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These helpful tips for laundry room organization can turn even the most boring of chores into an enjoyable task!

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Laundry is not one of my favorite chores, but when I think about how people used to have to clean their clothes, I’m very thankful to have those machines in our house.

As far as pretty decorating and organizing ideas go, laundry rooms can sometimes get the short end of the stick. They’re usually located in an out of the way location and mainly used for utilitarian purposes, but maybe a pretty and well organized laundry room would make this chore a little more bearable.

I was recently looking for some inspiration and ideas on how to transform our laundry room, and I was overwhelmed by how many gorgeous laundry rooms are actually out there! There were so many great ideas that I just had to share them with you.

I think these laundry rooms could easily be considered the super models of the laundry room world.

Actually, a combination of Gisele Bundchen and Stephen Hawking might be more appropriate. They’re the perfect mix of pretty and genius.

Ever open your washing machine to find lots of little surprises waiting for you? With four boys in our house, this has happened more times than I can count!

This reminder to check your pockets before clothes go into the machine would be a huge help! It would also keep me from having to fish a bunch of rocks and legos out of the machine afterwards, which is a big win in my book!

I swear every load of laundry I do seems to result in at least one missing sock so I love this cute solution for the socks left behind.

This cute bin could be sorted one every week or so and just may result in a reunion. You know how Craigslist has that “missed connections” section of its site where people can reconnect. This is that… for your laundry room. Now I need to some up with a similar solution for Tupperware lids!


Big jugs of detergent aren’t exactly the prettiest things in the world, especially if you’re dealing with open shelving. Try something like these glass containers instead! Add a pretty label, toss ’em on the shelf, and they already look a million times better than those unsightly primary colored bottles we all grew up with.

One of my favorite things to store in these pretty containers is wool dryer balls. It keeps the dryer balls contained and just gives a sweet farmhouse feeling to the room so I can pretend I actually have my life together.

An over the door organizer is a great way to turn what’s usually unusable space into functional and convenient storage.

Over the door organizers are especially helpful in small laundry rooms that lack cabinets or shelving for soaps, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies. Now there’s no wasted space in this organized laundry room!

Vertical space is another often overlooked area that can be great for storage. Take your laundry room organization up a notch by adding metal shelves like these. They can add a ton of organization to an otherwise small space and make for a really convenient place to store extras like paper towels and toilet paper.

An ironing board holder is another great addition to any laundry room because it keeps the ironing board in place and off the floor.

Want to know another vertical storage space that’s often overlooked? The space above the machines!

This is a great place to add some shelves for storing laundry baskets, your pretty new detergent containers, or other laundry essentials.

If you have cabinetry in your laundry room, you probably have storage space hiding in plain sight… the backsplash!

Adding some cute handing shelves and storage containers or hooks to the backsplash to keep often used things within reach without cluttering up the counter.

We love cruising, but cruise ships are notorious for one thing that doesn’t work well for a big family… tiny bathrooms. The first time we took our family on a cruise, I was worried about how we’d dry all of our wet clothing. Multiple peoples worth of wet bathing suits and towels takes up a lot of space! Well turns out I didn’t need to worry because those cruise companies really know what they’re doing. Each bathroom had a retractable clothesline that completely solved our problem!

It’s a simple solution that can really maximize space. Best of all, there’s no clutter when it’s not being used! It’s all out of sight, out of mind.

Our poor laundry room has definitely been overlooked when it comes to cute decor, but just because a space is utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t be cute too. Adding some funny laundry themed art or pretty metal baskets can transform a drab space quickly.

One of the best ways to make more space in a laundry room is by installing a counter to the top of your washer and dryer. This counter addition will only work for front loading machines, of course, but it’s a lot prettier than looking at the top of the machine, and it makes for a really convenient folding station.

Shelving is always a helpful storage solution and a great way to improve your laundry room organization so if your room has the space, a small bookshelf just might do the trick. Try adding some pretty laundry baskets or a tiered serving tray to organize your laundry essentials.

One space I never considered finding more storage was underneath my washer and dryer, but laundry pedestals like these are a great way to keep laundry-related items close by and out of the way. You can even make your own like this diy platform.

Laundry baskets are just a necessary evil when it comes to this chore, but if seeing the baskets isn’t your style, you can try hiding them in cabinets instead.

A pull out laundry basket is a great way to keep them within arms reach while your laundry room stays looking so fresh and so clean. It makes for really convenient sorting too.


Pull down drying racks like this one are really handy when an item needs to be air dried but is too heavy for a clothesline. Collapsible drying racks are great if you want a mobile option that can move around your home or you have a lot of things to dry.

Wall-mounted racks can usually do the same job without taking up any floor space. If you have a lot of items to air dry, don’t bother choosing and just try them all!

And if your budget allows you to get really fancy, you can even build drying racks into your cabinets! I’d love to so something like this in my next laundry room.

A cabinet-shelf combo like this is a nice way display the pretty things like canisters and baskets and hide everything else because, let’s face it, not everything that’s stored in the laundry room is actually pretty.

One thing most laundry rooms doesn’t seem to have but almost all could benefit from is hanging space. Adding a clothes bar or garment rack to your laundry room makes it so much easier to properly care for shirts and pants that need to be hung up.

It’ll also help to cut down on ironing time since wrinkles will have less of a chance to set in.

What are your favorite ideas for organizing a laundry room?

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