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We love it when this happens. It's rare, but sometimes what is good for us (and for the planet) is also the most stylish choice.

For eons, 'going green' meant sacrificing good taste or at least skipping some of the most fun and convenient purchases.

However, recently, design trends and eco-friendly values have collided in a palette of neutral colors and natural textures we adore.

We're drooling for the fridges below - all plastic-free - and filled with bits of inspiration that elevate moments in the kitchen and inspire us to eat more whole food ingredients.

We put together this shopping guide of items that'll help you reduce plastic use and elevate your kitchen design IQ. Side note: we know you've got a toddler or an annoying roommate attached to your side. We hope these "perfect" fridges don't bring you perfectionist frustration, but rather serve up bits of inspiration you can easily incorporate into real life. It's the little things...

Ceramic Serving Storage Bowls | There are a few details in this minimalist fridge that grabbed our attention. Almost everything here is an actual plant or whole food. We're all about using beeswax wraps as bowl covers (check out our obsession here) and we love the idea of setting out grapes like this for easy snacking, but what we're really drooling over are these gorgeous ceramic lidded bowls. Not only are they a sustainable way to store leftovers and ingredients, but they are pretty enough to pull right out of the fridge and use to serve. Wouldn’t your homemade hummus look so much prettier in one of these?  Shop the Look

sealable Glass Containers | Plant-based blogger, Jessie May keeps her whole ingredients fresh and accessible with clear, airtight storage containers. Glass is safer (and better for the environment) than plastic, and so much prettier on display. We love Weck jars with their signature orange rubber rims, plus the easy to seal set of glass boxes. Note as well the tea towel used to wrap up freshly washed greens. Shop the Look
Linen Bowl Covers | This plastic-free fridge featured on Organized Home uses fabric bowl covers instead of disposable wrap to keep food fresh.  Unlike plastic wrap, the wraps can be washed and stored and used over and over and take zero time or hassle to toss on top of a bowl of leftovers or salad greens ready to be dressed. Shop the Look Want more fridges? Check out our series in My Fridge for more fun tips 
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