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How to Disinfect a Mattress?
Most of us spend almost a third of our lives in bed and although we are trying to keep our mattresses as clean as possible, we can’t remove all dust particles and dust mites that constantly land on them and accumulate as the time passes.

Normal cleaning and removing of stains is not enough, and to keep your mattress fresh, you should also disinfect and sanitize it from time to time to ensure you are sleeping on a surface that is totally clean and safe.

With a little effort, you can successfully disinfect your mattress. The inner materials can be a bit hard to reach unless the mattress comes with a cover that can be unzipped and that allows you an easy access to all the layers inside or you have an industrial steam cleaner.

Read our article and find out how to disinfect your mattress in the best way without damaging it. Last updated Apr 9, 2020 @ 10:17 pm

Remove and Wash the Bedding
First of all you need to change your bedding at least once a week and wash it thoroughly as the bedding tends to soak up all the oil and grime from your skin.

Make sure you wash all of your bedding such as a mattress protector, mattress covers, bed sheets, duvet covers, blankets, etc. in the washing machine.

Washing them in a washing machine with a hot water and laundry detergent will clean them from dust mites, bed bugs and other pests. You can also dry them in the dryer and heat will kill all the bacteria that survive the washing process. 
Cleaning the Mattress
If it is possible bring your mattress outside on a warm and sunny day and clean it there. The sunlight can help your mattress dry faster after you clean it and besides this, it acts as a natural disinfect as it effectively kills bacteria with UV rays.

If you can’t get your mattress outside, you can make some space in your room and lean the mattress against the wall in front of an open window if it is sunny outside.

Vacuum Cleaning
You should start by removing as much dust as possible by using a vacuum cleaner and an upholstery attachment. Go over the entire surface of your mattress to remove dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and allergens.

Don’t skip the corners, edges, and crevices as that’s where dirt and dust tend to accumulate and where bed bugs like to hide.

Once you remove the dust, you can use several different methods to disinfect the mattress.
Steam cleaning is effective if you want to get rid of all dust particles, dust mites and other allergens that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

You can either rent a commercial steamer or use a garment or hand-held steamer and run it across the entire surface of the mattress. Again, make sure you reach every edge, every corner and crevice on your mattress.

You can even use short bursts of steam to get to these areas of your mattress, just be careful not to use them too much and soak your mattress.

Once you finish with this, let your mattress dry completely before making it up and sleeping on it. If you can’t bring your mattress outside, you can ventilate the room constantly or use a fan to speed up the process of drying.

Using Antibacterial Spray
Antibacterial cleaners are effective in removing and preventing harmful bacteria from developing on the surface of your bed. When choosing a spray, make sure that it is not bleach as bleach can damage the cover of your mattress and the layers below.

Spray the antibacterial spray lightly across the entire surface of your mattress, even its sides and bottom, then dip a clean white towel or cloth into a luke warm water, wring it out thoroughly so that it’s just barely damp and wipe down all the surfaces that have been sprayed to remove the antibacterial spray from them.

Again, make sure your mattress is completely dry before you make it up and sleep on it.
Using Vinegar and Alcohol
Vinegar can help you with some early infestations and make your mattress smell fresh and look like the new one.

Fill the bottle with vinegar diluted with water and add the essential oil if you can’t stand the smell of vinegar. Spray all mattress surfaces with the vinegar mixture and then allow it to dry in the sun or in a well ventilated room and then repeat the process to make sure all the dust mites and bed bugs are gone.

Besides vinegar you can use alcohol or even some alcoholic drink like vodka. All you need to do is to pour the alcohol or vodka into a spray bottle and then lightly spray the entire surface of your mattress. Avoid soaking the mattress and after you finish, let it dry completely before using it.

Using Ultraviolet light
If you are constantly suffering from allergies and need deep cleaning, then you can hire one of the companies specialized in cleaning mattresses with ultraviolet light.

They will bring special machines that emit ultraviolet light and clean your mattress with them. Ultraviolet light is harmful to all bacteria as it breaks apart their DNA and causes them to stop reproducing and eventually die. Once they finish their job, you can be sure your mattress is completely clean.
Using Baking Soda
If you want to both disinfect the mattress and get the bad smells out of it, you can use baking soda. It is known to be one of the best odor absorbers and the best mattress deodorizers that can make your mattress smell fresh and clean.

Sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of your mattress and let it sit for 24 hours then vacuum it up.
A clean bed is important for a healthy and restorative night’s sleep. As the time passes various bacteria, dust particles, dust mites and other allergens can accumulate on your mattress which is why you need to disinfect it.

In this article we gave you a few useful tips on how to keep your mattress fresh and clean. We hope that you enjoyed it and that it can help you disinfect your mattress in the best way and get a good night’s sleep knowing that your bed is free from any dust, dirt, dust mites and other allergens and bacteria.

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