12 Genius Organizing Hacks

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Whenever I feel like I need a total refresh, I like organizing. But I don’t always want to jump into a full organizing/decluttering session.

Sometimes I just want to do something simple. By doing small things every day, I am able to stop clutter from piling up and keep my house organized.

So I have 12 organizing hacks that are perfect to help you jumpstart your organizing, or help you organize quicker!

Shelf Liner on Wire Shelves

One of my favorite hacks includes adding liner to wire shelves. Because most homes have wire shelves, adding liner can create a smooth shelf.

To create this hack, start with your shelf liner. I prefer using either the clear liner or the smooth top liner. Both of these options work because they create a smooth surface over the bumps of the wire shelves.

Then add your items on top of the liner. You have just created a smooth surface on a wire shelf!

How To Keep Things From Falling Through Wire Shelving

Drawer Dividers

If you love file-folding your clothing, then this hack is for you.

File-folding is just making your clothing stand up instead of piling things on top of each other.

So using drawer dividers to help you keep the clothing standing is the best hack for you.

The drawer dividers are perfect because they act as a support to keep your clothing standing up. This works well for those workout shirts or things that don’t “stand up” well on their own.

drawers with file folded shirts and drawer dividers

Clothing In Bins

Just like using drawer dividers, bins inside your drawers can also help keep your file-folded clothing standing up.

I typically do this for kids’ clothing or adult undergarments.

Find a bin that fits in your drawer, and place the clothing inside. Now you have a designated spot for all those things to go and stay tidy.

inside of a drawer with gingham drawer liner and clothing divided into t-shirts on right and tank tops on left in a container


Are you asking yourself how labels are a hack?

Hear me out on this one. When things are labeled, you don’t have to think about where things have to go. Instead, you can just put things away without thinking because everything is labeled.

Which is why I love labeling and it is a great hack.

Any type of label works. Post-It notes, label makers, or fancy labels. You pick. But just label everything so you never have to think about where things go!

I have more label tips below:

Top 10 Best Label Makers

How To Create Custom White Sticker Labels

How To Make Basket Labels With Wooden Tags

how to use white sticker labels to label all the things


Sometimes you don’t have the space for all the things. Which is why using carts to keep things organized is a great hack for you! 

Rolling carts can help you create shelf space or add extra storage.

I use them in office spaces, kids’ play rooms or art areas, and living spaces.

How To Make An Art Cart For Kids

10 Ways To Use Bar Cart Decor

How To Create A Craft Cart

the organized mama pushing a bar cart

Drawer Liner

Drawer liner is one of my favorite drawer organizing hacks. When you add drawer liner to a drawer along with drawer organizers, the drawer organizers don’t move. 

I like using the smooth top drawer liners to add to my drawers. Then I place drawer organizers inside the drawers. Every time I open the drawers, nothing slides around because the drawer liners keep things in place.

desk drawer with post it notes and sharpie markers

Magazine Holders

Using magazine holders for your papers is a great way to keep your office space organized.

Instead of filing the papers, use magazine holders to keep the papers easily accessible. But they are still contained in the magazine holders.

This works well because nothing ends up piling up on the counters since they have a designated spot to go!

how to organize cookbooks and magazines


Using trays to keep things organized is another organizing hack I love.

When using trays, you can keep things contained on counter spaces.

To use trays, give it a purpose. Maybe you want to keep all the mail contained on your countertop. So you use a tray to collect all that mail before you go through it.

When kids come into the house from school, I have a tray they use to empty their backpack items. This way nothing gets lost because they know exactly where to put their papers.

upcycle wooden tray on ottoman with two chairs behind

Baskets For Sheets

Instead of trying to fold those dreaded fitted sheets, just shove them into a basket.

I do this so I don’t have to worry about folding it perfectly. Instead, I keep the sheets and pillow cases in a basket that is labeled. My linen closet doesn’t get messy because those fitted sheets don’t have to be folded perfectly, since they are stored in a basket.

Find a basket that is the size of your sheets. Then add a label to the basket so you know what goes inside.

Tutorial for creating adorable linen closet labels that look like embroidery hoops! Plus tips for organizing your linen closets. #organize #linencloset

Under Bed Storage

Sometimes you have to use storage under the bed because of lack of space for things.

So if you are going to use under bed storage, make sure you have a specific thing you are storing.

I recommend storing off-season clothing under the bed in a garment bag. Then you can swap out the clothing each season instead of trying to cram all the clothing into a small closet.

Adding Shelves

Have you noticed that your kitchen cabinets don’t come with enough shelves? So add more!

I do this all the time in kitchens and closets. Go to your local hardware store and have them cut pieces of shelving to fit your space. Just bring in one of your shelves.

Now you have plenty of space to store things!

If you want a full tutorial for how to add shelving, check out this post:

How To Transform Your Built-In Closets To Custom Closets On A Budget

closet with shoes on shelves and dressed color coordinated

Genius Organizing Hacks

When it comes to organizing hacks, the ones listed are perfect for creating easy organization in your home.

But remember to declutter your things first. When you have too much, it can be hard to actually keep things organized. Instead, get rid of things that you don’t use. Then you only have to worry about organizing the things you actually use, cherish, or find helpful.

These hacks are here to support you as you organize or make your organizing process go quicker.

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