You can choose between low, medium and high heat settings (110° F, 125° F and 140° F, respectively).

Versatile heating options are what makes this jacket from Ptahdus really stand out. Five distinct heating zones give you an amazing range of comfort and control, including the ability to adjust different zones independently.

Each zone is heated by carbon fiber heating elements. There’s one on the back, two on the chest, and a “hand warmer” element in each of the roomy front pockets. The jacket heats up quickly, and has a battery charge to last up to 8 hours.

It’s hard to find fault with the Ptahdus Men’s 5 Zone Heated Jacket. It’s machine washable (but not machine dryable) and fits true to size. Versions with or without a hood are available, and the battery has a USB port for charging. Ptahdus advertises their jacket as being “TSA-safe,” an assertion we didn’t put to the test, but presumably, you can wear this jacket on a plane.

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