13 Best Fishing Shirts for Fly Fishermen: Which Is Right For You?

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The long list of benefits of a good fly fishing shirt are massively underrated. If you’re a serious angler who spends a lot of hours on the water, you deserve some performance apparel specific to fishing.

Conditions on the stream, lake, or ocean often call for specialized apparel. Temperature, weather, and freedom of motion are major factors for us fly fishermen in almost every fishing context — why not dress for the part?

Modern fly fishing shirts have become exceptionally capable at retaining breathability, drying quickly, and providing UV protection, as well as insulation. They are also of course equipped with all sorts of angling-specific features that make life easier on the water with a rod in hand — not to mention they make you look the part!

No more wearing Christmas flannels from mom out on the water, check out our top picks of fly fishing shirts for a performance garment that best matches your fishing environment and up your game this season!


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